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Review on Dorm Room Fund by Benedict Patrick

Dorm Room Fund is advancing western education to a higher heights.

Dorm Room Fund(DRF) is an American venture capital project that is situated in the United States. It was formed to resuscitate and improve modern day learning especially for university students. It was initiated in the year 2021 and most likely it is a limited liability company owned privately. In addition to this, it has experts in advanced and improved learning amongst different faculties for undergraduate and post-graduate education.

It is a fund capital investment company that allows,create and enables students with business ideas to be empowered with start up capital for investment venture programs.

More than one hundred million students around the US are involved and also driving as beneficiary of this project. It has provided gateway opportunities for students to improve and advance their educational background into different heights reaching to Masters and PhD levels.

More so, it is dedicated in running student companies with maximum unmatched level of financial instruments and support at all cost necessary.

Pros & cons

  • It is a student based opportunity program.
  • It is involved in offering full time maximum fund raising for majority of undergraduates and postgraduate.
  • It is backed up by first Round capital Fund.
  • It is free and reliable to access especially for US citizens.
  • None figured out yet.