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Review on The White Spaces Show by gregori cordova

shape your future by watching every episode of the white spaces show.

A little preamble to the current moment before taking action

The last year that we have lived has shown us how vulnerable we are as a society to unpredictable changes in our environment. The historical moment that we are living in the midst of this pandemic has shaken the foundations of every area in our lives and against all expectations we have known how to adapt to this new normal. Our workplaces have been compromised, and today, millions of people and businesses around the world have turned to the digital environment to survive and we have found very creative and attractive ways to keep moving and not get stuck in our homes .

Just a few months ago, I had been hearing some stories about cryptocurrencies and the power they had to revolutionize the world, but I had not paid much attention and it is something that today I very much regret (and I am sure I am not the only one). This world crisis had to happen so that necessity forced me to look for new alternatives and it was there that I discovered the blockchain and all the potential that this technology has to revolutionize a world so convulsed and so subject to many financial monopolies in which people are more wealthy are always the most benefited.

I have been very eager for information in recent months about all this innovative and revolutionary technology and I have seen a lot of wonderful projects that I had no idea that existed and that are making many countries adapt to new financial schemes and that their inhabitants through it, they can generate profits and be able to counteract the hegemony that exists with their local currencies. In the search for information I am very grateful for having found this platform that has allowed me not only to generate good income, but it has also given me the opportunity to learn to invest in promising projects that today are very well on track and to nurture my knowledge in the area through exceptional projects like the one I bring you below.

Have you already seen the program? If not, run now and check it uot!

It is thanks to revain that I have met, the White spaces show, a very interesting current interview site, where the progress we are having in every corner of the planet is shown thanks to the adoption of innovative technologies and ventures that have led to the massification of the blockchain not only to financial environments but also in medicine, architecture, agriculture, art, to provide more efficiency and enhance these spaces. The show is directed in a very pleasant and entertaining way, with luxury guests, and very honest and not at all boring interviews, which I am sure should have a space on television very soon since the content offered is of the utmost importance and very educational . The passionate way in which pavel jakovlev, its creator and moderator, runs the show is one of the strengths of this show that everyone should see to find out about the most interesting, sincere, crazy and emotional current issues out there. on the web today.

Pavel is quite a character, and he is undoubtedly making the show more and more popular due to the freshness, simplicity, boldness and professionalism with which he directs each episode of the show. It is very difficult to find a space like this, which really connects you with the reality that in many cases we do not know and that is so important for our growth as a society. Having the power to influence the lives of others in a positive, fruitful, honest and productive way as he is doing with this show is a blessing that not everyone can count on. It is an environment in which many questions are not only questioned in the cryptographic world, but also where real and practical solutions are presented, to be applied in any area of interest.

About the format and content of the show

At the time of writing this review, 13 episodes have been released, all with a unique format in which without a doubt the camaraderie and feedback that exists between the moderator and the guests is very remarkable and the conversations usually flow comfortably making it very Pleasant experience for the spectators. The questions asked by pavel to each guest are really very good and leave no room for doubt, since he has the ability to help his guests express all the information they want the audience to know through an honest and fruitful talk.

I must say that of all the episodes so far they all have very interesting, deep and real content, but there are 2 that have fascinated me and of which I would like to talk a little more. Episode 11 diversity and inclusion has even brought a few tears to my eyes, as they deal with a very sensitive topic and perhaps unknown to many, which is the importance of mental health in our lives and the stigma that surrounds it. This situation of confinement that we are experiencing has caused many of us to suffer from anxiety disorders and even depression, which keep us in a very low mood and from which it is sometimes very difficult to get out without help. Knowing that through the 100 project that Valentina Coco and her team implements to help people find their why and to guide them to find their purposes in life and the reasons that make them happy, is something that definitely must be valued and applaud, and I hope that as she herself says, not only 100 people in the future are chosen, but 1000 and even more.

In particular, I must say that this situation also affected my mental health in the first months and I did not know how to control it because it was something new for me. I live in a country which today has the record for the highest inflation on the planet, with salaries that in most cases are not enough to support a family, and this pandemic caused not only me, but many people to abandon our jobs. work, which undoubtedly caused a lot of stress and anxiety, but I have been lucky to find through blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies a way to obtain some income that has allowed me to cope with this serious situation. I would have loved that in Venezuela there were aid programs such as Project 100, to help people and guide them when they are going through situations of emotional imbalance.

Also in that episode they talk about the importance of creating diverse work groups and including all kinds of people with new ideas and different from yours in order to achieve more complex challenges and break the monotony that sometimes happens when we always work. with the same team. And above all I loved the fact that it sought to normalize the idea of not always answering that you are fine when you are suffering from a mental disorder, but giving an honest answer and opening your feelings, and that companies create spaces for their workers to feel comfortable and accepted, since nowadays the pace of work and the pressure to which workers are subjected, it is normal to feel some imbalance in mental health.

The other episode that caught my attention was number 3, with the digital health expert and researcher eberhear scheuer, talking about the covid -19 pandemic and how this situation has become a huge challenge for everyone, especially for the system. global health, and how technology is helping us to adapt to living under this situation. Today we can, through technology, avoid being exposed to the virus, working from home, having virtual conferences with millions of people in the world through zoom, or having medical advice online without the need to go to a hospital. The historical moment that we are living has made us appreciate the great power that technology has directly in our lives. In this episode we can learn about all that science and technology are doing to help strengthen the global health system and how there is enormous competition today to create a successful vaccine in record time. I very much liked the question that Pavel asked the guest about the impact of social networks in the middle of this pandemic, and how people are doing to handle the panic that it could cause, since in particular I have seen a huge amount of fake news in digital media and people sharing any article without first knowing if it is true or false. The handling of social networks in moments as convulsive as this must be done with caution and common sense and we have even seen that the president of the United States had dismissed the power of the virus in its first months and even he himself was one of its victims .

The adoption of the blockchain in the medical field is being done very slowly because it is a very conservative area and that is why Dr. eberhear talks about the urgent need to apply this technology on a large scale and specifically in clinical trials that are do all over the planet to make it an easier task for any worker in the health area and thus be able to provide better care to patients.

My honest conclusion

After a few days of family vacations, I have made a space to analyze in more detail the topics covered in the show and I must say that they are doing a great job, since nowadays there are no platforms that deal with such sensitive and extremely important topics such as those shown in the White spaces show, where each entrepreneur, researcher or expert can influence the lives of so many people not only through a screen, but in real life to improve the quality of life, and motivate others to do a change at a time when life has put us to the test in an abrupt way. My respects to Pavel and the entire team in charge of bringing us such great content.

Pros & cons

  • Through this platform, many influencers and entrepreneurs who are building magnificent social projects to improve our quality of life are supported and notorious.
  • Handling real and sensitive topics like mental health make the show worth watching, and the emotional way in which each guest speaks and expresses his ideas is fascinating.
  • The communication skills of their moderator are exceptional and make the experience very pleasant and entertaining.
  • Something that I loved was that Pavel does not ask superficial questions, but quite deep and with a lot of sense, and that is something very remarkable.
  • The website has a super simple appearance, where the episodes can be accessed very comfortably and best of all, you do not have to pay absolutely nothing to enjoy such valuable content
  • The guests to the show are mostly entrepreneurs and innovators in different areas, who are making a change and a real contribution, which, without a doubt, the spectators know how to thank because they not only educate us but also inspire us.
  • The only thing I could say as a recommendation is that they should have more social networks and do better marketing campaigns to publicize the show to a larger audience on a global scale.
Gabriel Medina
January 25, 2021
Without a doubt, this is a great program that will help people learn more about the history behind each person in their projects that have benefited the whole world. I hope that I can continue to watch this program for a longer time and that it can become more popularly known.