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Review on The White Spaces Show by Thalhat Shuaib

Bringing news and update of technological innovation and advancement to the people

Who is Pavel Jakovlev?

This is the sole driving force behind the White Spaces Show. He is an Evangelist and an investor inICT and an enthusiast about Blockchain, cryptocurrency, financial security and so on. He also happens to be a founder of STRATEGY CONSULTANT since 2018.


The White Spaces Show is a media show aimed at discovering ideas by speaking to remarkable people who have done well in various aspects of life. This show doesn't just host people that are successful in aspect of technology but also business, entrepreneurship, creativity amongst a host of other aspects of life. This whole idea was piloted by an innovative man, Pavel Jakovlev who seems to be very much interested in technological innovations and how they affect the world at large. This show is accessible through YouTube, on this show Mr. Pavel Jakovlev has hosted quite a lot of important personalities which may or may not be well known around the world.

One of the people hosted on this show LINDA ARMBRUSTER(i was so interested in this episode because i was a follower of Linda herself) , happens to be the founder of SparksWorks. SparkWorks is an amazing innovation company that helps to bring virtual ideas to live. As the world, is going technological, a company like Spark Works will be needed alot especially when it comes to amazing idea by various innovators. On this particular episode I was opportune to watch, the host Pavel speaks at length with the founder of SparkWorks on the various accomplishments achieved by SparkWorks.

I actually never heard of The White Spaces Show, thanks to Revain for bringing it up. I was quite surprised that there was partnership between Revain and WhiteSpaces. The WhiteSpaces Show has its up and down side.

Among the Upsides include:

1. Bringing of Unknown Personalities to Limelight: Initially I never knew most of the personalities that were hosted on the show, but with a show like WhiteSpaces I was able to actually learn of alot ideas by various innivstors which I never knew existed before.

2. White Spaces Show will lead to the popularity of alot of innovative projects: This show has actually made me Know some projects and how they affect various aspects of life as they relate to technology. Telecommunication was one of such topics of various episodes.

A DOWNSIDE is the fact that this show was limited to only Switzerland companies and their achievement though any one from all over the world could watch it. Another downside is the fact that this show is short of subscribers and audience,it is not very popular in various social media platforms

Personal Suggestions for THE WHITESPACES SHOW:

1. I feel like Pavel should try and host alot more innovators like the Founder of Tesla, Elon Musk who happens to be the richest man(as at the time of writing this review). Partnering with Elon Musk or inviting him over for a show will promote the White Spaces show and boost their popularity up to the international level. Not only Elon Musk, partnership with the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates is another giant step towards achieving internationality

2. Creation of contents with various languages: All the content of this show happens to be English, creating of contents wuth other languages or dubbing each episode will go a long way in spreading the White Spaces Show. Not all people speak english so I'll suggest to Pavlov to try creating future episodes with either some subtitles or dubs.

3. Adopting a TV Channel: Looking at Africa where I come from as a case study, a lot of Africans actually have a natural flair for technology but don't have a way to access the internet. Starting with a YouTube Channel was very good but adopting or integrating the show into popular TV stations will actually help in taking The WhiteSpaces Show to the next level. Because a lot of Africans have TV stations or even radios at home hence technological updates can reach them faster and better.

How has THE WHITE SPACES SHOW influenced my technological decisions: Ever since I have been little I had this personal flair for technology, with Revain bringing this show into the face of a lot of Revain Authors, it has actually opened my eyes to various technological ideas and I hope to be on that same chair sitting face-to-face with Pavel Jakovlev himself!

Pros & cons

  • This innovation is a nice one by Pavel himself
  • With this show users can get update in technological happenings
  • We get to meet new and experienced businessmen and investors who have done well in various aspects of business and cryptocurrency
  • The website is easily navigable, no hitches!
  • Summary of each YouTube video, is given on their website
  • This show is not very popular and well known
  • YouTube might not be convenient for every user