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Review on Dorm Room Fund by İlqar Abbasli

Dorm Room Fund

Hello there. My review will be about Dorm Room Fund today. Dorm Room Fund is a US-based university program created in 2012. As we know, lately the number of university programs has been steadily increasing and most of them fail. But according to my research, the Dorm Room Fund is doing well for now. The program works to serve people in the venture capital sector and has approximately 10 years of experience.

In addition, this program has a huge difference from the others. The program was set up by women and, according to my research, most of the managers are women. I think this is a very nice step and it will attract more people. The program does not have many customers for now, and most of the customers are students, but I have hopes for the future of this program. This is my review for now, but if there are any developments with the program, I will let you know.

Pros & cons

  • There are so many university programs available today, but Dorm Room Fund manages to stand out
  • Nearly 10 years of experience, I think this is a very good experience for a program.
  • According to the information I received, it was created by women, which I think further increases the interest of women in the program.
  • Not too big for now and the customer base is too small