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Review on The Family by samyrat meredov

The project looks amazing.

I understand the reason for the creation of the project as a family business, a supportive campaign. Especially during the sowing of the farmer, he supports them by helping them with their cause and ensures their growth. This company has its own set of societies. That is, these societies are made up of professionals, entrepreneurs, investors, and accelerators. What is also noteworthy is that entrepreneurs can keep in touch with each other and share ideas. These family members see each other as brothers.

This family-run company is organizing demo days to raise its profile.

The only downside to this company is that they support entrepreneurs in a limited way. And you need an investment of 20 percent.

If they like your project, they will implement your idea in less time, using the built-in accelerator programs.

Although this family-owned company supports a small number of entrepreneurs, with the support it provides, it has become a large, lucrative company. I think farmers can achieve their dreams if they work with this company.

Pros & cons

  • This company is making a difference to support entrepreneurs
  • Creators and entrepreneurs can share their thoughts.
  • Entrepreneurs are pleased with the design of this project
  • accessing the website is not a problem.
  • Entrepreneurs are supported in a limited way.