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tangem bitcoin multisignature hardware wallet логотип

The pretty easy HW wallet

After FTX colossal collapse I am pretty sure that everybody knows that they should own their cryptocurrencies on the hardware wallets. Do not chase the yields on the platforms which almost all of them got busted. Do not trust the exchanges even the biggest one and follow just one simple rule - not your keys, not your coins. You have to own hardware wallet which is the most secure way how to store your cryptocurrencies. Never sacrifice your security for anything. There are different providers with different hardware solution but in the end it does not matter which hardware wallet you own but you have to own at least one. I would like to review the solution which I see as the easiest one. It is also one of the cheapest, smooth and quick solution. It is also super mobile, i.e. you can have it alongside you easily. The Tangem solution which uses NFC technology for signing the transaction comes in the form of card not bigger than your standard credit card. You can hПосмотреть отзыв полностью

usd coin логотип

Stablecoins should be stable and we should trust that they will stay stable no matter of what. If you are choosing the right stablecoin you are usually looking which can be trusted the most as it is quite important to have the stablecoin in which you can hide in whn there are harsh market times. And to know it stays stable. It is not usually the rule as we could see that there were crashes which resulted in the depegging, in the stablecoin going to zero or affecting the stability of stablecoins (especially this is true for algorithmic stablecoins). It is quite common that the stablecoin depegs from the asset its pegged into it. This is true for all of them. The important thing is how long does it take to get back to the pegg. How to choose the best stablecoin which can be trusted? In my humble opinion I suggest to look on the ones with enough long history, enough price data to be able to decide and see if the deppegging is quite common or rare. AnПосмотреть отзыв полностью

keystone tablet mnemonic compatible hardware логотип

We live in turbulent times in crypto space. The centralized solutions - centralized exchanges are threaten to go busted. It is more than ever important how you will invest and work with your holdings. One of the main topic nowadays is how you will secure your crypto holdings in order to avoid any further loses (hacks, bankruptcies etc.). It is omnipresent saying "Not your keys, not your coins" is getting more important and we should definitely follow the path. So you have ordered the hardware wallet and would like to secure your holding with it but as you know there are some caveats with the hardware wallets that I am perceiving that they are similarly important and that is how you would secure your seed phrase which is the part of the process you should have secure the most. If your seed phrase is leaked or destroyed you can loose the access to your crypto and the above mentioned "Not your keys, not your coins" could vanish. There are plenty oПосмотреть отзыв полностью

swapswop логотип

This is simple designed webpage which could be appealing for some users which are not willing to make poper research. SwapSwop allows you to swap your holdings by sending your crypto to the service and swap it to your define wallet. There is a catch about the trust. There are many cryptocurrencies but the spread which is defined by the page is quite huge. Moreover these services are all around the web and more trusted and tried by more users that this one. We can say that use it only if you are lazy to look for more better pages. I have found out that there are better established swap services that also supports lightning BTC which I see as a future. There is nothing more here. Посмотреть отзыв полностью

bitcoin.com local логотип

Not as good as it seems

I have moved to this exchange due to the fact they are trying to merge with other exchanges (Boa Exchange) and for past users has offered token compensations. It did not worked eventually. On the bright side I have recived free swag for taking part in their promotional activities. The fees, user base and volume (liquidity) is average. The have a decent number of trading pairs and regullary listing some other interesting new one. On the other hand I have a bad experience with customer support which is not able to solve some issues which you can bumb into. There are some other constrains such as they have no savings account or earn part of the exchange to get yield.Посмотреть отзыв полностью

felixo логотип

Turkish exchange

Felixo is the exchange which is centred around TRY trading pairs for Turkish customers. It is not my primary target (it is not my native currency) but I have been intrique by the airdrop of their native exchange token FLX. They have attracted new customers with other airdrops (f.e. CRO which was quite surprising for me). There are some interesting trading pairs not common for exchanges. I think that the exchange on the begining has the problem with userbase and liquidity but started to improve. I am quite disapointed with the interface and the issue with login . The customer center is not responding so this is not a way how to improve. I beleive that it is great for Turkish customer but for other there are better option. Sometimes the airdrops are not worth it.Посмотреть отзыв полностью

coinmate логотип

Exhcnage with CZK pairs

Coinmate was one of my favorite exchanges as I could send there CZK, trade in CZK and withdraw CZK with low fees via FIO Bank. There is not so many czech exchanges, and this one is the biggest one. Once they have stopped CZK withdrawal it stopped been aractive for me as the competetion is better. In comparison they have few trading pairs, the liquidity is also lower, the fees are comparable. Worth to mention taht there are sometimes market anomalies with the price due to the lower liquidity. I hope they will implement CZK withdrawals again as this was their main advantage to avoid FX rates and best suits czech customers. I would also mentioned that the customer center was always great and helpful. I think that they know how to care about their customers so I strongly believe they will finally resume CZK withdrawals.Посмотреть отзыв полностью

apple pay логотип

Best payment option right now

As a IPhone user I think the Apple pay is the must to start using. I was unable to find any cons. It is the best secured and private way how to use your payment cards without even needing them. Completly free. Simply upload them to your phone wallet. It is really easy to use (easy as my old mum learned how to use it). It is secured and encrypted (moreover I am using face id within my phone). It is also great in sending transactional data which are really hard to be scammed. It spares my time as I do not need searching my cards anymore. It is an fintech innovation worth to be following. I like the apple pay implementation all across the web and also in stores. I really like for example using apple pay with Revolut (another fintech). There is only problem that the Google user cant use it.Посмотреть отзыв полностью

iost логотип

IOST is part of my portfolio as it serves me as a innovative part of the long term investment strategy. Low price tag and huge potential to surge. From the first sight it is a great coin with own blockchain that supports and brings all what you would expect nowadays - smart contracts, security, scalability, speed, power effieciency. It has some innovative solution such they unique POB consesnsus (it seems as a interesting aletrnative to DPOS from which is derive). The main problem that there is tough competion that keeps IOST from surging and having better tractions. I feel that main problem is with user base and a marketing. They should be heard louder. If they will try harder to promote the project and coin they could lead the way of new gen crypto. Overall I would spend a few dollar and buy some and wish them the coin will hit new ATH.Посмотреть отзыв полностью

kucoin shares логотип

Average performance

I own some of the KCS as I am a user of the KuCoin Exchange but after few years I am still not convinced about this coin and feel that there are much better option. First of all it is worth to mention that the all uses cases are centred with KuCoin exchange so if you are regular user it pays off to hodl some of them to lower fees and get regular income for hodling. My main premise is that all the crypto above all should be considered as investment and with this in mind I feel that KCS is performing badly (esp. in bull market). Overall if you are not a Kucoin Exchange user I would avoid to hodl KCS and if you are a user of Kucoin Exchnage I would hodl only necessary amount of it (few dollars is enough).Посмотреть отзыв полностью

tron логотип

Cheaper ERC-20 alternative

I regullary invest in TRON and it is one of the key part of my portfolio. There are so many advantages with TRON, one is the most important for me - it is much cheaper alternative to Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens. The TRON is scalable, with high speed (TPS) so you send your coins almost instantly. What is a key part for me is that they have zero transaction fees. As it utilzes POS consensus it offers nice yield and also it is more power efficient. If you are longtime hodler you can get some free tokens which utilizes TRC blockchain via airdrop. The acquisitions and new projects by TRON make the company one of the fastest innovator in the field. The main problem is that there is a controversy about the whole project and its CEO that he is not keeping promises, plagiarism, some technical issues (DDOS attack) etc. Overall I still belive taht it is worth investing, generating yield and wait for some shift from ERC-20 to TRC-20. At lest TRON should be part of the pПосмотреть отзыв полностью

elrond логотип

I am one of a follower of this project and long user now closed Elrond community where you were able to earn free ERD (old native token). This was quite rewarding and I enjoyed the time promoting the project. The project itself is great, they have moved to their own blockchain and swapped old token recently. They are new generation of crypto. The main advantage lies in their blockchain which is really scalable (one of the fastest) and secured (using modern POS consensus). They are fiercly fighting for adoption not only their project but the whole cryptocurrency. I really like their community (esp. on telegram where the discussion were fruitfull). The best thing is their app Maiar which is kinf of wallet that could really help mass adoption as it will remove the adresses for sending crypto.Посмотреть отзыв полностью

contentos логотип

Free COS and funny vids

I have got to know the project Contentos a few years ago and also download some connected app such as Cheez. As the project started there were a nice chance to earn pretty high number COS alongside BTC and ETH for free which was really nice. Through the development it went worse and remodeled to the present form. Now you have an option to earn free POS (in project only use) and then possibly convert them to COS throuh Treasure hunt. You can earn ETH and BTC only for spending COS for opening treasure boxes. The whole platform is centred about videos uploaded by users and then rewarding content creators for watching and liking by viewers. There is sometimes a good content but I would expect something more well prepared by using some selecting policy. Overall worth to try and get some free COS and watch few funny vids.Посмотреть отзыв полностью

dentacoin логотип

I have found Dentacoin platform with the native token of the same name accidentaly when I was looking for a new dentist. From the first sight it was very cool platform which rewards you with free tokens for making reviews and passing their survey (somtimes there are double prizes). You can earn quite a reasonable amount. They are also making promotions and also educating about oral hygiene and health. I feel that the informations are the most valuable part of the project. On the other hand I was disappointed with their customer center which do not respond (and if so without any relevant asnwer). The bad feature is how they apply ther ban policy which is not clear and works badly and threating new user for better adoption.Посмотреть отзыв полностью

coindeal token логотип

CDL - not a good investment

I have bought a decent amount of CDL as a native token of the exchange of the same name last year because I was lured by the use case as it can be used for lowering fees but what was more important - staking feature. The staking is quite different that you would expect as you can choose to get your gains in BTC or USDT, The yield was pretty high. There was also option to vote for new token to be listed and get reward in CDL for that (there was only conition to hold at least 100 CDL). The problem arised when the platform lowered APY significantly, Stoped having the voting. The price of token dropped sharply. Overall it was not a good investment as the yield did not compensate the price drop. Worth to mention that on the exchange is the only trading pair with CDL is BTC so the opportunity cost was quite high according the current price of BTC.Посмотреть отзыв полностью

xrp логотип

I am still a strong beleiver in XRP amid last development (SEC allegations as unregistred security) which dumped the price massively. For me XRP is not about coin but about its usability which is tremendeous. It has one of the best use cases. It could easily replace old SWIFT system as a efective payment solution. This is confirmed by raising number of banks and adopters. On the other hand I am quite bother with the centralized character of the project where majority of tokens is controlled by Ripple. I would like to see more decentralized character of XRP as a true decentralized means of payment. The worst thing for the project is their past CEO which is selling the XRP and dump the price as it seems he is not beleiving in it (always a bad sign).Посмотреть отзыв полностью

stormgain логотип

I like using Stormgain mainly as a place where you can master your trading skills and that can be done completly free. There is a Bitcoin mining feature which will give you free USDT (there is only need to reactivate it each 4 hours). After accumulating 10 USDT you can try trading with this bonus (non withdrawable). The minimum withdrawal amount is 50 USDT so your first target is to try to get from 10 USDT to 50 USDT. There is an option to start with BTC/USDT futures market with leverage 300 times. Worth to mention that you can use good quality trading view. If you are a good trader you can make a lot of money pretty easily. The problem with the Stormgain is that the fees are high and there are not so many crypto pairs to trade. On the other hand there are stadard set of features such as fiat gateway, spot exchange etc. I like their promotions, usually you get bonus on your deposits which can cover higher fees. Посмотреть отзыв полностью

edc blockchain логотип

EDC - tough comeptition

I have bought EDC token as from the first sight it seemed as a good innovation in cryptoindustry with its own blockchain and from my point of view great DPoS consensus. The commercial use case fitted to my expectations. The problem was that in spite of it is own blokchain the use cases were very low. There was intention to use their blockchain for SMEs but the competion is though in this field and dominated by other blockchains (also in quite dissipated area to have innovative idea). The price was dropping significantly and the drop was strengten after swap. I see now the EDC quite worthless. It was not my best investment and I think investors should quit their postions before swap. I am unable to see any future for this project. Посмотреть отзыв полностью

swissborg логотип

SwissBorg - worth to watch

I am using the SwissBorg platform (mainly exchange) which has the native token of the same name. It is mainly use for reducing fees but has a potential to surge due to the regular burning process. If you look at the latest development it has brought to investors nice profit (nevertheless the price could be quite high now). It can be staked in order to get better yield (esp. with their smart yield). Worth to mention that it is in the top 100 tokens according CMC. There is a huge chance that the usability will be higher in the future whenever the team implement new features (it is still young platform). Overall it is worth adding to watchlist as it could be a good investment opportunity but I could mainly invest in it as a user of the exchange to have all advantages. Посмотреть отзыв полностью

terrabit логотип

CREDIT only platform

I have sign up with this platform (where is also exchange implemented) as I was a long time holder of CREDIT (res. TERRA before it was swaped). There was a new airdrop (areound the time the old TERRA should be swap) and the mandatory step was to use the TerraBit platform. It could be usefull if you are a CREDIT holder but with limited usability. You can only exchange your CREDIT for USDT but there is a low liquidity and small volume so it is better to use different exchange (and there are some where is CREDIT listed). They support fiat gateway mainly with use of african fiat for buying and selling CREDIT, BTC, ETH and USDT. Overall it is quite useless platform which is highly dependent on one crypto - CREDIT. Посмотреть отзыв полностью

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