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About The Family

The Family is building the largest and most sophisticated service infrastructure for startups in Europe. Their model is to take 5% equity for free in exchange of long-term support. Today, they have a portfolio of 200+ active companies in London, Paris and Berlin, including Captain Train (acquired by Trainline), Algolia and Payfit.

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The Family: Accelerator with a six-week remote program.

Founded in France in 2012, it initially operated only in European countries but it opened up and today they are open to operate with any entrepreneur in the world wherever they are, and that happens faster since the programs had to be adapted to…

A successful family accelerator.

The Family is a Europe-based entrepreneurship and accelerator platform. There are hundreds of business partners on this platform, which cooperates with many companies. As the name suggests, this accelerator says to its users who join or have the idea to 'We are a family, you can feel quite comfortable here and you can share anything with us.' wants to give the message. The developers and founders of this platform are already people who have family ties with each other. By giving a very small part of your company to this platform, they provide you with advice, ideas, network resources and guidance on the work done around the world. It is supported by people who are very ambitious and knowledgeable in their field. It is a worldwide company that believes that everyone has a spirit of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship and believes that it is not clear where it will come from and that it can come out from anywhere. If you want to enroll on this platform and get support, they will

Entrepreneurs family

The Family is a corporate company that supports entrepreneurs. It supports the initiatives especially at the seed stage and ensures their development. It provides global support. This company has its own communities. These communities include investors, entrepreneurs, experts and accelerators. Entrepreneurs seek support by presenting their projects to funders. In addition, entrepreneurs can communicate with each other, exchange ideas and support each other's initiatives. The Family members call each other brothers. The Family company organizes events called demo days to increase the level of interaction between communities. The only downside to The Family is that it only supports entrepreneurs twice a year and only supports 50 entrepreneurs. All you need is one capital in 20 percent. Accelerator programs are 6 weeks old at The Family. If they like your project very much, they apply personalized accelerator programs. Generally; Although The Family company supports a small number of

My review about The Family

Hello to everyone. I'm going to write to you today about The Family company. Created in 2012, The Family is a company that stands out in both accelerator, incubator, union and some other business sectors. To tell you the truth, there is not much information about this company on the internet. But the official site is available and you can find as much information as you want on this site. There are also articles on the official site that will create enthusiasm for new entrepreneurs, thanks to these articles, The Family company managed to reach a large number of customers. Also, the site looks good. However, it is not possible to read some articles because some parts of the site are not edited correctly, but I believe that this is a mistake that can be fixed in a short time. Most of the feedback from customers about the company is positive. This shows how much the company cares about customer satisfaction. It also has a decent customer base. That's all for now, thanks for reading my…


The good program requires effort, support and planning to make it. i love the program for making effort to make all the startup selected as part of there family as it name implies. It has good reputation over the years for helping startups to grow there business. I love how the program is being running, out of applications received all over the world 50 startup will be selected. The program usually runs for six weeks. The required details about how to applied is on the official platform. Transparency is part of the key to success, the platform makes frequently asked questions available and easy to access. The applicant should be ready to pay equity of 5%. The platform also gives the opportunity for employment which is one of the major challenges that is facing the world as a whole because of the effect of pandemic. The available job is listed on the official website, and majorly the platform is helping there startup to hire employee. Success of the platform can not be…

The family, a good and innovative startup accelerator

The family is an accelerator company that was established in 2013. It has headquarter in Paris, France and also has offices in London and Berlin in other to reach out to startups in European countries. The family mentor 20 startups in each session and provide remote training which also include discount on spending on network service provider. The family accomodate; founders in engineering and products fields and provide mentorship in form of funding, advisory, hiring etc. Recently though the company has being staggering due to the effectbof the covid 19 that has affected it financially. As a result of this, it has halved its staff and also close tge offices in Berlin and London. However the comoany still remain active as it continues to invest in other businesses as it also continue to get funding from investors.

The family, As incubators,accelerators of successful ideas.

Every individual has great plans or ideas to produce something productive. some of this plans and ideas, if well put it place can bring development to the world at large. But the problem is that there are no resources and much needed support to make such plans and ideas come to reality. But the introduction of this platform called "my family" has help put an end to this barrier. My family is a program specifically designed to serve as an incubator, accelerators of ideas and plans, which can help improve the economic and technological of the world. The application of this platform is very easy and straight forward. Applicants just have to login their website and follow the the required procedures. The family is aimed at providing required solutions to individuals or cooperate bodies, who wants to startup a new project. There is an intensive 6 weeks training organized by The family company. It is usually a Europe base, but one doesn't have to relocate to Europe for the training. As they

The family.

Everyday, new ideas and plans are always been discovered. This great ideas and plans have the tendency to improve the economical and technological aspect of the world. But the major barrier that many entrepreneurs are facing, is the support and resources to propel and accelerate such ideas and plans. But the discovery of this platform called "The family" has help promote such ideas and plans. The family has been in operation for about 9 years, with the sole motive of promoting ideas and plans for the development of the economic and technology aspects of the world. The family has help offer solutions to individuals who embarking on a new project. This is done by organizing a 6 weeks intensive training all over the world. Individual can access this platform online. Applicants, can make applications to this platform through their website. Before applying, the applicant must ensure that the project is good. The registration process and application is very easy and straight forward. Sinc

The project looks amazing.

I understand the reason for the creation of the project as a family business, a supportive campaign. Especially during the sowing of the farmer, he supports them by helping them with their cause and ensures their growth. This company has its own set of societies. That is, these societies are made up of professionals, entrepreneurs, investors, and accelerators. What is also noteworthy is that entrepreneurs can keep in touch with each other and share ideas. These family members see each other as brothers. This family-run company is organizing demo days to raise its profile. The only downside to this company is that they support entrepreneurs in a limited way. And you need an investment of 20 percent. If they like your project, they will implement your idea in less time, using the built-in accelerator programs. Although this family-owned company supports a small number of entrepreneurs, with the support it provides, it has become a large, lucrative company. I think farmers can achieve…

A worldwide family of entrepreneurs and consolidated companies. Helping entrepreneurship and fostering cooperation.

"We believe that a great entrepreneur can come from anywhere", that is part of the philosophy of The Family, this company that has been working for at least 9 years to promote entrepreneurs who have good ideas, which can be applied in many fields of technological development and the economy in general. Its advisory program works remotely, which makes it easier for small start-ups who see a good way to apply here from anywhere in the world. Where they will receive the support of a team made up of experts in the development and acceleration of companies from their origin to accompanying them in their stage of success in the market. This corporate company helps solve many problems presented by those who are just developing a project, through the application of an intensive 6-week training. During this time, they receive all that advice that then at the end of the program their proposal is presented in what they define as Demo Day, a day where entrepreneurs have the opportunity to…

Incubator for Your outstanding ideas can be made more successful through The Family

A good opening paragraph when introducing The Family should be set as; "The Family, an Incubator and Angel Investor organisation for helping start-up companies, make it to the forefront." It has been one of the most successful in bringing up this new companies as one can see through it's successful number of start-ups. In a bid to confirm the success of its startups, I did a lot of research into the companies and their astounding success speaks well of The Family as a good launchpad for many start-ups. Formerly, The Family only operated in France it's host country and extending some of its services to other European countries but today, they now open up their services to any part of the world 🌎🌍 as any one can connect to them and lay down their ideas for brainstorming and incubation. With a low 5% take in the equity of these start-ups, The Family is good enough for anyone looking for an Incubator who is not greedily interested wholly for themselves in the business. The expanse of…


The platform has the objective to help startup around the world. The program is run twice in a year with the access to what is needed for the entrepreneur to grow. I love the programed because the are putting the startup through on how to succeed not enforcing anything on them. I love the fact that there is no need of relocating to Europe to attend the program that last for six weeks, and it can be attended around the world. In my opinion this makes it very easy for startup to attending without any barrier. The officially platform is so simple, easy to navigate and full of helpful information about the program. Application for the program can be access on the platform. Applicant can keep on trying to apply for the program more than once, what is needed is to work on your product to get qualify. This platform that works with all shot of company has many partners that support the program. One of the important day is the demo day that will give the startup to meet investor. I love…

The Family..

This company is named after The Family because it helps all novice people access capital to create large and scalable global companies. six months The Family selects 50 sophisticated companies from all over the country. Offer them everything you need to grow and develop a business. There is also a training day for high level investors. They also never care where you came from. This company is named after The Family because it helps all novice people access capital to create large and scalable global companies.Every six months The Family selects 50 sophisticated companies from all over the country. Offer them everything you need to grow and develop a business. There is also a training day for high level investors. They also never care where you came from. This work lasts for six weeks remotely and is intense. Experienced people can come to help companies from anywhere.Investors exchange information in large quantities from each other. In The Family, they simplify those interactions…

The Family accelerator is my favourite one.

The family system is an organization that has selected 50 start-ups from all countries of the world and communities to accelerate economic growth and elevate them to the world level in any country, adopts intensive 6-week training courses and supports entrepreneurs who have not had the opportunity and the conditions have not come across Europe. It helps you to recruit, raise funds and strengthen confidence in the business and in the opinion that these companies will attract pioneers and intellectuals to join this family and achieve tangible success in the global market and in technology. It got a privileged access to the best programs and logistics needed by graduates and investors in the world.

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  • A company that cares about smart minds and technological technologies
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The Family.

rrIt is a system that brings big entrepreneurs from everywhere and seeks the best resources and has succeeded with the help of investors in Europe and after this success has expanded companies and investors to be the best in the world. We support the family and in a short time strive to enlarge the system and develop the work in it and this company works at important times and develops the product and offer in the markets at best to become profitable and better. It develops the work of investors to improve the work on its network model to get the big development on TheFamily. The entrepreneurs who come out of it work as a real community and this is the only way for this system to succeed and this system has done many of the successes that investors need in the business to build the best fit for products like pipedrive, Notio and Twilio. It has piloted one day to support 800 founders and this platform is doing Mobile Work Yeddy is mathieu and many young people want to take advantage…

The Family is the best accelerator company in France.

The family is a company that cares about leading entrepreneurs and managing their projects to reach the best financial and economic results. This company was founded almost ten years ago by Lebanese businessman Osama in France. It was the first French company to assist entrepreneurs in all media. is primarily concerned with the fellowship and thus does not cut ties with any investor even if his project is finished unless he is expelled from the team. addition, it supports trainees intellectually to find a goal instead of taking the job ready, and this French system has hundreds of consultants, founders and clients all over the country. Investors exchange ideas, innovations and efficiency to reach the best results in accelerating their projects. the end I want to say it's a company has been able to affect the economy of France in a positive and noticeable.