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About The Family

The Family is building the largest and most sophisticated service infrastructure for startups in Europe. Their model is to take 5% equity for free in exchange of long-term support. Today, they have a portfolio of 200+ active companies in London, Paris and Berlin, including Captain Train (acquired by Trainline), Algolia and Payfit.

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Incubator for Your outstanding ideas can be made more successful through The Family

A good opening paragraph when introducing The Family should be set as; "The Family, an Incubator and Angel Investor organisation for helping start-up companies, make it to the forefront." It has…See more


The good program requires effort, support and planning to make it. i love the program for making effort to make all the startup selected as part of there family as it name implies. It has good…See more

The family, a good and innovative startup accelerator

The family is an accelerator company that was established in 2013. It has headquarter in Paris, France and also has offices in London and Berlin in other to reach out to startups in European…See more

The family, As incubators,accelerators of successful ideas.

Every individual has great plans or ideas to produce something productive. some of this plans and ideas, if well put it place can bring development to the world at large. But the problem is that…See more

The family.

Everyday, new ideas and plans are always been discovered. This great ideas and plans have the tendency to improve the economical and technological aspect of the world. But the major barrier that…See more

The project looks amazing.

I understand the reason for the creation of the project as a family business, a supportive campaign. Especially during the sowing of the farmer, he supports them by helping them with their cause and…See more

A worldwide family of entrepreneurs and consolidated companies. Helping entrepreneurship and fostering cooperation.

"We believe that a great entrepreneur can come from anywhere", that is part of the philosophy of The Family, this company that has been working for at least 9 years to promote entrepreneurs who have…See more


The platform has the objective to help startup around the world. The program is run twice in a year with the access to what is needed for the entrepreneur to grow. I love the programed because the…See more

The Family: Accelerator with a six-week remote program.

Founded in France in 2012, it initially operated only in European countries but it opened up and today they are open to operate with any entrepreneur in the world wherever they are, and that happens…See more

A successful family accelerator.

The Family is a Europe-based entrepreneurship and accelerator platform. There are hundreds of business partners on this platform, which cooperates with many companies. As the name suggests, this…See more