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Review on Entrepreneur First by Özgün A

A company that stands out with its accelerator team

Entrepreneur First is a financial company that aims to support entrepreneurs. The accelerators of this company are made up of world-renowned experts.
Entrepreneur First supports entrepreneurs, especially at the seed stage. The most important feature of this project is that mentors and accelerators provide support at the same time. 6-month accelerator programs are available. If Entrepreneur First company thinks an initiative will be successful, it applies personalized programs for that project.
Entrepreneur First executes legal procedures for entrepreneurs so that entrepreneurs do not stay away from their projects. It supports entrepreneurs from the seed stage to the last stage. Mentors mentally support entrepreneurs and support their development. By joining communities at the end of the project, you can present your project to investors.
Entrepreneur First is looking for future projects in the field of technology. The most important feature of this company is; It is helping more than 100 companies with a market value of more than $ 1 billion to grow.

Pros & cons

  • Has one of the best accelerator teams in the industry
  • Funded by many companies
  • The number of users is constantly increasing
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