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First of all, lets start with the explanation that nevertheless which hardware wallet or cold storage you will choose, it is better solution how to store and secure your crypto than having them linger on the exchanges or other third party services where you do not own private keys. As they say not your keys, not your coins. The cryptocurrencies (mainly Bitcoin) were invented to be possessed in self custody which means you truly own them and not giving up your rights to someone else. The solution is hardware wallet - cold storage which is the most secure way possible. There are a lot of solutions of hardware wallets on the market right now but how to choose the right one? I would say that there are newer generations of the cold storages which are also evolving fast. The new options have the colorful displays, uses QR codes instead of cable and utilizes phone applications for more convenience. Their battery is exchangeable and rechargeable Посмотреть отзыв полностью

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We have to start with the explanation that the stablecoins are the most important and integral part of the cryptocurrency industry and play pivotal role. On the other hand not all of them should be treated equally. We are usually switching to them if we are expecting worsening market conditions (i.e. going from the bull market to the bear market). It is one of the good metrics to analyze the cryptocurrency market. It is one of the best place (I guess alongside bitcoin) where to hide. There are multiple option now between which we can choose the right stablecoin for our needs. Lot of them work on multiple blockchains so you can choose which suits you the best (it is important to choose between speed, fees, security and decentralization). On the other hand there are reasonable concerns about credibility and collateralization of the stablecoins. There are different types of stablecoins - algorithmic and pegged stablecoins. We have in memory how quicПосмотреть отзыв полностью

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First of all let me start with explanation that I am proud that the Trezor by SatoshiLabs is made in the small country Czech Republic without any huge marketing and it is focusing more on development than sales (always a good sign). We are now in really difficult times where crypto is tanking, lot of hacks, falling of big exchanges such as FTX but still there is a hope that eventually all of these will be flushed away and we will change the course to the surge and we will see BTC in 60 000 USD again. How to avoid further losses? In the meantime it is very crucial how you will secure your crypto (at least this can help but not the price). As we can see from recent events it is not so much great solution to pass the custody of your crypto coins to some company (exchange or others). It is always best solution to use your own wallet and to control your private keys on your own. But which wallet to use? It is quite convenient to use the hot wallet whicПосмотреть отзыв полностью

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From the very beginning lets be honest and state that I am not a huge fan of GameFi and NFTs as many games are unplayable according current modern standards (such as Axie Infinity). Compare Blizzard Games with Blockchain Games and you will probably know why. The focus should be on another types of games where the ownership and trading makes sense. Lets check the card games. I have always loved collectible card games such as Magic the Gathering and later on I have even tried Hearthstone (about that later). The best thing about Magic the Gathering is the collecting of the cards in different rarity and that you can really own them (and probably speculate on their price surge which can make you a living). You can own them digitally or in physical form. The price tends to surge as they are scarce object (does not matter physical or digital). As the world tends to be more digital, more digital card games appeared and evolved. The aspect of the ownership waПосмотреть отзыв полностью

swapswop логотип

NON KYC exchange is always welcome

One of the main message of the crypto is to lift privacy so it is always good to have the opportunity to get the crypto without KYC, i.e. in anonymity. There is such an option with the SwapSwop which looks like copy paste of similar project which already exist. There is float or fixed options (as we are used to) of quoting the price, here is fixed called "frozen". One of the main advantage is that there is a lot of cryptocurrencies to swap. Some of them are really small caps. You can use this to get your non KYC BTC by swapping some of your small hidden gems. The UX is well design, the swap is simple. You only need to have the address from where yu are sending and receiving address. There is no need to have some complicated process. Посмотреть отзыв полностью

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It is always hard to be successful if the competition is so much in front of you. Bitget is a great example of an exchange that has managed to be real contender in the space. They have focused mainly on derivatives where they now occupies the top spots. Moreover it is about utility. Bitget has it is own token which you can use for discounts and rewards. alongside their derivatives part of the exchange they have standard set of features such as spot and earn. They have not so many trading pairs. What I really like is that hey have also copy trading which is becoming more and more popular. They have cell phone app for your convenience. Overall it is a good trading platform worth trying, especially if you are not only holder utilizing spot exchange. Посмотреть отзыв полностью

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One of the dead project

Dobi Exchange is one of the typical example I have run into it in the last few years that has not survived markets up and downs. I think that the crypto space was overwhelmed with crypto exchanges and it is quite good that only the strongest will prevail. I am not sure if there is any upside to have so many exchanges that does not bring any innovations. In case of the Dobi exchange there was not active community on any social media that they had. There was issue with liquidity which is alpha omega to each exchange. In my humble opinion it is more worthy to establish the swap services and route to other liquidity providers - that means huge exchanges. I do not see anyone using exchanges like Dobi in these times. I am still looking for new innovative exchanges and see that there is still room for them. Посмотреть отзыв полностью

uag designed for iphone 11 [6 логотип

The cases for iPhones are necessary thing to own and it is important to choose wisely - check the materials, shape, lining etc. The price is also important. I have tried many cases and I have been switching them one for another eventually but my first buy and most used case was from UAG. The product from UAG are high quality projects. It is better to use plastic made than leather made cases. The UAG case fits perfectly, it covers from back to the side. For years it has held my iPhone safe. I have tested the case in many falls of the phone in the past years. For the set price is a really good buy which I would recommend to everybody who own iPhone. It is quite coincidence that my first buy was the best one. Посмотреть отзыв полностью

ipad air 2 /ipad air/ipad 9 логотип

I am deeply in the Apple ecosystem and I personally own many products from iPhone to MAC, iPod, Watch and more. It is one of the best ecosystem ever invented. I have small kids and want to buy them tablet but I was worried that the brand new model of iPad will be a bad idea. On the other hand I was worried that the old models will not work as it is the usual issue with old electronics. I finally decided that I would give a try to the old model and not regret investing money. I was amazed for how little money spent I have got great product which still works fine. I really recommend everybody to try the apple and be amazed. You will not regret. Juts buy the few years old model for few dollars. Посмотреть отзыв полностью

kucoin логотип

There are a lot of exchanges but few of them could be declared as top tier exchange. There are not all the same and you can find some of these top tier exchanges with upside above other competitors. I like using Kucoin for a whole bunch of reasons which I will try to provide. The main reasons are a lot of features. First of all is worth to mention that KuCoin is one of the best places to trade altcoins, esp. small cap altcoins. If you are looking how to trade with your hidden gems, Kucoin could be the right place for you. There is a lot of opportunities to take part in airdrops (you can be active on their Twitter which is pretty rolling quickly) and use their Rewards Hub and Candy where you can earn rewards daily. With Reward Hub you are trying to complete tasks to earn free USDT. With Candy you are collecting candyies daily in order to swap them for some fee deduction etc. It is worthy to check their promotions andПосмотреть отзыв полностью

lightning bitcoin логотип

First of all let me start with saying that I am not pro bitcoin only (BTC Maxi). Especially from the investment and speculative standpoint. To make it clear I see the advantages of bitcoin over other crypto projects manily in the technical and philosofical manner but I am still exploring other opportunities such as ethereum with smart cotracts. On the other hand if we accept that bitcoin is mainly store of value and has a potential to be a medium of exchange with its second layer Lightning Network there is no other better option for this purpose right now (for example highest hashrate - highest security etc.). Moreover in my humble opinion there is no need to try to invent anything better as there is more potential somewhere else. Full stop. Lightning network brought to Bitcoin the speed and low fees. It has many practial use cases such as for transfer of value with speed of light and with unnoticable fees. That means you caПосмотреть отзыв полностью

terra логотип

Best in class blockchain with all you need

I have to say that looking for the future star project, is the hard discipline, especially if you are trying to find next top contender to slip into top 10. I was quite lucky I have found out Terra Luna (2 years ago) which seemed to me as a really innovative project (and I hope I was right). It has all utilities what would you expect from modern chain. It is smart contract platform. There is NFT ecosystem around the project (it has own NFT marketplace). It has its very own stablecoin which is built algorithmically. There are lot of wallet (Terra Station, Leap Wallet - I have tried both and I could say taht there are both great, easy to use with friendly environment). The team behind Terra is not anonymous, it is well know with clear startegy that is always important. The scalability is great, there was no downtime. The fees are low so it is easy to use the ecosystem. There are dapps around the ecosystem and new applications are being deПосмотреть отзыв полностью

probit exchange логотип

There are sometimes interesting coincidences that you would not expect. As always I have been exploring some interesting cryto exchanges and what benefits they can offer. I have found out Probit that seemed fineand worth to try from the first sight. I have been always focusing on general benefits but there was one little personal advantage and that is that there was listed one of the local crypto project from my country I am closly familiar with. First of all lets start with some promotions that can attract you. The best way to get some free crypto with Probit is to sign up, and take part in regular Monday Airdrop. You will get some free tokens. What I really like about Probit is that it can offer a lot of altcoins trading (esp. small cap altcoins). This is ideal place to cash out your other airdrops / hidden gem holding or even bump into projects you are closly connected like me, but there is even more. I have seen lot of thesПосмотреть отзыв полностью

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If you are choosing what to try, it is not only about the application or platform itself but also about whole ecosystem and its parts. I am looking what it supports. This can have multiple different aspects. I am evaluating if the ecosystem has its own chain, own wallet, exchange and more. One part of the Crypto.com ecosystem which fits to my expectations is Crypto.com exchange. The exchange utilizes a lot of features from its application counterpart. First of all the exchange has enough trading pairs (but still they can improve in this area). Fees are competitive and I would say average. Withdrawal fees are reasonable (on the lower end). I like that they use a lot of different chain for USDT so you can withdraw it quite cheaply. Specifically for their exchange they are utlizing their own chain Cronos (also for USDT deposits and withdrawals). There are lot of users and enough liquidity as the whole ecosystem has attracted lot of customers (thaПосмотреть отзыв полностью

coindeal token логотип

Today I am going to write a quite common story in the crypto space. It is mainly about the unfilled dreams. It is about projectswhich are only able to survive in the bullish market enviroments (in these conditions each project looks great from the ivestors point of view). The main issue with the projets such as with the native token Coindeal (CDL) of the exchange bearing same name - Coindeal is that they have higher ambitions and plans than that they would be able to fulfill in the reasonable future or which are sustainable for longer time period (even in the hars times when bearis sentiment prevails). Their native token CDL was invented with lot of features from beginning. The tokenomic has looked great (at least on the paper). Lets focus on the features now. First of all their token as it is quite common could be used to lower transaction fees on the exchange. This was clear use case and brought the token some value. They Посмотреть отзыв полностью

coinsbit логотип

I have been looking for and trying different kind of crypto exchanges. I was always attracted by the EU established and located exchanges (local exchanges close to your livehood) as they are healthy competitors to US and Asia exchanges. Moreover I have been looking exchanges with any possibility to get free tokens (airdrops, giveaways or refferal rewards) to be worth at least trying. Coinsbit is EU located exchange that started offering free tokens so I was hooked and singed up and passed the KYC. The result was disappointment that the airdrop token are practically worthless and my experience with exchange was not as expected. The exchange has old fashioned interface and it is quite hard to navigate in, to be sincere. There is low liquidity with lot of trading pairs and I think not so many people is using the exchange. On the other hand they have listed lot of tokens that can be found only on this exchange (still the issue is they are worthleПосмотреть отзыв полностью

chainlink логотип

There are not so many projects in the crypto space that are focusing on the other area how to utilize the blockchain technology and its primitives. There are not some many proects that have different primary aim than to improve blockchain itself or traditional finance. Chainlink is quite unique decentralized project that is focusing on completly different aspects of the blockchain possibilities and have clear use case. Chainlink is the crucial bridge of information flow between real (traditional) world and blockchain (crypto) world by promoting their very own oracles and data structure. They are connecting off-chain data to on-chain. You are able to verify events, facts, payments, much more and all other inputed information (it is a source of verifiable information). It is main source of data for blockchain are the web (not suprisingly) and it connetcs to it via https protocol. The Chainlink is implemented almost in every crypto projecПосмотреть отзыв полностью

digifinex логотип

If you are looking for new platforms and considering to sing up for any new exchange you would like to try, you usually have to run into some of their advertisement in the space (web, newsletter, social media - especially twitter) in order to be attracted to it. The exchanges and other platforms are trying to lure new customers via airdrops and giveaways as they are the easist way to onboard new users. That is the way I have tried Digifinex as there was great offer to join them. They have regular giveaways so you can use the exchange just for them and earn passively. Watch their offiial twitter closely. The exchange has full set of features that I would like to see on one of each exchanges. There is phone application for your convenience (friendly environment, easy to navigate) where you can do almost the same as with web app. Digifinex has all of the feaures you wish for and even more. There is spot market alongside derivative market. TheПосмотреть отзыв полностью

coinbase wallet логотип

The non custodial wallets are the backbone of the crypto world and should be used by each of the individual in the crypto space at least once to know how they work. I am not a huge fan of the services where there is trading platform which is not even custodian, where you are not allowed to withdraw your crypto (this means you actually do not own it). It is fundamentally important to be able to use your crypto and profit from it (esp. it will raise your experience if you connect your wallet with DeFi) in different types of projects (esp. with POS consensus you can stake and earn even more crypto). You will usually interact with standard exchanges (where you can withdraw your crypto) and the wallet back and forth. What wallet to use is the main question? For the beginners it could be convenient to switch from one of the major brand in the space Coinbase, which they are familiar with, and start using their very own non custodial Coinbase wallet.Посмотреть отзыв полностью

cardano логотип

There are a lot of crypto projects emerging throughout the time after bitcoin was invented and they are more like Ethereum (first main smart contract platform). It is quite hard to navigate in the space and to recognize the real value. However is "do it your own research" clause crucial, lets look how to evaluate Cardano. For me it is important to look at the team, scalability, fee structure and how many apps are there. The new projects are usually smart contract platform so I would like to see what are some major useful DeFi aps working on the Cardano and how smart contract are audited (or how many scams are there). Lets start with the team where is the main leader Charles Hoskinson who is a cofounder of Ethereum itself. There is some controversy around him but I think he is a still the good chocie for the project for his enourmous experiences. The project and him himself have some influence on the whole space. I like the style of development Посмотреть отзыв полностью

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