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Review on The Family by Jose Luis Perez

A worldwide family of entrepreneurs and consolidated companies. Helping entrepreneurship and fostering cooperation.

"We believe that a great entrepreneur can come from anywhere", that is part of the philosophy of The Family, this company that has been working for at least 9 years to promote entrepreneurs who have good ideas, which can be applied in many fields of technological development and the economy in general. Its advisory program works remotely, which makes it easier for small start-ups who see a good way to apply here from anywhere in the world. Where they will receive the support of a team made up of experts in the development and acceleration of companies from their origin to accompanying them in their stage of success in the market.

This corporate company helps solve many problems presented by those who are just developing a project, through the application of an intensive 6-week training. During this time, they receive all that advice that then at the end of the program their proposal is presented in what they define as Demo Day, a day where entrepreneurs have the opportunity to project what they have built throughout the mentoring received, counting by observing potential partners who may be interested in driving your ideas through a good investment.

Companies or entrepreneurs who are interested in being accompanied by the program, should go to The Family website and fill out the registration form to apply for their project, telling their story, what they plan to achieve, the mission that leads them to follow. with the project and then what corresponds is to wait to be contacted by the company's team.

Many success stories can be credited to this accelerator, which also makes available to all those who were once supported by the company to share their experience and help improve others.

Pros & cons

  • Training through an intense 6-week course.
  • Good acceleration programs.
  • Remote accompaniment to companies and entrepreneurs from anywhere in the world.
  • Expert from different areas at the command of emerging companies.
  • It exposes the proposals of those who are advised by the team.
  • Prestige.
  • It helps to solve problems of companies that are being founded.
  • The registration process is straightforward.
  • It allows the interaction between the new members of the program and what has already gone through it.
  • Good network of partners.
  • No negative consideration at this time.