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Revainrating 4 out of 5

India Accelerator: Indu accelerator company for Indues

In my walk I had already come across Indu hedge funds, but I had not found an accelerator company from this country, the reason is that apparently this is the first and only one. From India, an important country that has contributed a lot to the world in terms of technology, came this accelerator company, India Accelerator, It is difficult to go into much depth about the company, the idea is to give its main features and personal opinions about it or its accelerator program, its…

  • Leading company that supports startups in India.
  • Takes global experience from other accelerators
  • Complete face to face environment for accelerator programs
  • Has clear and well planned programs according to the area
  • Nothing against

Revainrating 4 out of 5

It is the only platform operating in its region and field.

I will talk about India Accelerator, an India-based platform that wants to see young entrepreneurs in its own right. This platform is a company with many alternatives that offers accelerator programs for companies starting from the seed stage. It is a platform that offers what a company that has just started its activities in the sector and is quite inexperienced. These needs are mentoring, networking, technology, environmental services and capital. They offer all of them to you. It is the…

  • A platform that argues that money is unimportant, before that is an idea.
  • They have the basic principles and they work well.
  • The sections on the website have very informative content.
  • They need to manage the situation in the pandemic process well. Because the working principles are generally face to face.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

An advanced entrepreneurial company looking for entrepreneurs

India Accelerator is an organization that supports entrepreneurs both mentally and financially at all stages from the seed stage to the final stage of the enterprise. As the name suggests, it is an Indian based but global organization. India Accelerator has offices in six continents and more than ten cities. India Accelerator has its own communities. These communities include entrepreneurs, investors, funders, coaches, experts and mentors. Entrepreneurs present their projects to investors and

  • Experts in transforming ideas into assets
  • There are workshops and experimental areas for entrepreneurs to work together
  • A rapid development is achieved thanks to IA Feeds
  • The company is global but places emphasis on India in general

Revainrating 4 out of 5

My review about İndia Accelerator

Hello to everyone. Today I will write to you about India Accelerator. According to my research, India Accelerator was created in India in 2017. Although it was created in 2017, the fact that its creators have great experience in this sector makes this accelerator more successful compared to other companies in the country. Honestly, this is the first time I've come across an accelerator from India. But in this country where entrepreneurs are fewer compared to other countries, this accelerator…

  • Although the accelerator is new, its managers have great experience in this industry
  • Although the number of local entrepreneurs in the country is small, the accelerator has managed to gain a decent customer base for itself.
  • In addition to information about the company, there is also information about the managers on the official site.
  • Only 2% of applications are accepted

Revainrating 4 out of 5

India Accelerator, Seed Phase Accelerator.

India Accelerator is a seed pedal gas pedal program that helps new businesses grow BEATIC from GOOD. An organized program that can bring building blocks for startups under one roof is really education, organization, innovation, short-term management, and at least the capital. GAN is also a comprehensive education program in India. In addition, about 2% of new companies' programs are accepted. They will respect you no matter who you are or at what stage. Although there is no real enterprise in

  • The group is a technology sowing company.
  • Supports joint and interactive entrepreneurs.
  • A solid platform that flows to a large group.
  • The platform has a 16-week program for startup accelerators.
  • There is no resistance.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Review of the Indian Accelerator.

Speaking of India Accelerator and Entrepreneurship Programs, it can be said that India Accelerator, one of India’s leading start-up incubators, is a startup accelerator that promotes programs to be more active. Thus, by changing the start-up funding and prospects in India, and with the help of jobs as an accelerator, India is giving the beginners an unlimited advantage and is one of the first accelerator and accelerator networks and accelerators created and built for India. network, and shm's…

  • Initiated by an accelerator.
  • Program activity.
  • Entrepreneurial programming.
  • Nothing.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

My opinion about India Accelerator..

It is an acceleration system that helps startups have structured projects that set the ground rules for a new company in the field of network, technology and road services. Which is managed by GAN, which is the only system that India deals with. The company discovers the best solutions and the fastest projects to strengthen startups in creativity and education and accelerate support for entrepreneurs to earn money. Since money is a strong player in the commercial market, only 2% of orders can…

  • This company has contributed to India's commercial, industrial, technological and economic development
  • There's nothing negative to talk about.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

India Accelerator.

It is an accelerator company originated in India and has more than 80 accelerator is a GAN network. One of its most important projects is that it works in more than six continents and more than 100 countries around the world, helping this network on about 3200 projects and working to support investors globally and give the opportunity to trainers, teachers and experienced in the field of Technology, Industrial Services and others to highlight their expertise. This company creates business…

  • The first accelerator in India
  • No cons

Revainrating 5 out of 5

India Accelerator is the best in India.

It is an acceleration company spread in more than a hundred countries around the world, includes more than 80 world-famous accelerators and has accelerated more than 3,000 companies, and has also provided jobs to more than two hundred thousand highly efficient people. This company is distinguished by its abundant support and intelligent training and is also famous for its renowned advisory team that provides permanent guidance and financial support to the walks it adopts. It provides investors…

  • Her financial support is abundant
  • The acceptance rate is very low.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

An Accelerator All The Way From Indian.

India Accelerator as the name might suggest to many is an Indian accelerator company all the way from Indian for the Indian citizens mainly and its the first of its kind there in India due the the founders passion and zeal to see startups succeed just like those in the western part of the world. The establishment of India accelerator has brought many remarkable changes amongst many Indian entrepreneurs with unique business plans and in search of support and mentorship to nurture their ideas to

  • Persistency in achieving their goals
  • You can get information about upcoming events on their sites
  • Provides support to start-up
  • The first of its kind from Indian
  • None

Revainrating 4 out of 5

My India Accelerator Review

India Accelerator offers companies the necessary capital, mentor guidance, sensible partnerships, and a selfless plan for the future that is necessary for a company to grow and take an important place in the future. It supports entrepreneurs by providing cooperation, socialization and interaction environments. It aims to lay a suitable foundation by bringing together all the building blocks necessary for the beginning. India Accelerator is a mentoring-based program in partnership with GAN in…

  • a stable and hard-working team.
  • A company that knows its shortcomings and surpluses and develops strategies accordingly.
  • No Cons.

Revainrating 4 out of 5


This platform is running the Sixteen weeks program on site for accelerator for startup. The team sent the goal to help the technology orientation company, software companies any promise to help any startup with good idea. We are leaving in the world that technology is growing, while many has the needed material but one way or the other they can not achieved their goals. India Accelerator ready to help with the fund, marketing and anything they need to succeed. Application is online, the…

  • frequently asked questions
  • The official platform is very easy to use
  • Needed equipment is provided
  • Startup can apply all over the world
  • It is the program on site

Accelerator Programs keeps gaining traction in many parts of the world but places that are still developing lack this. India Accelerator, the first Accelerator program ever to be built in and for India has began to change the narrative. This Accelerator program boasts of offering high class services to the startups they help incubate. India Accelerator provides intuitive services such as Mentorship, Peripheral services, Network and Capital to the startups they help incubate. This startups are…

  • They are the First Accelerator Program in India
  • Mind disruptive blog posts from which visitors can learn from
  • The provided services for it's Accelerator program ranges from Mentorship to Networking and most importantly, Capital to startups
  • The services of India Accelerator also touches areas in the Co-working space providing state of the art amenities such as Conference rooms, meeting rooms, power backup, Cafeteria, WiFi, etc.
  • The program is strictly face-to-face
  • Being the first, and only Accelerator program in India, no competition will lead to less strive for innovation by India Accelerator
  • I couldn't find any Startups in their page