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Review on Dorm Room Fund by Umut Yıldırım

Review on Dorm Room Fund by Umut Y.

Dorm Room Fund,

Founded in 2012, it has brought together aspiring entrepreneurs and sought out students to build companies, worked with more than 300 companies with experienced student management, raised a billion US dollars, supported the industries, and developed hundreds of founders and investors with vibrant ideas. It helps student entrepreneurs to provide support and guidance for the development of their startups, in the past 5 years it has promoted more than 150 and joined the capital companies such as First Round, Bessemer, Sequoia and many other companies and honored the graduates by the private YC and provides a lot of assistance to move their companies and It supports young start-up professionals to strengthen entrepreneurs and earn capital anywhere in the world and has senior technology staff, promotes the product and helps them launch it to grow the market and its compatibility with the product. This company has found a place for high-profile students to help them start with a large number of founders with extensive experience and opportunities to participate in the fund. They create opportunities and give intensive programs to those identified as black or Indigenous. In my personal opinion, it is a company that supports the ideas of student entrepreneurship and money Russians, gives permanent job opportunities and supports ambitious investors in enlarging their ideas and works to build a successful future for them and a broad and fast work.

Pros & cons

  • Give a golden opportunities for students to teach them the right investment
  • No cons