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Review on The Family by Stephen Toluwani

Incubator for Your outstanding ideas can be made more successful through The Family

A good opening paragraph when introducing The Family should be set as; "The Family, an Incubator and Angel Investor organisation for helping start-up companies, make it to the forefront." It has been one of the most successful in bringing up this new companies as one can see through it's successful number of start-ups. In a bid to confirm the success of its startups, I did a lot of research into the companies and their astounding success speaks well of The Family as a good launchpad for many start-ups. Formerly, The Family only operated in France it's host country and extending some of its services to other European countries but today, they now open up their services to any part of the world 🌎🌍 as any one can connect to them and lay down their ideas for brainstorming and incubation. With a low 5% take in the equity of these start-ups, The Family is good enough for anyone looking for an Incubator who is not greedily interested wholly for themselves in the business.

The expanse of The Family doesn't just end in incubating this projects or start-ups but also in providing job opportunities by connecting job seekers, to its incubated programs therefore being a helping hand to the economy at large. Also, for it's startups, it gives them long term support both financially and logistically, keeps them connected within a network of fellow incubated projects as a "Family".

With what I have seen, mostly from the success of their incubated programs, The Family really stands out in the crowd in providing cutting edge services at a low equity stake for payment. I highly recommend them

Pros & cons

  • An innovative startup company with many tremendous bouts of success
  • They have been able to successfully launch over 800 startup companies which today are very successful
  • The family is open to the world. Anybody from anywhere in the world can apply
  • Low 5% Equity stake is taken for payment
  • Recorded a lot of success. Nothing negative to apply in