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About Alchemist Accelerator

Alchemist is a venture-backed accelerator focused on accelerating the development of seed-stage ventures that monetize from enterprises (not consumers). CB Insights rated Alchemist the top accelerator in 2016 based on median funding rates of its grads (YC was #2). The accelerator’s primary screening criteria is on teams, with primacy placed on having distinctive technical co-founders. The organization provides seed investment into companies it admits (typically $36K), and provides founders a structured path to traction, fundraising, mentorship, and community over the course of a 6 month program. Our backers include many of the top corporate and VC funds in the Valley -- including Khosla Ventures, DFJ, Cisco, GE, next47(Siemens), and Salesforce, among others. The accelerator seeds around 75 enterprise-monetizing ventures / year. Notable alumni include LaunchDarkly, Rigetti Quantum Computing, mPharma, Matternet, and Mightyhive.

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My review about Alchemist Accelerator

Hello to everyone. Today I will write about the Alchemist Accelerator. Alchemist Accelerator was established in the USA in 2012. The fact that he has 9 years of experience and the entrepreneurs he supports has grown rapidly made the company famous…See full review

One of the best acceleration companies, with a lot of prestige and a good network of mentors and investors who are available to support entrepreneurs.

A company that has based its prestige on the support it has provided to entrepreneurs for 9 years, through the implementation of consultancies with renowned mentors who train all those companies that have the opportunity to apply for their project…See full review

Review on Alchemist Accelerator.

Alchemist Accelerator includes acceleration programs that work in a different perspective than other acceleration companies. She started her business in 2012 in San Francisco and one year later she expanded her business to California. Alchemist…See full review

A company that continues its global services.

Alchemist Accelerator, an entrepreneurial company that entered the market about 9 years ago, is based in America. This company, which helps its entrepreneurs in many matters, has many beautiful and successful projects per year. Alchemist…See full review

Alchemist accelerator

experiencetAlchemist Accelerator is a startup fundraising program for startup businesses and enterprises, where new startup businesses are mentored by experts and business gurus from different business organizations. It provides startup enterprises…See full review

The Alchemist Accelerator..

The Alchemist Accelerator is one of the finest accelerators focused on the development and acceleration of projects supported by well-known international companies. It also took the first place in accelerating projects in 2016 because it…See full review


This venture has a goal of helping startups. It has a root from Investors. It worth mentioning that it focusing on startup that based on enterprises. It has Three location which includes United States, California, and San Francisco.  To apply…See full review

My Review On The Alchemist Accelerator

TThe world we live in today seems to be a very competitive one, thereby making survival in this type of place a bit difficult and somehow "survival of the fittest" just that in our own world, the fittest are not the strongest but the ones with…See full review

a key boost for tech startups

Venture capital companies promote, in addition to the sustained increase of new business entities, the creation of new sources of employment and solidarity between corporations that support other developing companies. Alchemist Accelerator is part…See full review

Alchemist Accelerator: Accelerator project that supports entrepreneurial companies with other companies with financial power.

The importance of the accelerator companies lies in the benefits that all the actors involved obtain directly and other benefits they bring to the economies and societies where the emerging entrepreneurial companies reside. Entrepreneurs…See full review

A company with a strong team of developers

Alchemist is a company that supports entrepreneurs at the seed stage in every way. It was rated as the best accelerator company 5 years ago. They produce nearly 80 advanced projects annually. They organize many symposiums and provide consultancy…See full review