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LGBTQ is a nice and initiative platform with several dynamic attributes, the project has an aim of upholding the status,respect and privacy of every individual irrespective of their origin or race and from the projects approach it looks like one with some positive values but the only objection I have about the project is that it is an advocate of lesbianism and homosexuality, which am absolutely not in support of based on my own belief and the societal effect of such mischievous acts and this might even make some interested individual shun the project immediately they get to know it supports such immoral act except for a few who might give it a little consideration because of its good traits and I perceive this is the reason why a great platform like this hasn't experienced any massive growth over its years of existence. Speaking about the projects upside, having a blockchain project that allows everyone harness the power of the blockchain right at their fingertips with their Посмотреть отзыв полностью

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Iquant exchange review

Iquant exchange doesn't offer traders a view of it's exchange interface after its shutdown, although the exchange's site is still accessible but the domain account has been sold out to another company since the exchange is no more available and with this there's a clear indication that the exchange doesn't have any plan of coming back into the community as a digital exchange. In a nutshell I absolutely have no trust in the exchange in the exchange because it wasn't an exchange that was known and trusted by many and I myself hasn't patronize the exchange,it wasn't even able to adapt to the circumstances surrounding the virtual market due to poor management skill and so the exchange had no other option but to take the exit door out the virtual market as a digital currency exchange.Посмотреть отзыв полностью

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Bayebit Exchange

Bayebit was a scam exchange that has made away with assets of many traders,the exchange has a mobile app that's is still available on the goggle play store that traders have to be careful about cause it's is very risky to use the mobile app ,once you make a deposit on the mobile app you funds are automatically gone without any trace. So despite the exchange shutdown traders still need to be aware about this to be extra careful in order not to fall a victim to such cheap scams. The exchange wasn't very appealing to trade on even when it was still active, there were some certain features that I observed on the exchange while it was still active that made me wrote the exchange off because I wasn't sure if the exchange was genuine and now the e has just revealed it's true color. Посмотреть отзыв полностью

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Viteblock exchange

Vitblock exchange has been shutdown done to to the exchange's incompetence and because of this reason traders had no other option but to take their funds out ,the exchange support was nothing to write home about and their telegram and Twitter channels were not active. What's seems to amaze me is that the exchange is affiliated to OKEx and yet the exchange still has such a poor rating and low status quo in the market.The exchange didn't have any special features ,so traders who got to know about the exchange after its dismissal didn't miss out at all, the only alternative is to search for other better digital brokerage that suit your demands. Посмотреть отзыв полностью

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Xuebi is a chinese exchange that doesn't accept citizens from certain countries like the USA, so I advise you go through the exchange's terms and conditions before signing up. There is no significant record of transaction on Xuebi, I have checked for their trade volume on several site but I couldn't see anything even on Revain,it was all blank . Xuebi has its own native token but there is no circulating supply of the token yet and that is one of the reason I doubt the exchange if the is still active. You need to perform KYC before you can trade on Xuebi else there is no other alternative and this will demand for traders personal details and information which I'm not very comfortable with. Traders still need to take their time and study the exchange before venturing into it because I don't really trust the exchange.Посмотреть отзыв полностью

cryptomate логотип

Cryptomate is a UK exchange where you can purchase virtual assets . The exchange only allows traders to purchase virtual assets using GBP and so I don't think the exchange was created for foreigners ,only UK citizens can approach the exchange and buy virtual assets using funds from their bank account or sell their assets for GBP. The exchange's fees were damn too high for any traders with the consciousness of making profits because they charge a trade fee of 6.7% and the exact amount is charged for all withdrawals, to make matters worst the exchange isn't liquid and so it has only a few trade participants which will make it inconvenient trading on Cryptomate exchange and so I suggest UK virtual currency traders look out for other better digital brokerage since there's a likely chance that the exchange will shutdown soon.Посмотреть отзыв полностью

bitzuma video course логотип

BitZuma Video Course is a concise video course on Bitcoin ,it happened to be one of the blockchain course I took when I first got into the cryptosphere and needed an orientation on what Bitcoin is all about, the 60 videos on the BitZuma course has greatly impacted me by giving me an idea of the world's first successful blockchain project Bitcoin otherwise known as BTC. The course is free and it has a complete curriculum on everything thing that makes up Bitcoin such as mining, storage device , trading and some other essential topics related to BTC. It is a video course I can recommend to newbies like me in the cryptosphere.Посмотреть отзыв полностью

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Bitmarket is gone for good

Bitmarket is no longer an active digital currency market,I have made several attempts accessing the exchange's website but it seems there is nothing left of the exchange because all my efforts to get information from their site was futile. The exchange now has a trade volume of $0 but I was able to get few information about the exchange based on its past transaction and experience with traders while their service was still available,I got to know some of the flaws of the exchange which were the excessive trading fees and low liquidity,the issue of liquidity wasn't properly managed on the exchange and it lead to the reason why the exchange was shutdown. In a nutshell Bitmarket exchange is gone for good.Посмотреть отзыв полностью логотип

My experience on sigen dot pro

Sigen dot pro cryptocurrency exchange is a top notch exchange in all its trading endeavours. The exchange has a very satisfactory users experience from which I have tested and proven to be awesome through the mobile app I haven't traded via their website but I'm quite sure that it won't be a bad idea also . The exchange has several language translation ,this has helped foreign traders across the globe to be able to select the language translation that suits them most , the number of language translation available is good but an addition of more language option won't be a bad idea to increase the exchange's interface simplicity for any trader. The withdrawal fee of 0.00083BTC on the exchange is a bit high but the exchange doesn't take any trade fee from the liquidity markers and takers and so the withdrawal fee charged by the exchange doesn't appears to be that obvious,it is rare to come across exchanges that don't take any fee from both makers and takersПосмотреть отзыв полностью

optimus логотип

Optimus Exchange is a scam

Cryptocurrency exchange with little information about their service and existence are not worth investing on because majority of them are scam,there are no information with regards to their regulation and their exchange developers team which makes it very risky to trade on. Optimus is one of such exchange that has few information as regards to its existence and origin and has made away with traders funds by locking them out of their account and hindering them from making any withdrawal before they finally absconded with traders funds without any trace. So I advise you you proper research before putting in funds on any new exchange or better still stick to the already existing and trusted virtual trade exchange Посмотреть отзыв полностью

eggies world логотип

I signed up for the game to be able to share my experience with other gamers and authors in the Revain community via my review because at first I believed the games was going to be a fascinating and action filled game . Eggies world is blockchain game that has a nice name that might make game enthusiast curious about the game and want to try it out but the game is a total disappointment. After signing up for the game I couldn't give an explanation on how the game started because the game's interface was disorganized ,there was no information about the game or hint on how to link my wallet account to the game and earn rewards,the game has a poor content and graphic design. I consider the game worthless and of no importance . Посмотреть отзыв полностью

atomars логотип

My review about Atomars

Atomars exchange might look new but the level of service delivery I receive on the exchange doesn't gives me an impression that the exchange is still nascent. The exchange came up in the early period of 2019 and over two years now the exchange is beginning to make wave in the industry by providing traders with an efficient and perfect trading platform. The exchange list over hundreds of cryptocurrencies on its list and so investors looking for a multi cryptocurrency exchange to trade on will find atomars exchange very handy . The exchange has a very secured interface which I'm very sure won't be that very easy for hackers to breached considering the tough security counter measures put in place to avert such cases. Посмотреть отзыв полностью

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Neraex review

I tried signing up for Neraex exchange but I later got to realize that the exchange is unaccessible because they have shutdown all cryptocurrency transactions so I couldn't trade on the exchange or even have an experience about their service and trade platform. The exchange takes a Bitcoin withdrawal fee of 0.002% and flat fee of 0.5% which were far above the present average fee on all cryptocurrency exchange and this is one of the reasons I'm very sure that I wouldn't be trading that long on Neraex exchange because i wasn't very much comfortable with their fees and this would certainly limited the time I would spend and transaction I would carry out on the exchange. Посмотреть отзыв полностью

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