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πŸ’­ Bubbles, πŸ€ Kids' Sports & Outdoor Play

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Description of πŸ¦• Toddlers Solution Parties with Machine Dinosaur

[Dinosaur-looking Bubble Blower]The bubble blower can produce more than 500 colorful bubble per minute,make huge and small bubbles at the same time, kids will be attracted by this dinosaur toy. Bubble Blaster can work as bubble machine and also a dinosaur toys and a cooling fan in summer. Just take off the wands and turn it into a simple fan. [Kids-friendly ABS material] This bubble blower is made from non-toxic ABS material and even the fan is made of soft sponge rotor blades, safe bubble toy for your kids and pets. There are no sharp edge or a bad smell on this toy blaster, no more worry for kids' finger injury. Kids are safe to carry it around and enjoy chasing bubbles. [Easy to Use Bubble Machine]To use this bubble gun, simply pop in 2 AA batteries, immerse bubble wand to the dish which is filled with solution and press the pistol to create bunches of colorful bubbles. [Low-noise Motor, Long-lasting Output of Bubbles] No more need to blow the bubbles tiredly, this automatic bubble machine can blow 500+ bubbles per minute with the powerful motor for your kids, teenagers and pets. The low-noise motor makes the bubble-blowing process more delightful and less bothering. [Perfect Bubble Blower Gift for Kids] This adorable dinosaur bubble blower is easy hold by hand for kids, and the long-lasting output of bubbles will bring more fun for your kids in the birthday party, festival, indoor and outdoor activities.Heading out to the beach, having fun at the park, hanging out in the yard, or going out camping.


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Revainrating 1 out of 5

Not impressed. at Bubble Makers

A cute dinosaur that happily opens up and blows big bubbles with the baby. I put the batteries in with difficulty, and one day I could hardly close the lid again. The motor did not run with the lid closed, so it can only be used with the lid off. You have to use LOTS of bubble solution to make it blow really good bubbles. Generally a normal product, not particularly impressed. I will most likely not buy again. Update: already thrown away. waste of money. I do not recommend.

  • there are more interesting possibilities.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

I should have named him Bubbles!

My dog loves soap bubbles! I found this silly dinosaur grip toy. He does what he says! Bubbles Galore! When the wind blows, he doesn't know who to chase. I gave 4 stars because it's cheaply made, the bubble wand falls off when hit by an overly eager pup. A little superglue solved this problem. One of the batteries is hard to get out of the case but costs $20 total! I recommend it to everyone who has bubble lovers at home!

  • Zero

Revainrating 1 out of 5

Not worth it for outdoor sports and games

It was so hard to assemble. The first problem was trying to put the batteries in. A piece of metal was interfering with the correct placement of one of the batteries. Once the unnecessary excess metal is removed and the battery is finally installed, the bubble machine will not work with a bubble machine that does not work with a real bubble nozzle. I was so disappointed. I spent about two hours getting this to work while the kids watched. Not worth buying

  • Quality

Revainrating 1 out of 5

Bullshit is the best in Bubbles

I wouldn't give a single star if there was an option. So difficult to place a second battery. We spent a full hour trying to figure out how to put in a second battery, but it didn't work. So my kids and I opened up the bubble machine gun and put the battery inside, but then we couldn't put everything in place. Since I bought it 2 months ago I couldn't even return it. I wrote to the seller about my situation. I do not get an answer. So folks, DO NOT buy it. The bubble gun is a piece of junk.

  • Low maintainability