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Review on Nex Cubed by Özgün A

A company that provides dedicated support for innovative entrepreneurs

Nex Cubed is a project established to support the development of entrepreneurs. This project supports all entrepreneurs. It funds consultancy and support services for companies in seed stage, development stage, or established. It is an organization supported by world-renowned funders.

Nex Cubed has its own communities. These communities include investors, funders, experts, mentors, accelerators and entrepreneurs. These communities are an opportunity for entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs present their projects and look for supporters in these communities. In addition, entrepreneurs can support each other. It can help each other's ventures flourish by exchanging ideas.

Nex Cubed supports particularly innovative projects. They both fund projects at the seed stage and provide mental support with mentors. They implement special accelerator programs for entrepreneurs with innovative projects.

Nex Cubed company invests in the technologies of the future. They support entrepreneurs seeking solutions to reduce the effects of future technologies on people.

Pros & cons

  • They organize numerous events and entrepreneurs are allowed to interact with each other in these ethics
  • Provides special support to entrepreneurs who initiate future social problems
  • There are numerous accelerator programs throughout the year
  • Annual market value has exceeded half a billion dollars
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