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Very good

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Description of EIT Digital Accelerator

The EIT Digital Accelerator supports European digital technology ventures to scale up their business in Europe and beyond.It offers a tailor-made support, mainly focused on acquiring new customers and raising capital. This is made possible by leveraging a strong and unique network of 130 EIT Digital’s partners across Europe, and a team of 40 experienced business developers and technology financing specialists operating from 14 major European cities and a hub in San Francisco.Since 2012, the EIT Digital Accelerator has helped 240 scaleups from different European countries access new markets and raise more than €80M in investment.


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Type of review

Company for the formation of entrepreneurs aware of the importance of new ventures for the new world economy, operates and forms new entrepreneurial companies in technological areas guiding them to success with projection in Europe and the world for benefits in the European economy. Something I have always had in mind is that countries must orient their development model based on digital technologies, that is the key area of the countries that will lead the future world, those countries…

  • EIT integrated by many European incubator companies
  • They have consolidated a whole European Network at the service of entrepreneurship in digital technologies.
  • They have planned a Global European program for European entrepreneurs.
  • Developing digital technologies for a better world
  • Nothing to say

EIT Digital Accelerator has been serving for approximately 11 years and serves in this sector. Unlike many other entrepreneurship platforms, this platform extends the duration of these courses to 1 year rather than short-term programs. Generally, this period can be 3-6-9 months, but this company provides trainings in 12-month programs. EIT Digital Accelerator offers its users 3 different titles and many different sections under them. 1-Access to secure customers in the market 2-Access to

  • That digitalization is important in many issues.
  • Although the program they offer takes quite a long time, it is quite useful.
  • -

Revainrating 5 out of 5

My review about EİT Digital Accelerator

Hello to everyone. Today I will write to you about EIT Digital Accelerator. EIT Digital Accelerator was founded in 2010 and has 11 years of experience. This accelerator has different strategies than other accelerators. One of the new strategies that the accelerator has prepared is to offer a 12-month program to customers. Thanks to this program, customers can benefit from the services of the accelerator for 12 months. Unlike other accelerators, the ECO Digital Accelerator's newer and more…

  • An excellent 12-month program is offered to customers
  • The perfect accelerator for entrepreneurs looking to grow in Europe and the USA
  • The official site is well established, it also includes administrators ideas about the accelerator
  • Accelerator improves itself by using the experience of European countries
  • I haven't seen a bad side for now, I hope the accelerator keeps its business like this and doesn't reduce customer satisfaction

Why are Europe-based Tech Startups and Entrepreneur EIT Digital Accelerator in love? Because it allows them to offer customers around the world, secure investments from a number of U.S. investments, and connect with Frontliners in most of Europe’s innovative environments. Our European entrepreneurs and fundraisers help project capital (often between M 2M - M 20M) and virtual in-depth manufacturing companies by providing customers in European markets. EIT Digital Accelerator works with…

  • It allows growing corporations to capture foreign markets.
  • Provides access to important organizational activities.
  • Make connections to build a strategic business venture.
  • It makes it harder to get a budget from investors in the arena.
  • The board member and the appointed member raise a lot of questions.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

EIT Digital Accelerator

EIT Digital Accelerator is a company that facilitates technology projects based on fundamental ideas, although it suffers from a lack of popularity among accelerator companies, it is widespread and known only in European countries. In fact, I got to know this company a few months ago and I liked the acceleration mechanism and the successful plans it draws to ensure the success of the project fully, because it supports the project with all financial, economic and commercial tools and services…

  • Efficient acceleration company in Europe
  • Lack of Fame

Revainrating 4 out of 5

EIT Digital Accelerator Simplifies The Market for Tech Startups

With EIT Digital Accelerator, Europe based Tech Startups and enterpreneur will definitely have a soft landing why? Because it aids them in securing international customers, source funding from series of A-B funding and links them to Frontliners among European innovation ecosystem. It runs a year global business growth service designed to help you as tech startup to scale up in the European market EIT Digital Accelerator bring to you access to market by providing quality sales leads, one on…

  • EIT Digital Accelerator forges business relationship for Startups with more than 300 VCs globally.
  • It gives startups access to talents and technology with work space.
  • EIT Digital Accelerator Provides funds to start ups and orchestrates meeting with potential investors for Startups.
  • Need to explore the African market.

EIT digital accelerator was established in 2010 and has headquarter in Brussels, Belgium. It is an accelerator project that targets the development of talents with entrepreneural capacity and digital skills. With its fast growing accelerator services, it aims to groom these talents into great corporations by providing them with mentorship with funding.  It has expanded here and there across Europe and the united states such that it already has over 200 member corporations, SMEs, start-ups…

  • Good opportunity for startups around the European countries and the US
  • it has good social media presence
  • Website is clearly designed giving room for easy navigation
  • it has over 200 educational and research hubs located in different locations
  • It has successfully mentored ove 240 startups
  • It has over 40 experienced business developers
  • A single board member and a single team member raises a lot of questions

EIT DIGITAL ACCELERATOR, as its name suggests, aimed to accelerate and make technology initiatives more widespread. In fact, the company started operating not so long ago and is used in many countries, mainly focused on European countries. However, I think it doesn't look very famous when the company was in service in the market. Personally, I got to know this company a very short time ago and there are very few people in my country who know it, I think this is the main problem. However…

  • It has been mentioned in many platforms lately
  • it has many strong supporters
  • the developer team is very professional
  • I like the design of the website
  • Judging by the date it started operating, it has little popularity.
  • general focus europe

Recently, as in all over the world, large digital technology entrepreneurs in Europe are looking for a way to speed up their business. In order to support customers in this regard, this company started to serve many years ago. In fact, it seems to have managed to gather huge user engagement in a short time. I can say that even on some popular social media platforms, users are constantly talking about this company. Providing information about the company developer team further influences my…

  • On social platforms, users talk about this company.
  • I like the introductory article.
  • All the issues that might be of interest to the customer were discussed.
  • has a strong and experienced team.
  • It would be right to stay on watch for now.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Review by Ufuk.

It is a modern global digital technology platform that attracts entrepreneurial talent and develops the economy through the innovation of digital programs, because it is a European institution that has led the digital transformation with an ecosystem of more than 200 large, small and also emerging companies. It attracts students of institutes and universities, researchers and engineers in an open innovation environment with researchers in Europe, and seeks to have a physical office in countries

  • Ishthmaar company seeks for universality
  • An investment company that doesn't lack anything.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Review by Umut Y.

EIT Digital Accelerator is a company that funds entrepreneurs, consultants and business managers and also gives them work in the largest markets in Europe. It is working to expand its scope and seeks to intensify its work throughout the world to support the cheques that are in their early stages. It is a leading company that supports leaders of truly innovative entrepreneurs. Founded in 2010 in Europe, this company seeks to build a generation of advanced in the cities of the world. It has…

  • Strong company with large scale.
  • No cons rightnow.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

supporting innovations in the technology industry in Europe

In order to boost European industry, the EIT corporation considered it appropriate to create an infrastructure to support valuable innovations in the European market that contribute to the exponential development of this sector of the economy. In this way; Accelerator Digital EIT consolidates a network made up of commercial entities, academics and research centers, which constitute innovative communities. Each Innovative Community sponsored by Accelerator Digital EIT; Its purpose is to…

  • Allows you to link with the leading industry organizations in Europe
  • Allows emerging companies to conquer foreign markets
  • Provides access to important corporate events
  • Create links to establish strategic business relationships
  • Facilitates obtaining funds from investors globally
  • There are no disadvantages

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Review on EIT Digital Accelerator..

EIT. This accelerator supports technological projects to create a stronger European Community, securing customers in all countries and also raising AB Series funding and also doing permanent expansion in all countries. It has a team of more than 500 investors and clients and offers one-year education, guidance and independent lessons on European markets and how to deal with them. The most important thing is that this company cares about rare talents and ideas and also offers the experiences of…

  • Accelerating digital projects
  • Nothing

Revainrating 4 out of 5

A company equipped with competent and advanced innovation.

EIT Digital is focused on its impact on the world through the development of Europe, equipped with competent and advanced innovation. The company is strengthening its position in the developed world of Europe by developing the ability to market computerized developments and increase financial growth and personal satisfaction. It also allows the company and business to be in the desert of computerized development by providing innovation, skills and development support. SMEs determine the…

  • The main European school that promotes computerized change.
  • The company has made progress in its mixed education strategy.
  • A simple website to easily learn and learn the necessary information.
  • I don’t think there are any downsides.