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Review on The White Spaces Show by José A Rodríguez

White Spaces: The New Colour of Modern Tech

A Personal View into its Growing Multiverse

The cryptocurrency world and the general world of finances have had an immense directory during more of age. In the current era, many Innovations come to help what is already created and boost that immensity of success to another level. People, overall, has been always conscious of the scope of those companies but it wasn't until now they finally have the chance to trust in a digital place where public opinions count.

Pavel Jakovlev is a successful businessman who has been working with a humble and loyal purpose to offer the global society the trustworthiness they need to find diverse key solutions for their Investments. Thanks to his significant trip through different virtual landscapes Jakovlev developed a fair platform where everyone with a social story is welcome to share it.

The white spaces are today not only a public digital show but a site where the society can find the comfort needed to express what technology and modern developments mean.

Variety of Roles for Varied Solutions

Innovation (without barriers):

The current people in the world are creators by nature. There are lots of examples of them down on the web and in social media. In the case of this platform, it seems not to have limits of what innovation is. it is cultivating new ways of looking at the Infinity of projects launched. And the best of all, it is becoming more globalized with every single subscription the channel receives on YouTube.

Personification (or when the voice of the community matters):

Undoubtedly, the main goal of this show is to bring the world the opportunity of sharing their experiences. Words were personified when people knew what to express and how to do it in front of millions of spectators. White spaces became a gateway to let those recognize individuals tell a little bit of their experience with tech when this one is publicly linked to finances.

Now, have you ever listened to the word "influencer"? If so, do you think it comes with the value of what it really means? Of course yes because influencers are the ones that are making the show what it is today!

They are the remarkable people on the media.

Actions (Modern Developments):

Business is the main concept within the show. Are some definitions are shared, and what is better, the audience not about those developments that make commercial contributions to the social world. So, it is easy to figure out that the show not only illustrates experiences but actions from professionals.

Diversity of topics in the same landscape

Between novel tech and individuals, there is a special connection that permits them to establish a practically unlimited source of topics that help the show give some concepts to have always something to say. Here, the show count of the participation of investors, experts, founders and entrepreneurs and other professionals they are all great bridges of human stories.

Other of the goals of this show is to make this world more affordable, productive, and complete. As the world keeps growing up, the white spaces show keeps doing it as well. the platform is not complete and neither the channel. There is a small collection of videos uploaded. They might be enough to ensure people what they expect to hear, but some users really want to know more.

Whatever is the case this show is becoming more popular among the digital Industries and the financial world because it is itself a program of financial media. Most of the researchers now it is the only one with that label.

A close view of what it represents

Researching about this project has been one of my greatest experiences because I never imagined something like that ever. The white space show has not only an attractive View but also a peculiar design for the type of streaming show it is. I already watched some videos of the channel and I like it most of them because it gave me the chance of meeting some good people that are influencing this world in a good way.

I also like how speakers on the show talk about important themes like the human capital in Europe and how it represents the significant to their economy for the future. Some of them even want people with creative ideas to build a startup in different fields. One of them was the now popular incubators that are kind of platforms that can save protocols for blockchain systems.

I finally notice how there are good laughs between talks and stories. Jakovlev is making his show more than popular by offering an enjoyable experience for his guests.


Some researchers point out that there is a great competence out there. Certainly, many companies are focused on financial media, and many of them even highlight topics like social interactions, but I dare to say that none of them has the level that White Spaces is achieving. In just the last weeks it became more viewed in the entire community. So, the real competence it has is with itself to remain so illustrative and practical.

I just suggest that more options be uploaded in the page, and offer new updates for it since it looks pretty empty. Out of that, I congratulate the company for having integrated such an outstanding platform like Revain where the audience it still needs will be actively watching their videos and visiting the channel.

Hope everyone is finally on their way to give this platform a try, and watch some of its more viewed videos, as well as I, did.

Pros & cons

  • Again, the community has the voice to interact in a high-quality platform and show. They receive great support from its host and have the necessary confidence to share their experiences and more personal views about tech and financial media.
  • It is a rewarding platform boosting amazing strategies to turn its platform into a more scalable project.
  • There are different fields to explore the channel. It is fully integrated with themes and topics of great value.
  • The platform brings a warm welcome to many world influencers who grew up developing purposeful activities for the success of their companies.
  • It permits to share opinions about free topics that cover modern developments, and innovative ideas.
  • Since it is linked to technology, users can know more things about it that they might ignore.
  • It is a platform that does not have significant issues to mention. It has been developed with success.
  • It is growing slowly due to the still short audience who's watching the videos of the channel.