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About Nex Cubed

Nex Cubed is an investor and innovation partner that empowers startups, investors, corporates, and governments to bring new technologies to market, help rising companies scale, and provide paths to liquidity.Through their global innovation platform that includes Sway Ventures (VC) and Material Capital Partners (Private equity), they innovate, invest in, accelerate, and scale frontier tech companies. They accomplish this by developing Centers of Excellence (COE) around key verticals that are ripe for innovation. Each COE consists of best in class entrepreneurs, investment partners, industry experts, and government leaders.Nex Cubed has established itself as a leader in early-stage innovation and acceleration, creating a global ecosystem of 3 industry-specific COEs, 70 investments, 45 partners, 50 strategic advisors, 50 investor advisors, and over 140 mentors. Today, the Nex Cubed portfolio companies have an aggregate value of half a billion, and over 50% of the startups are led by female and minority founders.

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Nex Cubed: Accelerating Technology Ventures

The new research and scientific advances are seeing a window to promote applications through technological ventures, which would not be possible if it were not for the advances. And in this chain of research, application to new technologies...See full review

He seems to be leading the way in popularity

The reason this project was invented by the developers was because it helped the investors. Nex Cubed is a partner in technology support, development, acceleration and multiplication. That is, this project supports people who are capable of...See full review

Nex cubed an accelerator for computer techs

Nex cubed is an accelerator based in the United States of America. It has been around for over a decade now. It is an accelerator company that targets entrepreneur and reseachers. The company has a strong inveatora base numbering into above 500…See full review

Nex cubed, The global innovation platform that innovate, invest and accelerate rising companies.

The world today is filled with great minds, minds that produce great ideas and plans. This plans or ideas, when well executed can bring about development to the world at large. But the major stumbling block here, is the right platform to actualize...See full review

Supporting the development of entrepreneurs.

Nex Cubed is a partner that invests, accelerates and multiplies for technology support and development. The organization supports strong business people who will face real challenges to solve real problems. Nex Cubed is a world-class environment...See full review

The development of society hand in hand with the application of new technologies, through the advice of emerging companies.

The social needs that can be solved through cooperation and the application of technology is one of the flags of Nex Cubed, this company aimed at promoting the development of emerging companies knowing its importance from the beginning, through the...See full review

A Platform For Building Great Business Ideas

The list of business firms established in the world yearly is endless but only few of this business firms manage to survive and achieve the sole purpose of which they were established hence there is an urgent need for entrepreneurs to be...See full review

A company that provides dedicated support for innovative entrepreneurs

Nex Cubed is a project established to support the development of entrepreneurs. This project supports all entrepreneurs. It funds consultancy and support services for companies in seed stage, development stage, or established. It is an organization...See full review

It has quite a variety of things in terms of accelerator programs.

NEX Cubed is an entrepreneurship platform that thinks it is a solution to the problems of our age and all kinds of crises that businesses have experienced and that they can find all solutions. If you think that you are facing great difficulties and...See full review

Review on Nex Cubed.

HBCU programs are an integrated system with black graduate students from universities and colleges to support their projects and ambitions in supporting technology and giving them consulting instructions and to accelerate their startups in 10 years...See full review