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Exmarkets is an a Crypton trading platform based in Lithania which is used for trading crypto and build portfolio for investment purpose and deal in other crypto activities like Trading crypto tokens and take the benefit of Staking by locking tokens and earn a good yield for your investment by locking your assets. Exmarkets has an excellent web interface for exploring the different options and smooth working for all the options. Highly liquidate market for amazing trade execution with a fix maker and taker fees varies from 0.10% to o.12%. Though mininum Withdraw is on the higher side but due to no withdrawl fees one can enjoy using the exchange freely for transfer of profits and tokens and avoid paying high fees which is a big concern for stability of few crypto tokens. Exmarkets also provide the benefit Launchpad where Early Bird users can participate in ICO's through exchange and get early bird discoПосмотреть отзыв полностью

binaryx логотип

Binaryx is a centralized Trading Exchange based in Estonia. Exchange has acquire license in Estonia to offer their services ans regulated and also has its operating office in Ukraine. Exchange is full of utilities from Instant swapping to fiat deposits. Exchange currently accepts Russia rubble, Great Britain pound and Euro as Fiat deposits through SEPA and other modes. Although Binaryx has quite good and simple graphics but trading cabinet take time to load and need serious attention. I would advice users to complete KYC and then they can easily add billing and payment information for easy buying crypto with Bank transfers and Cards. Users can easily create a wallet after completing KYC and access their portfolio and then you will be able offer all the services easily. Security offered is good enough to protect your funds with Google 2FA antiphishing code and Email authentication for transfers and login to the cabinet. BinПосмотреть отзыв полностью

ftx логотип

FTX is a top quality centralized crypto currency exchange and has been working excellently and efficiently in providing excellent services since its launch. Ftx is known for no fees exchange between top coins without even need to trade them. Im not talking about any particular but dealing with any particular token FTX probably is the only exchange that offers no withdrawl fees and very low maker and taker fees to make it easy for new and old users to use FTX platform. Only concerning point is that you cannot withdraw more than $1k without completing kyc and in order to use FTX efficiently one must complete the kyc as per their norms and enjoy all the services. FTX is definitely next big exchange when it comes to liquidation on top coins with very low minimum orders value and services like instant swap of different tokens without even need to trade. Any user can start using FTX easily with a facility of buying crypto wiПосмотреть отзыв полностью

pancakeswap логотип

Pancakswap is decentralized dex platfrom specifically built on Binance Smart chain for farming different token by providing liquidity and fetch rewards as cake. Pancake is quite similar to other ether based Defi Dex platforms but with a difference of governance rights and best substitute and benefit of low fees swaps as compare to any ERC20 Dex platforms and this is the reason why pancakeswap has become immensely popular and has grown immensely within few months. Cake is platform native token which is paid for staking and providing liquidity to different pools. Pankcakeswap is similar to any other famous dex platferm like Uniswap and Sushi but as Pancakeswap is built on Binance smart Chain only BEP20 tokens can be swapped. As we all know Most Dex Platfroms are models based on AMM, Pancakeswap also worked on Automated market Model which means there is no order book to match your orders and we usually trade against liquiПосмотреть отзыв полностью логотип

Freebitcoins is a centralized crypto trading exchange. Exchange has smooth working interface with easy one click registration to access the platform but apart from that Exchange has serious liquidation issues and very few trading variables available to trade. All the trading variables are available to trade against btc cross. More than 20 Btc crosses to trade and swap for immediate conversions. Freebitcoins is moreover a utility exchange for new as well as old users with Faucet facility which is available 24 hours after registrations and funds can be accumulated for trading with very low trade value. So good for users who like to earn but not reliable one for trading as slippage due to low liquidation is going to be high and is not recommended. 2FA security is available and deposits of over 20 coins is somewhat encouraging. Exchange has also partnered with a casinos site for direct deposits and withdrawls and that migПосмотреть отзыв полностью

sushiswap логотип

Sushiswap is a decentralized trading platform and it ks one of the advanced and immensely growing Dex Platform. Sushiswap is an AMM protocol where traders locks the liquidity in pools to earn rewards. AMM solve the issue of liquidity by locking funds and that is why Dex platforms are the best and reliable way to trade and earn interest from performing liquidity pools. Sushi is a native token of Sushi platform ane Xsushinis used to reward traders for performing various activities on the plarform. I like the AMM models over trading books and traditional way of trading as decentralized way is more secure in case of hacks as users are in full control of their funds. Dex platforms like Sushi swap pays most of the fees back to its community. Sushi is a hardfork of Uniswap but with a difference of governance rights. Sushi swap also has unique feature of Sushibar where traders can stake tokens in the pools and earn xsushi in Посмотреть отзыв полностью

yahoo finance логотип

Yahoo Finance is a financial portal of Yahoo Holdings which was acquired by verizon Media in 2017. Yahoo Fiance headquarters are based New York USA which was launched in 1997. Yahoo Finance is one of the best online portals for free to get latest updates financial markets. It is also used for live data feeds and Prices of stocks Commodities and other derivates related to Financial markets. Yahoo Finance is not only known for Financial updates but it also known for posting content from third party websites and also it has its team of Journalists which update news from press releases and other important aspects of original content and stories. You can easily select your favorite author and can read updates and content posted. Yahoo Finance also known providing screening option for mostly all stocks & indices and other Financial Instruments which helps building a portfolio and track activities and fundПосмотреть отзыв полностью

changelly pro логотип

Changelly pro is a reliable digital assets trading platform for new and experience users. Changelly pro is the advance version of changelly which provide live and update price feed of crypto currencies. Changelly pro has already partnered with thousands of wallets and Exchanges for buying crypto with credit and debit card securely with competitve rates. Exchange is also know for complete trading platform used for Margin and spot trading. Changelly pro is know for top liquidation and best prices for trading as well as for buying crypto currencies at a competitive fees. Smooth interface and ease of use makes it reliable for easy trade execution. Changelly Pro can be used instantly except Margin Trading which requires Completion of Kyc. Best prices and low spread is the feature changelly pro is known for. Users can use 2FA for security of funds and can also start depositing crypto after registration for Trading. Beside soПосмотреть отзыв полностью

bloomberg логотип

Bloomberg is a financial website portal based in New York U.S.A which was founded in 1981. From Financial updates Bloomberg is also a Media company known for providing updates on Forex, Stocks, Derivatives and other Financial Instruments. Bloomberg main revenue stream is subscription services and on top place for all the latest news and updates related to financial markets as well as from other sectors. Bloomberg is private company but it is owned by Michael bloomberg who is ranked at no. 17 in the forbes list of world billionaires. Bloomberg is free use web portal but most of bloomberg revenue is derived from annual subscriptions which charged $20k Annually. Most of the institutions use bloomberg subscriptions as they are provided with a software which provides them all the latest updates on Financial Markets before it is released on any other portal or source. In addition bloomberg also provide latest charting toolsПосмотреть отзыв полностью

binance coin логотип

Binance is by Far the Best Centralized Exchange

When it comes to centralized Exchange i.e CEX, the one at the top is Binance. Binance is a quality exchange when it comes to trading multi cross pair option as Bnb/USDT, Bnb/Btc & BNB/Eth etc. I would highlight the points why Im using Binance as best and on top of the list. 1. You nevet face an issue of low liquidation as there are usually very high Volume on every cross so its always works if you like to set pending orders in market volitality. 2. Fees is very low when it comes to depositing. Even while high Gas on Ether Network,Binance charged me a lump sum fees for transferrinf ether of 0.005 eth. Also, trading fees is very low as compare to other Cex Exchanges and you can also opt to pay fees from Binance Coin & get 50% discount. 3. Low value coins can be converted to Bnb coin once every 24 hours. You can deposit as low as 0.001 cent and convert all your low accumulated coins to BNB coins and trade it on exchange and get preferredПосмотреть отзыв полностью

southxchange логотип

Southxchange is a centralized exchange specifically built for the purpose trading storing and buying crypto currencies with wire transfers (SEPA)or with Credit Card. Wire transfer charges is fixed 5 EURO + 1.50% Fees of the amount but for credit cards they charge 3.90% of the total amount which is inline with crypto industry average. Southxchange can be used by users from around the world and it is supposed to be goos exchange for Entry Level users with a facility of buying crypto and start trading immediately without even need to complete KYC. Southxchange features a simple smooth working Interface for smooth users experience. If you want to trade multiple tokens with BTC ETH DOGE USD DASH BCH then Southxchange is one of the best option available. Almost all the Stablecoins variables are available to trade with multiple pairs. Fees is charged based on user level which 0.10 for makers and 0.30 for takers which is for bronzПосмотреть отзыв полностью

p2b логотип

P2PB2B is trusted and reliable by offering world class services

P2PB2b is very good reputed and performing exchange when it comes to trade altcoins. Exchange offer very good options to trade different altcoins and offer different deposit methods. Security features with Email & 2FA authentication provide maximum security to your funds. Exchange also offer staking facility for just keeping your coins in the exchange wallet without even locking your cryptos. They are very good in dealing with staking pools. Exchange offer Launchpad facility which allows different ICO's to run presale within the exchange and with this facility Exchange users can take the benefit of different bonus offered within the period of presale and ICO's . Support staff is very good in dealing with queries and prompt replies and query solved at the earliest makes it the good choice for the traders. Exchange does deals with lot of altcoins to trade which allows users to allocate funds to different trending cryptosПосмотреть отзыв полностью

presearch логотип

Preseach Lacking Product building and features

I have been myself using Presesrch for last Four years or so. As you get paid for search on google and there system is so fair and true to detect the valuable searches or intentional searches for rewards that no one can make unfair use of the opportunity. I liked the services of Keyword Staking and low mininum threshold to get withdrawls and their affiliate promotion for promoters. I really enjoyed earning while token was trading around 15 to 18 cents so that was a good value for your time and convenient to use it as search engine and get paid as Brave Browser use to pay for Ads you watch while browsing. I got paid more than 10 times but due to lack of improvements and even no efforts for product building has hit pre token a lot and it traded around 0.01 cents for quite extended periods. If you like to earn passive income without investing and spending time then accumulating Pre Tokens is a good investment but I think Pre should bring alПосмотреть отзыв полностью

coineal логотип

Coineal is a korean based centralized digital asset trading platform offer features of trading and exchanging multiple coins with good liquidtion security and ease of use. Launched in April 2018 Coineal provide quality service and security to ensure safe trading environment for its users. BTC BCH and Ether are top performing pairs against USDT which are responsible for most of the volume for coineal. Coineal is one the exchange offer launchpad facility which provides its users with an opportunity to directly participate in IEO'S and avail discounts and bonus for participation before token sale is opened to open market. Coineal not only features trading of top coins with good execution and volume but also also has its own mining pools which allow user to invest in mining and earn profit. Exchange has introduced various mining pools as per requirement and different coins to buy from pools. Exchange has dПосмотреть отзыв полностью

green address логотип

Green Address is a open source multisig HD wallet used specfically for sending and receiving Bitcoins. Green a non custodial encrypted wallet with extra layer if secutity. Green is most secured BTC wallet as it use segwit addresses for every incoming address which makes it impossible to track. Backed up by 2FA and Pincode for extra layers of security. Green is available for iOS Android and desktop version. Wallet also offer facility to add multiple watch only wallets and real time price feed to track value of holdings. User can change the way transactions are charged over congested network with automatically increasing the mining cost which is an advantage of using Green Wallet. Wallet requires pincode to login to your account and consecutive three attempts requires adding password to unlock the wallet. Green wallet is much more than a wallet which offer extra security to store receive and send bitcoins and fully integrated to be usПосмотреть отзыв полностью

bluehelix exchange (bhex) логотип

Hbtc was founded in April 2018 which is known as decentralized exchange for digital assets trading. HBTC chain is known for applications and decentralized swaps and there are other DeFi applications can be built over HBTC chain. Hbtc exchange is equipped with top quality features from Exchange services to Contract and Spot trading. HBTC easy to access UI make sure users dont have issues while navigating inbetween options. With top quality liquidation and facility of over trading over 200 trade Variables BTC USDT Eth ETF and USD pairs are variables responsible for Exchange Volume. Exchange Mobile App is also quite reliable for trading as well as performing other tasks. HBTC has its own native token HBC. Apart from trading HBC is the governance token of HBTC which provide holders voting rights and Exchange ecosystem build around HBC token from repurchasing model to reward contributors for their activities. HBTC also provide muПосмотреть отзыв полностью

daedalus логотип

Daedalus is a HD wallet specifically build to store Cardano Cryptocurrency. HD wallets can be used to create mulitiple wallets and funds can be managed and organized inside the wallet with complete control and safety. Light weight Daedalus wallet can be used with any desktop platform from PC Linux and Mac. Wallet also features news updates in a timely manner and make sure you stay updated while using wallet. Daedalus is a encrypted wallet and does not store your keys which gives full access and control to their funds to be accessed from anywhere. Users can create multiple wallets from their desktop and can control every wallet inside the way they like to.Daedalus differ from other light wallets as it download a complete copy of Cardano blockchain and validates every transaction which makes transactions more secure as they are never hosted or send on any third party servers. Interactive user interface and custom themes makes it easy Посмотреть отзыв полностью

hotbit логотип

Hotbit one of the best crypto Asset trading exchange

Hotbit was founded in 2018 and its operative offices in Honkong and Estonia. Hotbit is reliable and is one if the highest traded exchange volume and users wise. Currently , hotbit offers one of the lowest fees in crypto exchange and has wide range if coins which has quality liquidation to make it easy for the order flow to get executed. Recently Defi ecosystem has trusted Hotbit a lot and almost every other coin prefer to list coin on hotbit. Exchange also offer fiat deposits and fiat to crypto facility is very demanding and exchange has done well to earn a reputation in such a short span of time and become the top exchange trusted by millions. Email and Mobile number login with security confirmatiin tokens makes it relaible to store coins at exchange. Exchange has recently struggle with volume of too many altcoins and that is why It is a problem for users to trade some of the coins due to high spread I have used the exchange hunПосмотреть отзыв полностью

unocoin логотип

Unocoin Multi feature wallet

Unocoin is one of safe and easy to use multi utility wallet specially built for Indian Users. With the new advance upgrades which is more secured and adaptaptive, users can deposits and withdraw fiat easily. Easy to use interface offering features like facility to easily store and trade fiat into Crypto of your Choice. Easy to track order book and low competitive fees makes it one of the most used wallets in India. Low Market and limit orders with low fix 0.10% fees allows you to trade any cryptos of your Choice. Unocoin latest upgrade of wallet versions allows you with facility of staking for stable returns . Wallet also allow you borrow and lend in Fiat as well in Crypto and control everything from within the wallet. Easy Crypto conversions with the help of third party exchanges. Uncoin wallet also allow you to shop using fiat availabilty and pay your bills and use for other recharge services. Crypto Basket facility allows you to trade multiple CoПосмотреть отзыв полностью

bitcoiva логотип

Bitcoiva is a leading crypto trading platform built for spot trading, p2p, swapping and future trading. Although Future trading is still in development mode but other features working perfectly and available immediately after registration except Fiat deposits and withdrawls which require complete KYC. Bitcoiva Exchange primarily offers spot trading future trading Exchange facility on more than 20 pairs but Exchange is working on margin trading and once it is completely launched to public it will be interesting to see how it have impact on Exchange's volume. Bitcoiva has worked hard to get regulated but still has not managed to get regulated as crypto exchange. Variables available to trade against BTC INR and USDT. P2p facility can give you edge if you want to buy and sell cryptos directly with third parties. Swap facility for instant Exchange for large orders with low minimum is another plus point for using BПосмотреть отзыв полностью

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