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My review on Geovation.

Geovation was established in 2009 and has succeeded in open innovation in the public and global market and has supported 1,500 investors, entrepreneurs, developers and other founders. It has awarded…See more

Accompaniment in the field of the location.

This accelerating company focuses its work on supporting innovation through cooperation and accompaniment to new entrepreneurs who have viable ideas in different fields of commerce, through…See more

Accelerator and Entrepreneurship Platform.

Long-term production experience and support from all sides of the organization, local information and business partners who want to improve. Geovation has been a key supporter of open assessment of…See more

My review on Geovation accelerator

It is a system that develops and launches social, environmental and economic challenges that strengthen data and technology and works on many successful digital services in the development of the…See more

Geovation Accelerator.

Not all entrepreneurs are opportune to get financial support from accelerators hence there's a need for entrepreneurs to come up with an excellent idea for their start-up to make it very appealing…See more

Geovation Contains well-known investors on global content

This company is a large gathering of graduate consultants, experienced people, investors and well-known businessmen, all of whom support projects and accelerate initial companies to achieve global…See more


No doubt about it that money can bring success, but money without needed knowledge is failure. The pandemic has negative infect on all businesses over the world. This on it own make it difficult to…See more

Geovation: Acceleration with emphasis on entrepreneurial projects for geographic data.

This entrepreneurial company, unlike others, has the particular characteristic that it focuses on ventures that are developed based on geographic location data, for the benefit of societies and the…See more

They are trying to create the property-based infrastructure of the future

Geovation is an organization that always supports entrepreneurs. Geovation has its own communities. These communities include mentors, entrepreneurs, investors, experts and coaches. Entrepreneurs…See more

My review about Geovation

Hello to everyone. I will write to you today about Geovation. Geovation was created in the UK in 2009. Geovation, a global accelerator, has made 27 investments so far and profited greatly from these…See more