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About Qventures

QVentures is a seed fund and investor network in Venture Capital, partnered with the Quintessentially Group. Membership provides access to a unique and efficient environment to invest in early-stage venture opportunities, alongside some of the most trusted and committed investors in the market. They partner with the Quintessentially Group, one of the world's largest networks of engaged High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs).

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Qventures: Financial company that belongs to a strong financial group.

Company founded in the United Kingdom and belongs to a powerful financial group with venture capital to invest, there are many similar to this in the UK, only assist ventures based in the UK, usually that is the policy of them. Despite the short time since it was founded in 2015, it has a good portfolio of funded companies which exceed 90, they are very rigorous in their selection, it must be a very promising company and preferably in the following areas: e-commerce, banking, insurance, health, consumer products, technology. What characterizes them is that they act as an intermediary between the venture to be financed and the company or person who will make the investment, and the attraction for the financier is that he will have a return in money and possibly a percentage of the capital of the company, before the financing takes place, the investor receives all the information of the business in which he will invest. Of its potential and the benefit to be obtained.

An advanced entrepreneur support platform where all interacting parties gain

QVentures is a company that provides support funds for early stage entrepreneurs, bringing together many investors and entrepreneurs. QVentures company offers funders the opportunity to invest directly. It also provides consultancy services for venture capital management. QVentures company has its own dedicated communities. This community has all the parties that entrepreneurs need. These communities are great opportunities for entrepreneurs. The difference of QVentures company from other companies is that it is more serious and the venture projects must have the capacity to make an impact in the market. In other words, they do not provide major funding support for ordinary projects. They provide great funding support to projects that they believe the entrepreneur's project can develop and progress to the company stage. QVentures company supports all stages from the seed stage to the Series B stage.

My review about Qventures

Hello to everyone. I will be writing to you today about Qventures. Qventures was created in the United Kingdom in 2015. The fact that the company is new and not global can reduce some people's trust in this company. Actually, I thought that when I first researched the company, but after doing more extensive research I realized that Qventures is a company strong enough to challenge one-to-many big companies. The view to my research is that the company is not very large and global, and the number of customers is not very large. But the volume of investments it makes and the success of the company continues to attract more and more people. The company also has very successful customers because it carefully selects its customers. Also, the future of the company looks very bright. That's all for now, thanks for reading my review.

Qventures is Well Suited To UK Startups and Budding Tech Companies

Qventures is a venture whose main stock in trade is to provide firms with direct funding opportunities and management Through its screening and sourcing process it select Startups from seed to serve B. While focusing on SaaS Enterprise, Market places, Adtech, Fintech, Edtech, among others. Qventures partners with top notch management teams, traction with track record for excellent delivery all of these in a bid to give its Startups strong footings It has so far invested in more than 100 companies investing in them well over 200 million pounds. Its team members are equipped with deep knowledge of UK Business terrain, it is also armed with a department saddled with the responsibility of investing in tech companies hence Startups in UK will greatly benefit from Qventures With Qventures next gen enterpreneurs can be confident of succeeding in the highly competitive world business environment To apply you or your company will need to supply your details, click apply, punch in your…

my review on Qventures company.

QVentures is a private member club for high-end entrepreneurs UHNWIs, venture capital firms and family offices and angel networks. They seek to offer a limited number of Tier One deals. For a society that has been tested by people with great experience. Their system is mainly based on syndicated loans along with the strongest investors in the market. In addition to accessing investment opportunities, clients can also benefit from being part of a vetted group of entrepreneurs, investors and like-minded people .This creates opportunities for non-executive positions and another source of strategic capital for your portfolio companies. QVentures hosts important events that provide an opportunity for face-to-face interaction and networking. In the end, I can say that the executive team of this company provides the appropriate and guaranteed support and this thing makes all entrepreneurs very comfortable to deal with it, and it also provides unparalleled consulting and assistance and suppor


Over hundred of companies as benefited from this reputable platform. I love the fact that the investor do not need to pay any fee, and all the needed information to meet up with is well spell out on it official website. The way the website was designed make it very easy for anybody around the world to access and find more information about the platform and how it works. Mentioned the risk of investing and many other needed information show the level of transparency of the team. Success that the platform recorded over the years shows how diligent the team behind the platform are, I love the team because of how they were selected. They are of different age and status. In my opinion this variation is a good ideal. It worth mentioning that any person introduced or referred by existing member we be consider first. The application is online which makes it very easy to be accessible by anyone at anywhere in the world. Personally, one of the things i usually look for in any official…

My review on Qventures

rrIt is a system that provides direct investment, fund and Capital Management opportunity, has a large team in the market and quality investors and has participated in 220 million pounds sterling in 115 companies. It operates on the UK enterprise ecosystem and helps the income-generating, high-growth company invest and has a fund management branch to support the next generation of top entrepreneurs. The members of this company do rare and high-level work of individuals to support new business relationships and invest early projects to strengthen their work and make them more confident and committed in the market. It has members, ambassadors, investors, people and review this company a success fee on Oventures corporate membership that increase capital which is divided between cash and property rights in the company. She has investments to support liquidity and has worked for more than 100 companies and raised £ 250,000 and £ 5 million for each company she works with. She has an…


It is an investment system that provides direct employment opportunities in the employment of wealth and searches for active managers in major markets and sustainable projects in order to expand its business and attract active investors. With assets in excess of GBP 2020 million, 115 companies have invested in the enterprise ecosystem in the United States. The company's focus is on active, highly developed companies that raise investment rounds and support the top entrepreneurs to invest in technology companies to support the next generation in the United States. It is one of the largest clubs for trainee investors in the private sector, attracting large and coordinated deals to reach like-minded investors, providing members with the opportunity to invest in early projects with the most confident and committed investors, founding members, ambassadors of the club's credibility ( Brian Hatton, Robert Walsh, bill Elton) and a number of In my opinion, it is a free enterprise for…

My opinion about Qventures

It is an investment support company that supports trainees to connect them to investors and forms investment partnerships with well-known companies worldwide . This company supports investors free of charge but charges companies for partnering and undertaking projects with each other. These include the company's executive team consisting of the most successful businessmen in the world and this thing makes all of the clients and trainees fully confident of the need in the case was hired and work with it. If we want to talk about the mechanism of applying to invest in it, I can say that it is very easy because only the pioneers of alghamal submit their projects and their works through the company's e-mail, which is located in the company's official website, and then the project is studied and respond to the applicants according to their projects. In my personal opinion it is a company that offers golden opportunities to all entrepreneurs and their employees because it cares about…


This investor network and seed fund has recorded a lot of success to it name. I commend the team behind the platform for providing the good environment for investors. It is not surprising for having many investors that key in to platform. The official platform is very inviting and give the leads to how to apply to become a member. The information on the platform is well written in simple term that can be understand by anyone, i love the way it gave the full explanation of who to apply which is investor and the entrepreneur that seek for fund. I had no issue with how to apply, since it online it can be access by anybody and at anywhere in the world. I love the work of the team behind the platform, the success over the years shows the great work they have been doing. The team behind the platform also transparent on how how the platform is running. In my opinion i will suggest that they should work on adding more language on the platform for more people from different tongue and…

Qventures is a successful venture capital network.

Qventures is a venture capital company that offers you opportunities to make and manage direct investments and helps you manage your funds properly. If you are a sophisticated trader, this platform is a private affiliate investment club. By becoming a member of this company, you can interact with the most reliable and successful investors in the market and you can get information about the initiative activities at the seed stage and direct your investments in this regard. If you register with the reference of a member of this platform, you will be given one more priority. You can invest in this platform if you want, or you can apply for financing if you are an entrepreneur. It is completely free to become a member of this company. It is a company that does not have many social media accounts and only has Twitter accounts. We also know that it cooperates with the world's most important high net worth companies.