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About EIT Digital Accelerator

The EIT Digital Accelerator supports European digital technology ventures to scale up their business in Europe and beyond.It offers a tailor-made support, mainly focused on acquiring new customers and raising capital. This is made possible by leveraging a strong and unique network of 130 EIT Digital’s partners across Europe, and a team of 40 experienced business developers and technology financing specialists operating from 14 major European cities and a hub in San Francisco.Since 2012, the EIT Digital Accelerator has helped 240 scaleups from different European countries access new markets and raise more than €80M in investment.

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I think it is ahead of the competitors and will be one of the most popular companies in the future

EIT DIGITAL ACCELERATOR, as its name suggests, aimed to accelerate and make technology initiatives more widespread. In fact, the company started operating not so long ago and is used in many…See more

EIT Digital Accelerator

EIT Digital Accelerator is a company that facilitates technology projects based on fundamental ideas, although it suffers from a lack of popularity among accelerator companies, it is widespread and…See more

EIT Digital Accelerator Simplifies The Market for Tech Startups

With EIT Digital Accelerator, Europe based Tech Startups and enterpreneur will definitely have a soft landing why? Because it aids them in securing international customers, source funding from…See more

EIT digital accelerator is fast growing accross Europe and the US

EIT digital accelerator was established in 2010 and has headquarter in Brussels, Belgium. It is an accelerator project that targets the development of talents with entrepreneural capacity and…See more

The service provided by the company seems very useful, it is necessary to follow up constantly.

Recently, as in all over the world, large digital technology entrepreneurs in Europe are looking for a way to speed up their business. In order to support customers in this regard, this company…See more

Review by Ufuk.

It is a modern global digital technology platform that attracts entrepreneurial talent and develops the economy through the innovation of digital programs, because it is a European institution that…See more

Review by Umut Y.

EIT Digital Accelerator is a company that funds entrepreneurs, consultants and business managers and also gives them work in the largest markets in Europe. It is working to expand its scope and…See more

An important entrepreneurship platform offered to you from Europe with EIT Digital Accelerator.

EIT Digital Accelerator has been serving for approximately 11 years and serves in this sector. Unlike many other entrepreneurship platforms, this platform extends the duration of these courses to 1…See more

supporting innovations in the technology industry in Europe

In order to boost European industry, the EIT corporation considered it appropriate to create an infrastructure to support valuable innovations in the European market that contribute to the…See more

Review on EIT Digital Accelerator..

EIT. This accelerator supports technological projects to create a stronger European Community, securing customers in all countries and also raising AB Series funding and also doing permanent…See more