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Review on Nex Cubed by Douglas Cachazo

Nex Cubed: Accelerating Technology Ventures

The new research and scientific advances are seeing a window to promote applications through technological ventures, which would not be possible if it were not for the advances.

And in this chain of research, application to new technologies and ventures, an important element is added such as the accelerator companies applied to technologies, which is where they become very important as they help ideas that emerge in ventures to become a reality as a project already founded.

This is precisely the raison d'être of this global accelerator Nex Cubed, which emphasizes accelerating ventures in technology areas,

The company has its own capital from private investors to invest, additionally has an acceleration program with expert mentors and after the start-up they focus on scaling the new foundations, they make an initial investment in the order of 10 thousand dollars, has headquarters in the United States has approximately 150 technology mentors, their support has been such that currently they have accumulated proven profits. Its experience dates back 10 years and has successfully accelerated more than 300 companies.

The companies are accepted from the seed form, almost idea, the program in case of applying is 4 months and culminates with the well-known presentation day in which they formally expose the project to the associated investors.

Initially the option was for the United States, but partnerships with governments of other countries and with major recognized accelerators already gives the option of acceleration worldwide.

Pros & cons

  • Major accelerator company already global
  • Important partnerships for expansion
  • Accelerations can be taken from anywhere
  • Provides funding, mentoring and scalability to ventures
  • Nothing to say against