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About Konverse

Konverse is a robust communications platform and app designed to unite deskless teams. With features from task management and training, to direct chat and corporate communications, organizations like Hyatt, Realogy, and Follett trust Konverse to unite and empower their staff.

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Great tool to improve remote working environment

The ability for my team members across 3 sites in NY & SF easily communicate with each other via video call or text messages has helped us create better work relationships as we are able connect throughout our day more frequently than before! Not much dislike so far - just need some improvements of course but that's normal when any new product comes out (especially one used by many). I highly recommend this program if you're looking into it because its very easy-to use even though there may be minor glitches here&#039.

Pros & cons

  • Easy access once installed from mobile app too
  • Almost everything is ok

Konverseco has been an easy way t manage internal communications

The ease of use and the ability to have multiple users within one program. Also there are many different ways to communicate within the program, which is great for collaboration. There is sometimes a delay when pulling up new content or a message, which can be frustrating. I like that I can have multiple users within the program as well as multiple people within one project. We are able to use konverse with no issues for our day to day communication. For our project management we are using it to interact with each other and to have the ability to access different people within the company. The platform is very intuitive for managing and collaborating. The team is very responsive and the support is excellent. It is a bit pricey for a small company, but the platform is worth the investment. The platform does not have a lot of bells and whistles. It is a good tool for a small team. It helps us to keep track of projects, tasks, and communication with clients. It also helps to schedule…

Great tool when communicating virtually

The ability for our team members to communicate with each other in real time without having to be physically together was great! It's easy to use and allows you to have multiple conversations at once as well. Some of my coworkers were not familiar with it so they would ask me questions about how to navigate around or what buttons did certain things. I wish there was an easier way to access your emails through this program instead of going directly to Outlook. We used this software mostly just to keep everyone connected while we are working remotely but if you need something that can help manage all of those different communication platforms then this could work for you. This has helped us stay organized and able to communicate effectively.

Great resource if you're looking into engaging your membership

Easy to use and simple to navigate. I could post a video and find the right people right away. It was a great way to connect with our members and keep them engaged. The interface could be clearer and the videos could be made a little larger. Also, it was a bit difficult to find certain people within the program. I think this is a great app for companies who are trying to find ways to engage their members. I use this for my organization. The benefits of using this app are the ease of use, ability to post videos, and ability to find people with similar interests. This was a great way for me to get in touch with my members, and it helped my organization build a stronger community.

Easy and affordable way of staying connected!

The ability to have one point of contact for all communications within the organization. This allows us to communicate with our entire workforce in a timely manner. I would love to see the ability to customize some of the templates for our different departments/groups. This could be helpful during our annual event where we are able to use the same template for everyone. The best thing about this product is that it has helped me keep my employees informed across our organization. It also helps me stay organized. Our staff loves being able to communicate with each other so easily through this system.

Pros & cons

  • Konverse works seamlessly across all our devices
  • Sometimes the system will freeze or become unresponsive and require resetting

Very useful product and excellent customer support

I love how easy it was for our team of remote workers (from all over) to connect with one another across time zones in real-time using this tool! It took some getting used too but once you figured out how to get around that - everything else fell into place smoothly!! The only thing we dislike about konverses ability to work remotely as an entire organization would be if there were more people within your group or department who are able/willing enought o also use Konserve when working away at home. We have been very happy so far though - especially since being able tp keep up communication between us even while not physically together by video conference has helped tremendously during COVID times.

Pros & cons

  • Easy setup without having full IT knowledge.
  • Very user friendly interface, intuitive navigation system & great support from staff members via email.+ Ease + Speed+ Great product value

Easy to get started and navigate, plus great features

I love how easy it makes communication with my team! It's so simple that even new employees can use without any issues or confusion at all (no matter what your level of experience). The ability for me as an admin person in charge of our entire organization has been amazing!! We have not had one issue since we implemented this system about 4 months ago. There are some things you need more than others but overall they do make getting work done easier when communicating between departments/offices within companies - no longer having everyone emailing each other back & forth which was very time consuming especially during busy times such as holidays etc..

Pros & cons

  • It's so simple and easy that even new employees can use it and not have any issues
  • I have not

Connecting and communicating across various tools

The ability for our employees all over my organization to connect with each other using one of several different platforms was very helpful in keeping everyone connected! I also liked that when we needed help there were people available who could assist us immediately - no jumping around between departments or having someone wait weeks/months before they are able to get an answer (this has been improved since it used be so bad). It's not perfect but works well enough most times for me as long as you have some patience if things aren't working right away.- Managing multiple locations- Easy access via web browser at any time- Great customer service team.