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Отзыв о SwapSwop от Patejl Patejlson

This is quite expensive way to swap

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This is simple designed webpage which could be appealing for some users which are not willing to make poper research. SwapSwop allows you to swap your holdings by sending your crypto to the service and swap it to your define wallet. There is a catch about the trust. There are many cryptocurrencies but the spread which is defined by the page is quite huge. Moreover these services are all around the web and more trusted and tried by more users that this one. We can say that use it only if you are lazy to look for more better pages. I have found out that there are better established swap services that also supports lightning BTC which I see as a future. There is nothing more here.

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Плюсы и минусы

  • nothing
  • no lightning btc
  • high spread
  • no trust

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