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Review on The Family by Bola Leye


The good program requires effort, support and planning to make it. i love the program for making effort to make all the startup selected as part of there family as it name implies. It has good reputation over the years for helping startups to grow there business.

I love how the program is being running, out of applications received all over the world 50 startup will be selected. The program usually runs for six weeks. The required details about how to applied is on the official platform. Transparency is part of the key to success, the platform makes frequently asked questions available and easy to access. The applicant should be ready to pay equity of 5%.

The platform also gives the opportunity for employment which is one of the major challenges that is facing the world as a whole because of the effect of pandemic. The available job is listed on the official website, and majorly the platform is helping there startup to hire employee.

Success of the platform can not be mentioned without the investors and the partners that support the program. The demo day is also amazing because it gives room for startup to meet with many investors all over the world.

One of the best program in the world. it has good tracking record and good reputation.

Pros & cons

  • It allows startup all over the world
  • Demo day
  • Many investors and partners that supports the program
  • succeeded in helping many startup over the years
  • Equity charges