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Review on The Family by Barış D

A successful family accelerator.

The Family is a Europe-based entrepreneurship and accelerator platform. There are hundreds of business partners on this platform, which cooperates with many companies. As the name suggests, this accelerator says to its users who join or have the idea to 'We are a family, you can feel quite comfortable here and you can share anything with us.' wants to give the message.

The developers and founders of this platform are already people who have family ties with each other. By giving a very small part of your company to this platform, they provide you with advice, ideas, network resources and guidance on the work done around the world.

It is supported by people who are very ambitious and knowledgeable in their field. It is a worldwide company that believes that everyone has a spirit of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship and believes that it is not clear where it will come from and that it can come out from anywhere. If you want to enroll on this platform and get support, they will provide you with a course and training that lasts about 6 weeks.

These trainings are also very strict and intense. This company, which has more than 800 founders as members, has a very good functioning. The founders section shared on the website and the information given on these topics are also very good and successful.

Pros & cons

  • They provide a full and very successful 6-week program.
  • There is a lot of information on the website about hundreds of founders and their stories.
  • The informative articles on the website are also very nice.
  • I could not find anything negative.