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Review on Nex Cubed by Gunay Ovezova

Supporting the development of entrepreneurs.

Nex Cubed is a partner that invests, accelerates and multiplies for technology support and development.

The organization supports strong business people who will face real challenges to solve real problems.

Nex Cubed is a world-class environment that allows business people to offer new achievements to the public, help with the size of emerging organizations, and pave the way for liquidity. In addition, helping entrepreneurs with growth, value and growth pave the way for many creators, coaches, financial backers and colleagues.

Our understanding of market influences, important factors, and explanations limits our mistakes and speed.

I also liked the impressive design when I visited the website and saw the wide, clear messages on social media.

Pros & cons

  • Accelerator company.
  • A project created to support the development of entrepreneurs.
  • The company has its own community of professionals, educators, investors, accelerators, financiers and entrepreneurs.
  • Nex Cubed mainly supports innovation projects.
  • I didn’t find the bad side.