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Review on The White Spaces Show by Benaiah Akinlade



The challenges faced by startups in the economic climate of the modern world is fierce. It is so tough that most ventures collapse even before they start. Most of these companies have impressive ideas on how to provide the much-needed solutions to modern day world problems but they are being done a great disservice by different so-called Financial Experts when they are charged exorbitant fees in order to help the startups have a solid foundation in the industry as you hardly find any financial and organizational mentoring service that provides free mentorship. This is where “The White Spaces Show” differ from others.


The White Spaces Show is a pioneer in a new category on the Revain platform as it falls under the newly introduced category of Financial Media. The show is a discussion and interview-based program that invites various professionals and inventors from different works of life to share and exchange their experiences and ideas on how they came about their innovations and how the inventions are set up to provide solutions to common world problems as well as problems that are peculiar to different regions and countries on the globe. It is set up to provide an enabling environment for startups to become relevant in different industries of their choosing. The show is divided into different video episodes which is freely availabe on the website and the YouTube channel. As at the time of this review, the show has hosted 13 guests with the first episode launched on 21st August, 2020 with an interview with Ruslan Mahov, a financial professional who has been actively involved with cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology for 2 years. Other notable guests on the show includes; Eberhard Scheuer, Anca Albu, Thibaut Rouquette, Valentine Coco, Brigitta Gyoerfi, Fungai Mettler, among others.

At the beginning of every episode before the interview starts, Pavel gives a brief on the current trends in the IT, Business, and Finance industry and how it relates with the topic of discussion of the interview. So far, the show have covered trending matters such as Cryptocurrency and Blockchains, impact of social media on Digital health and COVID-19 pandemic, Decentralised Finance, Building effective Startups, InsureTechs, and so on. It is also noteworthy that the show is highly selective with its guests, as the guests on the show are innovators and experts in their various fields. The show was included as part of the Swiss Digital Days event on 3rd November, 2020 at the Trust Square in Switzerland with a marathon of interviews that lasted 11 hours with 9 invited guests.


This review will not be complete without talking about the genius behind the show; "Pavel Jakovlev". Pavel is an Evangelist at SICTIC (Swiss ICT Investor Club) among other endeavors. He works with different organizations in order to help them progress strategically in relationships with investors, and how to generate demand.

He has over the years gathered a lot of knowledge from enrolling for different courses in different institutes of education with excellent results. His vast and robust knowledge is evident in all his interviews as he discusses trending issues with his guests.

Pavel is excellent at having conversations and has spent close to 10 years working with different companies in order to improve their digital presence. He is also passionate about new technological solutions and how they can survive in an efficient, productive, and sustainable manner. Pavel is well learned, educated and actively involved in different fields, and this is what enriches his conversations with guests on the show. He is fluent in 6 languages and very passionate about issues that affect human activities. He is driven by success and is motivated to surpass expectations as revealed by his colleagues and employers.


Although it is still in its early days, going through the episodes, I find the show very educative, innovative and informative as it covers every aspect of human endeavor, such as Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology, Psychology and Digital Health, Human Centered Design, etc. This is what makes it possible to discuss with innovators from all works of life on how they are proffering solutions through Information Technology to modern day human problems. The diversity in the knowledge of the show host (Pavel) makes the show highly educative and informative. Both the host and the guest are educating the audience. I highly recommend this show for startup and established companies that are set up to inculcate Information Technology in providing solutions.

The integration of the show with Revain Review platform is a way forward and a step in the right direction to ensure that the show is able to reach a larger audience through the reviews. This integration will also enable the show to get better as it progresses.

I noticed that majority of the invited guests on the show are resident in Switzerland. There is need to sought out inventors from other economic and technological climates (countries) in order to know the challenges and developments that go on in other parts of the world. I am looking forward to when more inventors from the IT and business fields are invited to the show, such as;

1. Bill Gates (Microsoft),

2. Elon Musk (Tesla),

3. Jeff Bezoz (Amazon),

4. Jack Ma (AliBaba),

5. Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook),

6. Jack Dorsey (Twitter), among others.

This show will serve as an incentive to startups to know how they can thrive in their different engagements as they can easily learn from how the experts succeeded in their various fields.

I am also looking forward to the show being hosted in different parts of the world as the show is being only hosted in Switzerland. I am sure this will happen after we survive the COVID-19 pandemic. I really hope the show continues to expand its horizons and make the world a better place.

I am reserving the remaining star for when the show gains global recognition it is aiming for, because I believe the show will surpass all expectations.

Pros & cons

  • There is no other program or show that covers a whole wide variety of topics that affects the world
  • The host of the show has a very rich academic, professional and humanitarian portfolio
  • The host of the show is highly regarded as a true professional among his colleagues and partners that he has worked with
  • The guests on the show are highly intelligent and professional individuals who have fought against all odds to be successful in their chosen careers and are finding ways to give back to the society
  • The contents of the show can freely be accessed on the White Spaces Show website or the YouTube channel although I discovered that the YouTube channel contains more video contents than the website.
  • The website is very easy to navigate
  • The show can help startups and established organizations remodify their strategies in order to achieve positive results though adopting Information Technology to problem solving
  • Access to the channel and its content is free
  • The show is only hosted in Switzerland at the moment
  • The show is currently streamlined to interview most inventors residing in Switzerland
  • The show has not gained the global recognition it deserves
  • The show is not active on many social media platforms
Adedamola Adeniji
January 05, 2021
This show is bridge builder for start ups and established entrepreneurs to drink from the water of their vast experience, which is very expensive to come by now. It a platform to get the much needed information and advice for investors on the digital space and other evolving trends in the crypto world. This review is quite detailed I just hope the show breaks the limitations of being hosted only in Switzerland, and move to other parts of the world by so doing it will reach it's full potential.
Benaiah Akinlade
January 04, 2021
Barnabas, I’m sure that as the show evolves, all nukes and crannies of the globe will be touched. The idea is to help startups and established companies to follow the trend in modern technology
Benaiah Akinlade
January 04, 2021
Yes David, it’s quite surprising the number of people that have little or no idea about Technology. In my field we call that Digital Divide, which is the uneven gap between people that have access to modern technology and people that lacks the access. One of the solutions to Digital Divide is education of people and I believe the show is proffering solution to Digital Divide through education of people about modern technology.
David Olayide
January 04, 2021
As technology and evolves, the financial world is not left behind and certainly not cryptocurrency. The truth be told, we need as much education and knowledge about how new innovations work and how to make use of it practically. So yes, the show is a great idea and we could really use the advice and ideas of those long in the game. Hopefully, the show will do this and much more.
Barnabas Akinlade
December 28, 2020
Wow. This is a very nice initiative. Hopefully the show gets more recorgnition then more and more people from all over the World gets invited, more investors also. And it will also be really nice if at least the show gets decentralised and spread all over the Continent. Maybe a show being hosted on each and every of our continent Soo as to reach more Audience and Soo more influential people can also come on the Show and share with the audience from their own wealth of experience.