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roobee логотип

Roobee is an investment paltform based on blockchain where anyone interested and with little capital as low as 10 dollars can go and invest and be having reward for their investment. This project try to solve the problem that has been in existence for long, whereby majority of people believe that onПосмотреть отзыв полностью

tezos логотип

Tezos is self amending decentralized dApp platform. Tezos was launched in 2014 but has it's mainnet in 2018. The founder and co founder is Arthur Breitman and Kathleen Breitman respectively. The Tezos foundation president is Johan Gevers. Tezos conducted ICO in 2017 to lauunch it's native token, whiПосмотреть отзыв полностью

wrapped bitcoin логотип

Advantages Of Wrapped Bitcoin

With new technology comes new innovations. Millions of people today have come to learn about blockchain technology and smart contract with the benefits that they can offer. The largest cryptocurrency network with many and varied usage is Ethereum. Since btc has it's network and no smart contract nowПосмотреть отзыв полностью

synthetix network token логотип

It is a DeFi platform, launched in the early part of 2020 but it is seriously expanding. The team is trying to change the way the Defi platforms are being run. It's TVL(Total Value Locked ) is remarkable, approximately 321 millions dollars. The Synthethix protocols is being powered by SNX token. TПосмотреть отзыв полностью

maker логотип

MakerDao platform was launched in 2014 by Rune Christensen in Switzezland but it's Headquater is in USA. The platform was built on the smart contract of ethereum network that is why one can always use any erc20 tokens one can also use USDC, BAT and WBTC now. What prompted the formation of MakerDao iПосмотреть отзыв полностью

coinbase training логотип

Coinbase Training is a product of coinbase exchange platform. The main reason behind the formation of this training course some years ago is to help those that are in the countries where coinbase is in operation to come to know about blockchain in general and cryptocurrencies in particular. The crПосмотреть отзыв полностью

kava логотип

Kava is built on the tendermint core and powered by cosmos was launched in 2019 though it is believe to has been in existence since 2017. The team is being headed by Brian K the CEO and other notable members. The platform is meant to offer loan using collateralized loans that is based on cryptocПосмотреть отзыв полностью

stakecubecoin логотип

Stakecubecoin(SCC) is a native token to Stakecube exchange, and exchange launched in June 2018 and based in Germany. The team comply with the legal requirement of Germany in it's operation so also the coin. The coin has a varuiety of usage to holders and investors alike within the stakecube ecosysteПосмотреть отзыв полностью

stakecube логотип

Stakecube exchange was launched as a staking platform sometimes in 2018 before it became a well known cryptocurrency exchange. It is operating and registered in Germany, though it seems people are using it worldwide. The team is lead by Oleg, all their services are very transparent. To register withПосмотреть отзыв полностью

sinegy marketplace логотип

Malaysian Reliable Exchange

Sinegy marketplace was established in June 2017 in Malaysia by Kelvyn Chuah and other members of his team. All those that are in the team are all professionals in their various field of specializiation be you Finance or start up tech. The exchange only operate as OTC for few months before the SecuriПосмотреть отзыв полностью

vitex coin логотип

Vitex token is native token for vitex decentralized exchange and it is solely traded and used on the exchange. The token was created when the exchange was launched on 30 July 2019. It can be described as dividend sharing token or be regarded as 'Profit of Equity'. The value of vx is largely dependПосмотреть отзыв полностью

vitex логотип

Vitex exchange was launched on July 30, 2019 as part of Vite ecosystem, the CEO is Charles Lui and the COO is Richard Yan because is part of vite it is also lagally registered in Silicon Valley. If you are about to register on the exchange you will see some countries listed which legally can not opПосмотреть отзыв полностью

vite логотип

HISTORICAL BACKGROUND Vite was launched in June 2018, and has it's mainnet in 25 September, 2019. Vite has Charles Liu as CEO, Leo Zhang as co founder and Richard Yan as COO. Vite was formerly registered in Beijing and later in Silicon Valley. The name Vite come from french word which means 'Fast'. Посмотреть отзыв полностью

bundle логотип

Bundle app is a cryptocurrency social application owned by Bundle Wallet Technology Ltd which was launched in April 23 2020, by Yele Bademosi the CEO of the company and former director at Binance lab and Taiwo Orilogbon the CTO. Their office is at Banana Island, Lagos. The company has relationshПосмотреть отзыв полностью

midasprotocol логотип

Midas Protocol is a kind of crypto wallet that allow the users to store various coins in one wallet rather than having various wallet for each coin. The team has Dr David Nguyen as the chairman and CFO and Than Le as the CEO. Midas Protocol has a native token which has MAS as symbol. It also work inПосмотреть отзыв полностью

bitcore логотип

Mining Made Easy With Mega BTX.

Bitcore was established in April 2017, by a core developer Chris and he and other developers form the bitcore team. Bitcore has BTX as it's symbol and has same maximum supply like bitcoin which is 21million. One interesting thing about it is that it is on so mant exchanges and most of the popular Посмотреть отзыв полностью

fantasy sports логотип

DFSpay Making Payment Worlwide Easy.

DFS is a token built on the smart contract of ethereum, therefore it is an erc20 token that has a unique characteristics. It is specially made to be useful as a means of payments on various platforms, especially those that have to do with sports. It is super easy to find wallet that will hold it, beПосмотреть отзыв полностью

lgcy network логотип

LGCY Power To The Community.

LGCY network is a blockchain project running on the Libertas Protocol, the source code is open to public to verify. The project start as a fork of Tron and it is somehow retain the charasteristics of tron but the major difference is in it's governance. The LGCY network has LGCY as it's token and hasПосмотреть отзыв полностью

jbox логотип

Earning While Washing Videos.

Jbox is a decentralized video streaming blockchain based application that is available on web app, android and IOS operating system. The platform is unique in that it provides the opportunities to everybody irrespective of your location and background to earn money on daily basis. The Jbox has a tokПосмотреть отзыв полностью

abitshadow token логотип

AbitShadow project has 9 members as a team with Pnyana Shila as the CEO. The project has ABST as the symbol for it's token. The platform has lots of promises or program to accomplish. It is a blockchain platform and aiming at bringing wealth to the masses by helping them to get secure life styles. Посмотреть отзыв полностью

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