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The White Spaces Show

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About The White Spaces Show

Welcome to White Spaces, a show where we explore the frontiers of innovation, talk to remarkable people and share craziest ideas and experiences. The show focuses on the following topics: novel technologies, founders and entrepreneurs, investors, experts, rebels and misfits and most importantly - their human stories. We would highlight their journey and how what they do is helping shape our world.

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A digital window to the world.

With a really varied general theme that goes from technology to financial services, but it does not end there since the true protanonists are the guests who share their history and clearly connect us with their purpose. The best way to really show...See full review

the good The White Spaces Show. I am enjoy

White space, i.e. nothing, is a unique expression method and is widely used painting, calligraphy, literature, drama, film and television, music, and architecture. Conflict between white space and different fields can be used for a variety of...See full review

Good idea, but need progress

Your site show me that you know what you are doing, and you explained that ok. I think this is good story, because projects are future and IT world is based on that. My opinion is that website need some changes, but it is ok. Contact page is not...See full review


As a newby about development i learned some new things when watching the videos. On YouTube the show is really promising and really educating. The services you will bring will be useful for users, expecting a hope. And if you all continue to make...See full review

Fun, free, insightful, punchy, I definitely recommend

The White Spaces Show is basically a totally free, no registration required, fun and instructive fintech Show available on youtube. Pavel is interviewing is tech founders, industry experts, investors etc. about their personal story, how they...See full review

The Great White Space Show

The white space show was recently started in August 2020 and is an online hosted video show by Paul Jakovlev. It focuses majorly on swiss technological breakthroughs usually live and discussed on YouTube. Not only does it focus on technological...See full review

Bringing news and update of technological innovation and advancement to the people

Who is Pavel Jakovlev? This is the sole driving force behind the White Spaces Show. He is an Evangelist and an investor inICT and an enthusiast about Blockchain, cryptocurrency, financial security and so on. He also happens to be a founder of...See full review

White Spaces Show takes to the frontiers, Innovative and Uncharted Ideas to help Viewers resharpen thier ideas and affect their localities

The White Spaces Show is a YouTube hosted financial media platform that pushes to the frontiers, technological advancements and latest innovations to its audiences of which they can benefit heavily from. I started watching the episodial series of...See full review

shape your future by watching every episode of the white spaces show.

A little preamble to the current moment before taking action The last year that we have lived has shown us how vulnerable we are as a society to unpredictable changes in our environment. The historical moment that we are living in the midst of...See full review

THE WHITE SPACES SHOW has a big potential, only some changes should be added:)

I remember when I read in my news feed about Pavel’s pilot “White Spaces show”, and how he showed also “behind the scenes video”, (which was also rather intriguing), - after that I started following the show and watching its episodes. So far I can...See full review