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About The White Spaces Show

Welcome to White Spaces, a show where we explore the frontiers of innovation, talk to remarkable people and share craziest ideas and experiences. The show focuses on the following topics: novel technologies, founders and entrepreneurs, investors, experts, rebels and misfits and most importantly - their human stories. We would highlight their journey and how what they do is helping shape our world.

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THE WHITE SPACES SHOW has a big potential, only some changes should be added:)

I remember when I read in my news feed about Pavel’s pilot “White Spaces show”, and how he showed also “behind the scenes video”, (which was also rather intriguing), - after that I started following the show and watching its episodes. So far I can…


THE NEED FOR A SOLUTION The challenges faced by startups in the economic climate of the modern world is fierce. It is so tough that most ventures collapse even before they start. Most of these companies have impressive ideas on how to provide the…

A '' Youtube '' built on blockchain

The White Spaces Show is a platform of interesting, beautiful and great valuable ideas, the content of which consists of videos. You can both improve yourself and earn money by making videos about the topics you are interested in. The system is built on block chains. It is completely decentralized. If you want, you can create an account, but if you do not want to, you can access content without creating an account. It wants to reach very large audiences. In fact, it is a system similar to the "youtube" we currently use. The only difference is The White Spaces Show is built on the blockchain. I just discovered this system and I am really satisfied. It has really interesting content. I believe The White Spaces Show is getting bigger day by day. You can produce endless content. It is entirely up to your imagination. It is a completely free platform. Don't be late to attend The White Spaces Show. Take your place early. It is obvious that this system will improve.

The White Spaces Show: Thematic platform with a great future

Project that I could call a hybrid of the blockchain technology in which it relies on the youtube platform to publish technological videos of interest based on new block chain technologies with an excellent moderator like the young Pavel Jakovlev who masterfully does each interview to professional guests from various specialties. All videos are free to watch on the platform and no registration is required. The project has been initiated and has a small audience, but I have no doubt that it will gain a good audience as it becomes better known, that generally depends on the topics and guests that will be presented in the future, it will take some time but the success will come. It reminded me a lot of a very interesting and successful program of a Spanish science popularizer who unfortunately died a couple of years ago. I highly recommend this project for entrepreneurs and people in general who love new technologies, and have a means to grow professionally from the information…

the good The White Spaces Show. I am enjoy

White space, i.e. nothing, is a unique expression method and is widely used painting, calligraphy, literature, drama, film and television, music, and architecture. Conflict between white space and different fields can be used for a variety of purposes. He did scientists at home and abroad a lot of research on the functioning of the white space from different angles. However, research in various fields has been very scattered and has not been consistent the order of searches related to white space. In this paper, the appropriate definition of white space is introduced briefly and then according to its role white space in various fields and similar research, future research direction and related marketing proposals are put forward.

Pros & cons

  • white space in various fields and similar research
  • It offers a fresh public interest idea that can reach millions of people.
  • safe
  • No

Good idea, but need progress

Your site show me that you know what you are doing, and you explained that ok. I think this is good story, because projects are future and IT world is based on that. My opinion is that website need some changes, but it is ok. Contact page is not representing, i think you should change this completely. In About page, font is the very big, and i think it should be smaller and color are only black and white, not look so pretty. Episode page look very fine and i like this kind of organization. Also very good is that you have linkedIn and youtube direction, it is very good for users. Watch button send on episodes page, is that you wanted or is it bug? Generaly, site is ok, but need some changes. Best regards.

Pros & cons

  • IT progress
  • working on site gui


As a newby about development i learned some new things when watching the videos. On YouTube the show is really promising and really educating. The services you will bring will be useful for users, expecting a hope. And if you all continue to make these videos, the community will be grown much bigger. Beside this review, a lot of other authors left some really good reviews. Nice to see and gives me a good feeling. But i don't think there should be a paid login system. There will be a group of costumers who will be falling apart. Only had some bugs writing this review. And also a minimun of writing aint chill. Just want to write my first opinion, not immediately a bookwork of review. I think it's beter to put the demand a bit lower, also to reach a bigger group who wants te write a review. If you check on review sites, who are already there, there aint no minimum. Thats why i gave 4 stars.

Pros & cons

  • Educative
  • None

Fun, free, insightful, punchy, I definitely recommend

The White Spaces Show is basically a totally free, no registration required, fun and instructive fintech Show available on youtube. Pavel is interviewing is tech founders, industry experts, investors etc. about their personal story, how they managed to get there, what their views are on the industry and future trends. The Show itself is really untertaining, insightful and Pavel has this kind of irreverence that makes it stand out of all the boring stuff you'll find out there. Whether you are a tech enthusiast, a student, a pro or an industry expert yourself, I definitely recommend!

Pros & cons

  • Really well done (content, presentation, pace, design etc)
  • Access to industry experts views
  • Simply put but precious insights
  • Humour
  • Honestly, maybe a bit too long sometimes but that's a detail

A digital window to the world.

With a really varied general theme that goes from technology to financial services, but it does not end there since the true protanonists are the guests who share their history and clearly connect us with their purpose. The best way to really show the stories goes hand in hand with their main actors, and in white spaces we can take a look at the interviews of the main aspects related to the industry in which they work. Now you wonder why you should subscribe or watch it? -You will find varied content and easy to understand. During each of the interviews, there is something to contribute to the audience that is a spectator through the screen. -It has a space with a clean design that shows the effort and dedication in each of the spaces. -Its presenter Pavel Jakovlev, that as each of the interviews takes place you can get to know his perspective of the project or subject discussed, as defined by, A curious mind. What makes it different? Personally, white spaces maintains a link…

The Great White Space Show

The white space show was recently started in August 2020 and is an online hosted video show by Paul Jakovlev. It focuses majorly on swiss technological breakthroughs usually live and discussed on YouTube. Not only does it focus on technological breakthroughs but it also helps to take growing businesses to their limelight by discussing their ups and downs The intermediate music played is actually quite long but nonetheless,its a very nice discussion platform The show is filled with much enthusiasm and energy . The topics discussed are actually technologically related and are for middle class people with low technological advancements and knowledge. The show also highlights the mistakes of business men or investors and relates them to big well established organisations. The main aim is just to orientate the guests about business opportunities in the fast growing world of technology. But it would be an added advantage if it could be used as a trading-learning platform. This could…

Bringing news and update of technological innovation and advancement to the people

Who is Pavel Jakovlev? This is the sole driving force behind the White Spaces Show. He is an Evangelist and an investor inICT and an enthusiast about Blockchain, cryptocurrency, financial security and so on. He also happens to be a founder of STRATEGY CONSULTANT since 2018. What does this WHITE SPACES SHOW MEAN? The White Spaces Show is a media show aimed at discovering ideas by speaking to remarkable people who have done well in various aspects of life. This show doesn't just host people that are successful in aspect of technology but also business, entrepreneurship, creativity amongst a host of other aspects of life. This whole idea was piloted by an innovative man, Pavel Jakovlev who seems to be very much interested in technological innovations and how they affect the world at large. This show is accessible through YouTube, on this show Mr. Pavel Jakovlev has hosted quite a lot of important personalities which may or may not be well known around the world. One of the people hosted

White Spaces Show takes to the frontiers, Innovative and Uncharted Ideas to help Viewers resharpen thier ideas and affect their localities

The White Spaces Show is a YouTube hosted financial media platform that pushes to the frontiers, technological advancements and latest innovations to its audiences of which they can benefit heavily from. I started watching the episodial series of the Show's interviews some times now and got pretty hanged up to it. With the show being hosted by Pavel Jokavlev, an enthusiast who is hungry for new innovations and technologies, questions that emanate from the episode were tailored to opening up ideas and experiences from it's Guests. I initially thought the Show shouldn't be placed in anything concerning cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology but after watching it's videos, seeing it's partnership with reputable Crypto projects like CyberVein and Cointelegraph, with questions that also dig into cryptocurrencies and it's guests holdings, my concerns were allayed to rest. In respect to penning down my review, I watched Four of the video series that features Mr. Mahnov Anca Albu, Samyr

shape your future by watching every episode of the white spaces show.

A little preamble to the current moment before taking action The last year that we have lived has shown us how vulnerable we are as a society to unpredictable changes in our environment. The historical moment that we are living in the midst of this pandemic has shaken the foundations of every area in our lives and against all expectations we have known how to adapt to this new normal. Our workplaces have been compromised, and today, millions of people and businesses around the world have turned to the digital environment to survive and we have found very creative and attractive ways to keep moving and not get stuck in our homes . Just a few months ago, I had been hearing some stories about cryptocurrencies and the power they had to revolutionize the world, but I had not paid much attention and it is something that today I very much regret (and I am sure I am not the only one). This world crisis had to happen so that necessity forced me to look for new alternatives and it was…

The White Spaces Show Is for if you are a Creative Thinker

When talking about excellent personality interview shows, the following elements are key: Tropical subject of discuss, high quality resource persons, professional host who is highly proficient in sustaining a conversation and ask probing questions to achieve the aim of the broadcast while giving the audience a good run for their viewing time. One of such show is The White Spaces Show. It is anchored by Pavel Jokovder, who fondly calls himself Pavel. The show seeks to push new frontiers of technological advancement and innovations, new thinking that is outside the box, while featuring amazing people who have carved a niche for themselves in what they do. The White Spaces Show beams its search light on novel technologies, founders of start-ups, blockchain and cryptos, also some inspiring human angle stories It is episodic in nature with each episode hosting different personalities from all walks of life to come share their experience and motivate others. It runs the average broadcast…

White Spaces: The New Colour of Modern Tech

A Personal View into its Growing Multiverse The cryptocurrency world and the general world of finances have had an immense directory during more of age. In the current era, many Innovations come to help what is already created and boost that immensity of success to another level. People, overall, has been always conscious of the scope of those companies but it wasn't until now they finally have the chance to trust in a digital place where public opinions count. Pavel Jakovlev is a successful businessman who has been working with a humble and loyal purpose to offer the global society the trustworthiness they need to find diverse key solutions for their Investments. Thanks to his significant trip through different virtual landscapes Jakovlev developed a fair platform where everyone with a social story is welcome to share it. The white spaces are today not only a public digital show but a site where the society can find the comfort needed to express what technology and modern…

The White Spaces Show

The white spaces show provides an opportunity to get information from innovators and experts in different fields. The interview-based program covers a wide range of topics such as cryptocurrency and blockchain, social media, psychology, the COVID-19 pandemic, startup ideas, etc. With such variety of topics, the show turns out to be very interesting and insightful. Professionals share real-life experiences and give their opinions on the latest news and events. So, I think this show might be especially useful for those who have just started their journey and intend to develop in these areas. Another reason why this show is interesting to watch is its clear and easy-to-understand thought flow. It proves the professionalism of both the host (Pavel) and the guests, as well as their broad outlook on the world and global issues. I am glad I found this channel on YouTube. Without a doubt, this show will soon get more viewers. It might take some time, but hey, Rome was not built in a

The White Spaces Show will be most popular YouTube channel the future

Hello everyone, today I will share my information about the White Spaces Show, a very special project for me. The White Spaces show is a YouTube channel I just discovered thanks to the Revain platform, and I loved the videos, future goals, ideas and ideals of the project, so I watched almost all of their videos one by one yesterday and had a lot of fun. The videos are really high quality, they don't bother you at all and give you information while entertaining you. I watched almost all the videos on the White Spaces Show YouTube channel and found them all very successful. He has a really successful production in many ways, such as video shooting quality, sound quality, studio shooting quality, but the budget of the project is not high at the moment, so an investor needs to be found urgently. The White Spaces Show is a really good talkshow program, but it's not very popular right now, so the viewing numbers are very low. In addition, although there are many videos currently on the…

The White Spaces Show is the most beautiful YouTube Channel

Hello again after a long time, everyone. Today, I'm going to tell you about the White Spaces Show Project and give you my information. According to my other reviews, the White Spaces Show has a much different meaning for me because it is a project that I think can do really good things in the future, and it is really very interesting for me that it is a company that develops beautiful projects and aims to achieve useful things for human life, even though it has almost no investors at the moment. The White Spaces Show is a project that is open to new technologies and ideas. Pavel Jakovlev is one of the founders of this project, and although there are few people in the project, we are really excited to have high goals. In addition, Pavel's directing the White Spaces Show Project and, in addition, his talk about the project's employees on the White Spaces Show YouTube channel and the plans that the White Spaces show will make in the future really provides a very good support for this…

The white spaces show

Sometimes, all you need to spark up that energy for you to make your dreams to reality is to simply hear the story of tho who have succeeded. Sometimes the only motivation is to know the fact that someone has been in even a more dipper hell than you and he still make The white space show, I first know about it only when revain popped it into my mail, weeks back. I have been a big fan of the show since then. The sure us very interesting, I spent more than 70% of my data subscription in watching it on YouTube in the last one week. The host of this show, Pavel, I love the he talks, I could listen to him all day. is a great in conversing with people, he always ask person on the hot sit the right question, and still keep the atmosphere enticing. My thinking as an upcoming developer has changed so far. The videos also are properly shot to a world standard But so far, I have wondered why the show is yet to have a lot of audiences, less than 200 subscribers and followers on it YouTube…

My Review on The White Spaces Show

Introduction: I had never heard about this program, but when I analyzed it I realized that everything that is transmitted is very interesting and does not have any waste. The truth is, I would promise to continue watching all the episodes and learn much more about the people interviewed as they have incredible ideas that they have carried out in their lives that will influence even our new generations. Description: The White Spaces Show is a program directed by its host founder Pavel Jakovlev, which deals with all the important or relevant topics about the most influential people in the technological, business, financial field, etc. Counting and thus highlighting all the experiences lived throughout their lives on how they have been able to get involved helping our world with their respective ideas or projects. When I saw your website, I found a simple and simple design but totally attractive for my taste, although I think it could improve a lot more. We will also find the…