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About Comstrom

Comstrom is a premium store for all of your home furnishing needs. Comstrom is sister concern of Overstock Outlet LLC. It was started in 2009. We have served more than 100,000 customers so far. We have a great team of talented individuals who understand your needs. They work with you to make your home beautiful.

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Shop at the best price on high-quality products

I'd like to say a few words about Comstrom and their clothing. I've ordered from them (more than once) and worn their stuff, so I think it's time to say what I really think about them - the good and the bad. First of all, let me preface this by…

Comstrom: Wide range of articles for home decorating

Having a comfortable, beautiful and comfortable home is one of the goals we all pursue, for that we must invest time and money. That is precisely the key that reveals the importance of companies dedicated to the decorative branch. That is the…

A review of my personal experience with Comstrom company.

Hello friends, my review today about the Comstorm company for the sale of home furniture and household items. I hope this review will be useful for you to get better home furnishing. I will now start talking about my experience with this company, at first I logged in to the company's website, I started browsing the page, I saw a lot of pictures of furniture and tools attached with its detailed information, this was very fun. I can tell that the use of web page of this company is very easy and understandable, then you choose a few and purchase them home, I bought some furniture to park my house because I raise cats and dogs in it, the prices were right for me, and did not pay any fees charge, I was very happy with my experience. A few days later my order arrived and a team came with it that installed all the tools in the place I chose. I now use furniture and tools and I haven't seen any problem yet. I advise you to shop from this company for a pleasant experience.


Hello there. My review for today will be about Comstrom. Comstrom is an online shopping platform created in 2009. There is not much information about this platform in the resources, but I was able to find some information. I always read customers' feedback and comments before they shop on a platform. There are a lot of feedback on this platform, but most of the feedback I have read is negative. I think the biggest reason why customers write negative comments is that the deliveries are delayed and the delivery fees are a bit high. The reliability of the platform is positively evaluated by the customers, meaning that the products are delivered to the customer even if they are not on time. The fact that the sales on the platform are made on the website and that the design and establishment of this site are good is positively evaluated by the customers and by me. It is also very easy to shop on the platform, so I don't think people will have much trouble in this regard. This is my review

Make your home beautiful

Comstrom is a company that produces and sells home decoration products, and the number of customers is increasing day by day. They have been serving in this sector for more than 10 years. Comstrom is a company that sells everything imaginable about the home. + White goods + Kitchen appliances + Air conditioning + Chandeliers + Garden tools and decoration materials Pet products are also sold. Comstrom's product prices are cheaper than most online websites. By subscribing to Comstrom's newsletter, you can be the first to know about the first products, discounts and promotions offered for sale. I cannot say they are flexible about product returns. If you do not use the products, you can return them within 30 days. However, you will be charged a 3% warehouse holding fee. I recommend you to read the articles about product return. Numerous payment methods are accepted on Comstrom. All payment methods using Paypal, American express, Mastercard and Visa infrastructure are…

My review about Comstrom

Hello to everyone. I will write to you today about Comstrom. Comstrom is an online shopping platform. But only household items are sold on this platform. So here you can find anything you want for your home. It is possible to shop on the platform directly from the site, it does not have any application. It is also very easy to shop on the site. In addition, it is not necessary to register on the site in order to shop, that is, it is possible to shop both by registration and without registration. But the registration process is not very difficult, we can register easily. I looked at the products on the platform, while some products are more expensive than average, some are very cheap. The platform does not have many customers, but some of the customers also describe it as fraudulent, citing that the ordered items are still not delivered. So we can admit that the delivery time is too long. That's all for now, thanks for reading my review.


Comstrom was founded in 2009 and if you are looking for sophistication and quality, the products of this company are the goal, it has satisfied more than 100,000 customers it has so far and has a successful team in this field and has great ideas that meet all the needs of customers to give the house a beauty and It is a cutting-edge company, it has come with the finest companies producing goods so that you can put between your hands the finest furniture at low prices. It delivers free shipping to 42 neighbouring countries and secures purchases within 24_48 hours from its nearest warehouse. And in my personal opinion that Comstrom company guarantees you your needs of Electrical and antiques that have easy and sophisticated programs of air conditioners, refrigerators and decorative trees and make sure when you go to its stores you will not think to go to others because you will buy all your requirements from them because it agrees with the tastes of everyone and It has a website for…

Comstom really need to improve in its delivery system and customer care

Comstrom is an online store like jumia, Alibaba express except that comstrom is majorly for home appliances and everything used in the house like electronics, kitchen appliaappliances, furnitures and many more. The website is designed in such a way that customer can navigate easily but to get the best view and add item to cart or wishlist, it is required that one create an account with them. The account creation process is simple enough. After creating an account with them i was able to surf the site and it was then i realized that even though all regions and countries are listed, delivery are not available to all regions. For instance, i picked a few furniture anf added it to my cart and proceeded to checkout only to get the message ' unfortunately one or more of the items you selected cann noy be shipped to the address provided'. Furthermore a brief search about the feedbackbof their customers revealed a lot of dissatisfaction about their services. Particularly in the area of…

My Review and Research about Comstrom.

Comstrom is a company with quality products for those who want to renovate their existing home, those who want to design their new home, pet owners, and those who want a variety of household products. Comstrom offers us its service with a well-designed, easy-to-use website that clearly presents products to us. the product you want immediately, order and have your product one click away. If you need a home product, furniture and want to order from a reliable company, Comstrom will be ready for you with all its experienced team and work experience. my opinion, Comstrom is a good company that can clearly explain itself to its customers and easily present its quality products to its customers with an easy-to-use website. I suggest you go to Comstrom's website and check out the opportunities as you register. To register, your email address, first and last name, address, Zip code and phone number are sufficient. Thanks for your time, I'll see you in my next review.

Comstrom is eloquent when it comes to giving out first-class high-tech furnishings.

Comstrom is an equipped store with vast and unmatched quality furnishing materials and serving the public as a limited liability company. It has focus on payoneering the affairs of dual organisation in homes thereby bring out the beauty of every environment. It was initiated and launched in 2009 in the Roseville,CA region. It uses a source or kind of e-commerce technology to deliver and advertise it products to the next generation and all around the globe.Such quality of it products cannot be matched with any other furnishing firm around.Although it has been virtually uneasy for me to get directions from any of it team members as all efforts seem void for now and that I can really justify the whole affairs of it platform.  It has Failed in pointing out the needed and most usefulness in providing the recommended furnishings needs to various homes and her nature of delivery is so far void till a later date which will be communicated on a lighter note. As a premium store we expect

They help you decorate your home

The stage was set in 2009 and sells a wide variety of finishing needs. It has had the option to serve a large number of customers in the long run. As such, it is an organization that produces and sells home design products and the number of customers is expanding step by step. They have been serving in this field for more than 10 years. Still, only family items are sold in this scene. So here you can discover everything you need for your home. It is possible to shop directly from the site on the stage, it does not have any application. Shopping on the site is also extremely simple. Also, registering on the site for shopping is not important, which means that both unregistered and unregistered shopping is possible. Additionally, pet products are sold. Comstrom's product costs are cheaper than most online sites. By purchasing Comstrom's newsletter, you can quickly think about the main items, limits, and progress on offer for purchase. In addition, the site of the Platform is grounded…

A quality company preferred by hundreds of people.

Comstrom is a company that was founded about 12 years ago and sells very high quality and beautiful furniture. I have to say that there are really high quality and useful products here. Almost everything in your home is here. You can find your deficiencies easily and reliably here. I had the opportunity to shop from this home appliance sales platform, which has served tens of thousands of people until now. Together with my wife, we had the chance to buy a few items for our sofa set and kitchen. The products we really ordered were extremely useful and of high quality. We got very good products than we expected. We still use these products. There are payment options such as Paypal, Visa, Mastercard and many more. I must say that the products are also extremely good in terms of prices and quality. In addition, if you log in right now, they give you a discount coupon at a certain rate.

Comstrom is the perfect company for a perfect home

Do you want your home to be perfect and your furniture high quality? Do you want all your home appliances to be guaranteed and long-term use? Do you want to deal and buy from a global company with a great service team? The solution is to buy from Comstrom, it is the ideal option for your home to be comfortable, because it offers a lot of services that make all buyers grateful to deal with and buy from. What are these services? First Comstrom offers free shipping to more than forty countries, second contains fast shipping takes only two days, third contains a store where all the Home Foundation with various designs designed by international furniture experts, fourth offers competitive prices suitable for all layers of society, fifth contains the return feature provided that the purchase period does not exceed one month. What I like most about this company is that it fully respects the privacy of customers, although it requires a lot of information when buying, but no third party can…

Comstrom: quality furniture, household products and quality service.

My current review is about Comstrom. Comstrom is a company with more than 10 years of experience selling home furniture and various household items,supplies. Comstrom's website offers a variety of products and categories. If you want to order from the website, you can find the products you want and add them to your cart and complete your order. Comstrom, together with its experienced and knowledgeable team, has provided quality service to thousands of customers since it started serving. If you have not identified the exact product you are looking for, you can consult the Comstrom team to help you select exactly the product you need and like. Comstrom focuses on the highest quality and affordable price in its products. If you need household appliances, furniture, or any household products, I suggest you go to the Comstrom website and take a look. Will be useful for you. That was my review, thank you for reading it.


This sales platform has been around for some years with a good tracking record. The platform offers Kitchen materials, pet, appliances, electronics, light , pet and other product. All of this can be order online. The needed tools is made available to make the platform to be user friendly. Among other things that i appreciated on the platform is great look of the home page with all the information provided in categories. This makes it very easy to search for any information despite there are many information on the platform. The price is competitive, i which the currency display in my local currency. Getting access to customer care, news and update about the platform is also important, it has newsletters, email address, telephone contact that readily made available for anyone that visit the official platform. It uses widely acceptable means methods of payment, Visa and Master card is widely acceptable, these and other means of payment is available on the platform. It also put…


The platform was established in 2009, It sells all kind of finishing needs It was able to serve thousands of customer over the years. Payment to the platform is very easy, various methods of making payment is available which includes Visa card, Master card, Paypal and others. These are widely acceptable means all over the world. I love the display and the way the official platform is arranged. Navigation on the platform is easy and fast. Despite there are many information on the platform, i had no issue on it. I will love the team behind the platform to work on adding more currency and language on the platform. In my opinion, live chat is important when doing online businesses, the platform should enable live chat. This will reduce the issue of not attending to issue for some time with customer service desk. I found all the product on the platform interesting, the images is very clear and bright. The price tag to it is also competitive. I am satisfy with the measure of security…