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About UDoTest

UDoTest is a Covid-19 software hub providing access for employers to molecular (PCR) Covid-19 and antibody testing for their employees (including self-collection ) on demand supplying turnaround times from 24 to 72 hours with 80% at 24 hours. This is possible because we work with 15+ laboratories that have capacity for FDA authorized tests with greater than 95% sensitivity and specificity. Both the employer and each employee have a HIPAA secure portal and dashboard to view lab tests, download the laboratory reports and employee HIPAA consent form satisfying HIPAA, OSHA and EEOC compliance…

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Easy & convenient method using Dxterity

I like how easy it was to send a kit out without having an appointment. It was quick and easy! They were quick to answer any questions I had! The only thing I dislike is that I wish they could do samples in groups of 10 at a time so that it would not be as expensive as sending them individually. I think this has more to do with my local medical center than anything else. If you are in need of COVID testing and don't want to wait around for weeks, this service will save you some time and money! Getting tested for COVID-19 is important and they make getting results very easy. The price of this service makes it an easy way forward when you are looking into getting your results back quickly! It's also helpful being able to get all information straight off through one platform rather then having different emails/etc open about other things which may be confusing if there was no clear communication between myself as well - everything ran smoothly together here so I didn't find any problems

Convenient and immediate COVID-19 testing using video conferencing

I like the ease of use for both the patient and provider. The ability to get results quickly and easily and also to be able to send them directly to my EHR. It would be nice if you could have the option to have results sent to your email so there is no need to print out documents. I wish it was easier to create an auto-populate template for results. I think it's great that they are able to provide these services at a reduced cost for patients who might not otherwise be able to afford this service. I haven't had any issues with the system itself but sometimes there can be delays in getting results back. I am able to easily order a swab testing for myself and others in our office. We have been able to see if anyone in our office has contracted COVID-19. This allows us to make sure everyone is safe and well.

Excellent Experience with Antibody Screening

The turnaround time of results are amazing. I like how everything is very organized and easy to navigate. The price point is great! Nothing really, but this service has been perfect. It comes highly recommended. If you’re looking for an easy way to test your employees without having to send them off to other locations, then this is the answer. We used it for our first round of antibody screening. The ability of this system was very helpful during these trying time period! We were able be working remotely without having any issues as far an our business operations went while being quarantined ourselves due too COVID 19 virus pandemic situation!! It helped us keep up morale by keeping everyone connected via video calls which allowed all colleagues feel like they are still together even though physically not present one another!!

Easy, fast and really good customer support

I like how easy it was once you signed up! It's very clear about what labs are available where - which makes finding your nearest provider super quick & simple!! The only downside of this service has been cost since they don't offer any discounts if used by more people within one organization compared to other services out there but worth checking them all before signing anything just incase something better comes along :) They can supply swabs / vials etc directly so no need sending samples via courier/mail anymore either as longs amazon deliver next day delivery anyway :).

Pros & cons

  • No lab fees unless required in terms testing costs or specific requests from client that require extra tests done at an additional charge same price per test regardless
  • Cost is high especially when shipping oversea with limited discount options :(

Super awesome and effective vendor that understands data security

Everything about this product has been perfect. The customer service team was quick to respond to any questions I had throughout my experience using them! They were able to help me find an alternative solution when our first provider did not get us what we needed but they didn't charge extra fees like other vendors would do so kudos!! You will love it if you are looking for something more affordable than traditional solutions while still having your privacy intact AND all of your results right there whenever you need them without needing to wait weeks/months after someone else reviews them. And lastly it's super easy to use once set up which makes life easier as well. Not too much dislike here though - just some minor things such as how simple everything can be made better by adding additional features to make sure everyone doesn't feel left out in regards to their own individual needs etc.

Great Product, Excellent Customer Service

UdoTest team is always ready to help with any questions I have. They always seem to respond quickly and are willing to work with me on the best way to solve the problem. I have no issues with the quality of the product. It's a great tool for managing COVID cases within the organization. It has been very helpful. I have no complaints about the product. It has helped me manage employees during this pandemic and keep health care workers safe. I like how easy it was set up initially by our HR department as well as being able to send out email reminders when there are pending results! The only thing i dislike about this product has been trying to get new staff trained due to difficulty finding someone who knows what they're doing so you can train them properly. It's worth taking some time to look into training other people so you don't end up going through more issues down the road!!

Great Service and Ease Of Use for COVID-19 Testing

The ease of use was what I liked best about this product! It's very easy one click order process makes it so simple compared to other products out there where you need multiple steps just as an example getting your sample results back can take days if not weeks due to backlogs etc.. Not much else really but overall they do provide great service. They are currently working closely w/ us during our pandemic situation which has been helpful & reassuring knowing UDT will be able tp help when needed most!!

Pros & cons

  • No more waiting long periods or emailing questions around like with some similar tools used before.

Great resource in times where COVID-19 is going rampant

The ease of use makes it so much easier when working as part of an emergency response team during this pandemic! I wish there were more options available regarding what services are currently offered across states but overall its great!! If you need help quickly then definitely consider using them. They really helped our department keep up while most people took time off due to school closures/quarantines etc.. We used udostest primarily for swabbing procedures which has been very helpful thus far since some local labs started running out of supplies last week.