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Review on The Family by Douglas Cachazo

The Family: Accelerator with a six-week remote program.

Founded in France in 2012, it initially operated only in European countries but it opened up and today they are open to operate with any entrepreneur in the world wherever they are, and that happens faster since the programs had to be adapted to remote format. Even the final or presentation day is no longer a face-to-face event, it is also in remote and repetitive format since it will be pre-recorded.

The way to apply is the usual, contact by sending the data of your venture, the difference is that there will be no face-to-face appointment if you are among the pre-selected, everything will be done remotely.

If you are accepted you will apply to a remote acceleration program with mentors who will give you the necessary education and training for your company, the program is intensive with an approximate duration of 6 weeks that will conclude with the final day of presentation, in parallel you will have the support of networks of other successful entrepreneurs in the program, the demonstration of the final day will be for the associated investors that as mentioned above are companies that seek these emerging companies as investment businesses in the future, the Family gives you initial funding and support for 5% of capital, it is little and you will wonder what they gain with it? If you add up the successful cases of foundations you will see that it is a great business.

Once you start your company, the family monitors that you do not have anarchic growth, start with few workers and a planned growth rate is ideal. Impressive jobs generated by the founded companies, in fact currently the family is requesting up to 200 job offers for founded companies, that generates jobs.

In the reviews about companies of this type I always find repetitive names in terms of investors willing to invest venture capital in new ventures, and that is understandable, they minimize the margins of loss by betting on good ventures and the prestige and success stories of the accelerator companies, that already gives you guarantees and in the end it will always be profit.

Pros & cons

  • Good European accelerator, good prestige
  • Renowned venture capital investment partner companies.
  • Accept groups of 50 ventures twice a year.
  • Applies worldwide, wherever you are
  • Remote programs, that's an advantage
  • Good venture opportunity for entrepreneurs without resources
  • Generate high numbers of jobs
  • Nothing against this company.