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Review on EIT Digital Accelerator by Navruza Saitkulova

Revainrating 4 out of 5

I think it is ahead of the competitors and will be one of the most popular companies in the future

EIT DIGITAL ACCELERATOR, as its name suggests, aimed to accelerate and make technology initiatives more widespread. In fact, the company started operating not so long ago and is used in many countries, mainly focused on European countries. However, I think it doesn't look very famous when the company was in service in the market. Personally, I got to know this company a very short time ago and there are very few people in my country who know it, I think this is the main problem.
However, although I knew it a short time ago, I really liked the way and service the company has taken, and I can say that it is even safer to have many strong partners around the world.
When I visited the company's website, it had impressive design, but sometimes I had a hard time understanding some issues. I was able to solve all my problems from the asking questions section on this subject. If you are really a new user or want to meet this company, it is important that you do a bit of research and learn in detail without hurrying.
The fact that the company is headquartered in such big cities and achieving this success depends of course on the team, I think only very strong and professional finance experts.
As I said generally, I just met the company and there are issues that I need to investigate further, but I must say that I will never leave here and I will constantly follow the developments

  • It has been mentioned in many platforms lately
  • it has many strong supporters
  • the developer team is very professional
  • I like the design of the website
  • Judging by the date it started operating, it has little popularity.
  • general focus europe

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