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Review on Nex Cubed by Jose Luis Perez

The development of society hand in hand with the application of new technologies, through the advice of emerging companies.

The social needs that can be solved through cooperation and the application of technology is one of the flags of Nex Cubed, this company aimed at promoting the development of emerging companies knowing its importance from the beginning, through the application of a series of acceleration programs in the United States and beyond the borders of that country. Betting on the growth of companies that have the conviction to propose a solution to technology issues in general.

It has an academy that is based on the application of advice and support to emerging companies so that they can then apply them in the field of development because this company is convinced that this type of undertaking will be the ones that will solve many problems of our society in the medium term, so it makes available a serious network of expert mentors, investors and then the projection of the project to a wide range of potential clients, through the strategic association between the different companies.

Pros & cons

  • An accelerator company focused on the development of emerging and entrepreneurial companies that solve social gaps through the application of new technologies.
  • Expert mentors in different areas.
  • Training programs in the United States and elsewhere.
  • Creation of events for the projection of the companies that receive the accompaniment.
  • Many associated with the company.
  • It has an academy focused on innovation.
  • A good team of investors available.
  • It makes a little more projection to increase its expansion and presence in this field of acceleration.