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About Entrepreneur First

Entrepreneur First is a company builder that invests in individuals “pre-team, pre-idea” to help create new technology startups.Entrepreneur First selects purely on the basis of technical talent, so entrepreneurs would be able to apply before they have a team or an idea. Their intensive 6-month program is designed to give you the best possible support in the first 200 days of your startup’s life.Entrepreneur First has created over 100 startups now worth over $1bn. They're funded by some of the most prestigious investors including Y Combinator, Index Ventures, and Octopus Ventures.

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Review by Ufuk.

The company attracts people with expertise in Computer Science, Mathematics and engineering, supports them to build technology and investment companies and owns many locations such as Toronto, London…See more

Review on Entrepreneur First.

With a lot of acceleration companies in the world and a lot of institutions supporting innovative walks, choosing the right acceleration company has become difficult because some companies do not…See more

Training, accompanying and guaranteeing the development of startups.

At this time, receiving support in a project that is being founded is of great importance and also necessary and that is why Entrepreneur First offers the necessary support to startups that are…See more

Entrepreneur First, generating opportunities

One day in class a professor told us, "you are going to be engineers so you have to learn to solve problems, if an engineer has only nails and a hammer to build a car, he should build it only with…See more

A company that stands out with its accelerator team

Entrepreneur First is a financial company that aims to support entrepreneurs. The accelerators of this company are made up of world-renowned experts. Entrepreneur First supports entrepreneurs…See more

An entrepreneurship platform that can be applied immediately with a little capital.

With this program, Entrepreneur First, you have the opportunity to meet an extraordinary founding partner and learn all the tricks from him. It aims to support you with new projects and innovations…See more

Entrepreneur First Company Help The Talented Individual To Own Their Company Within Six Months.

Entrepreneur First is a high technology startup company founded in 2011 by Matthew Clifford and Alice Benlinck with headquarters in London, England and locations in Bangalore, Berlin, Paris…See more

training professionals worldwide

Many are the capital organizations that offer acceleration programs to startups, projects and companies in all their development phases. Yet few invest in an organization's most valuable resource…See more

Entrepreneur First: Accompanies ventures from the seed stage or simple idea.

Since its foundation, this accelerator is characterized by taking seed companies and just the idea. If you decide to sell your idea, there is the option that you can get good money for its sale to…See more

Review on Entrepreneur First by Rama..

Established in 2011 in seven different locations: Singapore, Hong Kong, London, Berlin, Paris, Bangalore and Toronto, the company is different in its acceleration field as it looks for individuals…See more