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Review on The Family by Tosin Temitope


The platform has the objective to help startup around the world. The program is run twice in a year with the access to what is needed for the entrepreneur to grow. I love the programed because the are putting the startup through on how to succeed not enforcing anything on them.

I love the fact that there is no need of relocating to Europe to attend the program that last for six weeks, and it can be attended around the world. In my opinion this makes it very easy for startup to attending without any barrier. The officially platform is so simple, easy to navigate and full of helpful information about the program.

Application for the program can be access on the platform. Applicant can keep on trying to apply for the program more than once, what is needed is to work on your product to get qualify.

This platform that works with all shot of company has many partners that support the program. One of the important day is the demo day that will give the startup to meet investor. I love it for making it online, which not making it not necessary to travel to get connected.

Personally, i love everything about the program. it has been in existent for some years now. it has help hundreds of startup around the world. The startup that want to amply should also not that equity is required is also required. In my opinion if this can be review, it will help more startup to apply. This is base on personal experience in developing countries like Africa.

Pros & cons

  • Provide the needed resources
  • Supports startup around the world
  • Demo day give opportunity to meet many investors
  • The platform is transparent
  • Equity is required