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Review on Dorm Room Fund by Bola Leye


The student has the opportunity to lean great thing at school which includes having a project done, in my opinion one thing that also needed is getting the right connection or network. This platform has been doing a amazing job in provides the needed network of entrepreneurship and resources needed to the startup.

This platform as many success story to it name, i really found the official platform educative. the platform as a student startup that has been working fine. One of the article i enjoyed on the platform is how to start a company without leaving or dropout in school. in found this interesting because in this part of the world i am leaving majority of the student is looking for white collar job. This article is one of many article that can be access on the platform. The application is very easy to access.

Among other things that platform made available to get access to the update and information is newsletter, social medial, email and telephone number. The policy guard the platform was equally easy to access. i had no issue with the platform.

Pros & cons

  • Well equipped platform
  • It is easy to stay up to date on the platform, it provides new letters, social medial platform, email adress
  • application is very easy to access.
  • The platform is still active, i did not noticed anything negative