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QVentures is a seed fund and investor network in Venture Capital, partnered with the Quintessentially Group. Membership provides access to a unique and efficient environment to invest in early-stage venture opportunities, alongside some of the most trusted and committed investors in the market. They partner with the Quintessentially Group, one of the world's largest networks of engaged High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs).

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Qventures is Well Suited To UK Startups and Budding Tech Companies

Qventures is a venture whose main stock in trade is to provide firms with direct funding opportunities and management Through its screening and sourcing process it select Startups from seed to serve B. While focusing on SaaS Enterprise, Market...See full review

my review on Qventures company.

QVentures is a private member club for high-end entrepreneurs UHNWIs, venture capital firms and family offices and angel networks. They seek to offer a limited number of Tier One deals. For a society that has been tested by people with great...See full review


Over hundred of companies as benefited from this reputable platform. I love the fact that the investor do not need to pay any fee, and all the needed information to meet up with is well spell out on it official website. The way the website was...See full review

Qventures: Financial company that belongs to a strong financial group.

Company founded in the United Kingdom and belongs to a powerful financial group with venture capital to invest, there are many similar to this in the UK, only assist ventures based in the UK, usually that is the policy of them. Despite the...See full review

My review on Qventures

rrIt is a system that provides direct investment, fund and Capital Management opportunity, has a large team in the market and quality investors and has participated in 220 million pounds sterling in 115 companies. It operates on the UK enterprise...See full review


It is an investment system that provides direct employment opportunities in the employment of wealth and searches for active managers in major markets and sustainable projects in order to expand its business and attract active investors. With...See full review

My opinion about Qventures

It is an investment support company that supports trainees to connect them to investors and forms investment partnerships with well-known companies worldwide . This company supports investors free of charge but charges companies for partnering and...See full review

An advanced entrepreneur support platform where all interacting parties gain

QVentures is a company that provides support funds for early stage entrepreneurs, bringing together many investors and entrepreneurs. QVentures company offers funders the opportunity to invest directly. It also provides consultancy services for...See full review


This investor network and seed fund has recorded a lot of success to it name. I commend the team behind the platform for providing the good environment for investors. It is not surprising for having many investors that key in to platform. The...See full review

My review about Qventures

Hello to everyone. I will be writing to you today about Qventures. Qventures was created in the United Kingdom in 2015. The fact that the company is new and not global can reduce some people's trust in this company. Actually, I thought that when I...See full review