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KuMex is a regulated cryptocurrency exchange that debuted in Singapore in 2019. Derivatives, spot trading, and margin trading were all available on this exchange. The term KuMex refers to KuCoin Mercantile Exchange, indicating that it is a Kucoin Cloud derivative. There isn't much to say about the exchange because it's been dormant for a while and numerous sources have reported a $0 trade volume for KuMex for quite some time. It was a trading platform for crypto assets, although it only supporteSee full review

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The Xuebi exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange that allows for the trade of multiple cryptocurrencies. This company began in 2018, and I learned about it through a fellow author. Since then, I've been determined to engage in the exchange. During my time checking out the exchange, I was able to gain some important insights on trading costs, the exchange's UI, the amount of cryptocurrencies traded, and liquidity. Due to the fact that I have not utilized the exchange in a long time, my experiencesSee full review

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Creatively Cleveland Company which was supposed to provide financial support loans and support to students or job seekers. I tried to access the extra company via the link provided buy Revain but it was not accessible. Upon accessing it with the use of my VPN I noticed that the company had been disconnected from its domain. The domain had expired which made the company not accessible any longer hence it wasn't offering any form of activity. I can't give a full review about to the customer supporSee full review

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Founded in 2019 cottonlove quilts is a company which has made a remarkable Mark in the line of fashion and design, it has achieved this by providing the topmost quality fabrics and quilts to its customers. Firstly it has a well-designed website which allows for easy shopping but it was so unfortunate that I couldn't shop on the platform. The company seems to be on a break or at least all business activities had been shut down on the platform. There wasn't any notification or reasons why this coSee full review

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Hearst Ventures is a company that focuses on startups and entrepreneurs which have moved and put their attention on media and information technology. This company was founded in 1995 and started making investment as at the year with its first investment on NetScape another Media company. One cannot deny how media is a very important aspect of human life hence focusing on media was a very responsible choice by Hearst Venture. Dude I was not a media analyst to an expert I had friends who were in tSee full review

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Abotstone house collection is a company known for delivering the best and the top most quality fabrics quilts and other apparels. Speaking of quality this company is one of the top brands known worldwide to provide the best fabrics which will not fray at any moment in time. The companies located in Hawes, Yorkshire Dale, United Kingdom. They usually stock their collections frequently and users can choose from the best and be assured of getting quality fabric delivered to their doorstep or they cSee full review

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Motorola™ is one popular brand everybody knows about today I'll be introducing you to their venture capitals and. Motorola solutions Venture capital is a company that focuses on startups and entrepreneurs with new ideas that can change the world from the aspect of technology. This is not surprising since they have chosen technology and technological startups to invest in because Motorola used to be a brand that focused on production and designs of technological equipment like mobile phones. GettSee full review

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Chiratae also known as IDG Ventures is a technology venture capital firm that has chosen to invest in companies and startups that have focused on technology, FinTech, Consumer Media & Technology, Software/SaaS, Health Tech, Deep Tech. Founded in 2006, Chiratae Ventures is a multi billion dollars worth company that has invested in more than 170 investment and about 20 exits. Recently, Bizongo raised $51,000,000 in Series C from Accel and 6 other investors, this happened in April 2021. This is to See full review

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Novartis is a company that focuses on health startups and entrepreneurs which focuses on the health sector. Their choice of focus has actually made them a very popular company that has established a lot of feats during its time as an investment firm. They are known to invest about 10 to 15 million in a company that can start from as little as 100,000 dollars. One cannot deny that health is an important aspect of life so this company focusing on health is that actually a great innovation and a niSee full review

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This is Fabrilife store, it is a store and an e-commerce company where you have unlimited access to high quality fabrics and t-shirts at exclusively affordable prices. I've gone through their archive and list of fabrics and i must say, I was very impressed. They have a well designed website that allows yu to be able to select from their wide range of attractive t-shirts, trousers, fabrics and different apparels. They have t-shirts from your favroirte commercials, games or even tv shows. The cloSee full review

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Almi Invest is Sweden's most prominent startup investment firm, with around 200+ original and follow-on investments made each year. This means they have a lot of startup investing expertise, and therefore know how to deal with diverse company services in different areas. They deal with Experienced, competent investment managers who are involved in your company's triumphs and failures are essential for startups. As an investor, Almi Invest provides you with an active operator who assists in the See full review

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Bijieex exchange is a regulated exchange founded in Singapore, this exchange like lots others have gone out of business without even any previous announcement or news. Trying to access this exchange has been a difficult effort. Because this exchange appears to have been compromised, using a VPN to access it might pose a severe security risk. The chat group has been dormant for some time, and traders are currently barred from posting in it. The exchange hasn't been operational in a long time, impSee full review

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Dc-Ex is a cryptocurrency and fiat currency exchange platform that allows users to trade and exchange cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and a variety of altcoins. Although Dc-Ex offers a visually appealing interface that attracts traders and investors, certain major cryptocurrencies are not available for trading on the platform. It has a 0•15 percent trading charge and a zero percent deposit fee for both cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. Unfortunately, the exchange is no longer usable becauseSee full review

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Johnson & Johnson Development Corporation is the name of this firm, it is actually focused on investing in health startups around the world. It was created in 1979 by John L. Cassis. Consumer, Health Equipment, Genetic engineering, Pharmaceutical, and Medical Services are some of the area of focus covered by this private equity subsidiary. Johnson & Johnson Development Corporation specializes in early-stage seed funding, late-stage venture capital, venture capital, and seed financing. They aim tSee full review

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The Travel Startups Incubator is an internationally recognised, online, early-stage incubator dedicated to helping the world's best travel companies and online travel concepts. They also claim to be a specialized incubator focused solely on travel technology businesses, with a particular focus on mobile travel, leisure travel, in-destination and services, trips, travel marketing, and global corporate travel. They provide seed money, high-level travel industry professionals as mentors, fast-traSee full review

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Prototron is a fund created in 2012, which aims to contribute to the birth of new start-ups and world-changing technologies through prototype financing. Prototron was created to help turn smart and innovative ideas into tangible prototypes to grow into major businesses. SwedBank, TalTech, and Tehnopol founded the company. So far, the company has helped around 80 startups by providing them with business advice and allowing them to run their businesses fully. If you look up the firm on the internSee full review

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JVP (Jerusalem Venture Partners) is a venture capital firm based in Jerusalem, Israel. It was formed in 1993. The firm, which has raised almost $1.4 billion across nine investments, focuses in startup investments with an emphasis on digital media, business software, electronics, data management, and cyber security. Jerusalem Venture Partners has offices in New York City and Paris, as well as a headquarters in Jerusalem's Margalit Startup City. CyberArk, Altair Semiconductor, Qlik, and Cogent CoSee full review

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Not until today, I never heard of Apax Partners. With that curiosity i was keen on knowing more about the company. Well, Apax Partners LLP, based in London, England, is an English investment company. Since 1981, the firm has successfully raised $51 billion (USD) through different predecessors, as of December 2017. Apax Partners being the fourteenth largest private equity firm in the world, is one of the oldest and largest international private equity firms with a very high net revenue and lotsSee full review

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Cisco Investments is an accredited investor with a little more than 40 investment experts in significant regions, including the United States, Canada, China, India, Israel, and Europe, who have extensive market and technical experience. Cisco Investments has made lots of investments in a variety of industries over the last two decades, assisting them in achieving successful Equities or acquisitions. They presently have a $2 billion active portfolio with over 80 direct assets spread across the glSee full review

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I can't deny that this store has been providing excellent services since its launch. Habby and Lace is a plaform as well as an online store where you can buy and order for your high quality fabrics and accessories at an amazingly affordable price. As a first timer here, I was keen on knowing and experiencing the various services the platform had to offer. Registration appeaed quite easy as well as fast, then i scouted throuugh to get my desired products and fabrics. It was very easy,i had a seaSee full review

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