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Kraken cryptocurrency exchange is one of the oldest crypto trading platform which has been in existence since 2011. Kraken is owned by payword with it's headquarters in San Francisco. Currently kraken has a trading pair on its platform which has amounted to 227 with a volume of $691million,also attracting international media as it's reputation has gone wide making it one of the leaders when it comes to crypto market. Hacking or tampering with this medium is very difficult with a strong securiSee full review

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Having a huge trading volume of over $28billion Ethereum is the second largest cryptocurrency most sort for after Bitcoin with its price recently going above $3000 after a rough months in which all cryptocurrencies went down in One of the beauties of Ethereum is it's ability to run as a decentralized platform which automatically means that the currency is solely controlled by it's holder without being scammed or possibilities of being hacked. In plain sentence it's one of the most secured crypSee full review

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Revainrating 5 out of 5

Columbia partners private capital is known to be a firm made for investment purposes founded in the year 2004 based in Bethesda, Maryland, USA. The aim of this investment firm is to look for a superior risk adjusted returns through private market investments available Columbia partners private capital invests directly in private held companies through a separately managed accounts and also deals in the sponsor of multiple private equity funds of funds. They have a private capital assets which iSee full review

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X-Payments is a major payment system whose aim is to receive and make payment to anybody in any part of the world. This platform is fast rising which is so due to it's reliability on the part of customers and the level of quality services offered Their fee is good and so also not only is it available for individual transactions but firms and both Small and large scale businesses can make use of it for accountable, reliable, smooth, fast and secure payment system adopted I am therefore recommeSee full review

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Review on clearXchange

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Created in 2011 is clearXchange which is founded in US. The purpose of it's Creation was to make a system that will be more reliable than a Blockchain and this clearXchange allows instant transactions to be made between customers belonging to the largest Banks in the US Its payment method is so versatile such that it can be used using just the mobile number or the name of the receipts. It's system is new promising and i think in the nearest future it has a potential of being adopted worldwiSee full review

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Whistle is located in England as a fashion industry which deals with anything fashion of high quality taste you can ever find anywhere Western Their fashion products are really good though it focuses mainly on women and would really be nice if mean can be made a high priority also as men are really interested into fashion this days as well Diving into it's mode of payment, i found it really interesting that it contains lots of payment options ranging from MasterCard, American Express, Visa cSee full review

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Revainrating 4 out of 5

Created in Canada is ATHLOS FITNESS which deals in sales of various sporting products, their stores contains various stuffs that can be gotten at a fair price. ATHLOS FITNESS has a well organized structures, user friendly and easy to use platform for quick and smooth purchase. They deal with products of great qualities and which has really gone a long way in attracting customers to them The problem i have with them is that it doesn't have a mobile application which would have been really goodSee full review

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Foundation for Technological Innovation

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Foundation for Technological Innovation(FIT) is financial company which was founded in the year 1994 in Laussane, Switzerland which houses it's Head quarters. Foundation for Technological Innovation was established to support innovative technologies, financing 47 companies with start-up grants to create their business and also almost 200 already established innovative companies have been given over 39million Swiss Franc since it's inception in 1994 as financial support Over the years businesSee full review

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Sustainable Development Technology

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Sustainable Development Technology is a company established in Canada to combat the climatic changes occurs in the environment, preserve a clean environment and help educate the people on the implications of an unhealthy environment using technological methods In making this a reality funds are created by the Canadian government and this investment made has further given jobs with over 450 businesses already established with an investment of over $1.28billion put into They have managed to reSee full review

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Mountain Partners is an early stage investment company who build,invest and manages companies founded on the 1st of January, 2005 with it's headquarters located in Zurich Switzerland It has recorded a total of over 120 active investment as of this moment with over 200 startups,creating a huge number of jobs which is over 1 Investments are made mainly into industries like fintech,insurtechinsurtech and proptech,Enterprise tech,health tech,media and marketing and many more The mountain partSee full review

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WORLD INNOVATION LAB founded on August 1st, 2013 by Gen Isayama and Masataka Matsumoto which has branches located both in Japan and United States is a leading global corporation that invests in new companies with aim of expansion entering brand new into the market and also invest in emerging and exceptional venture capital funds to make sure they attain their targets. WORLD INNOVATION LAB has 104 investments, the most recent of the investments was when Prizepool raised $10million on 2nd maySee full review

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Revainrating 5 out of 5

Founded in the year 1996, Sapphire Ventures is a silicon valley based venture capital company who funds start ups and also invests in technological based companies in achieving great development Currently sapphire venture has over $4billion assets under management with over 50 active investment presently. They help extraordinary entrepreneurs businesses with startups to get deep pockets investors so as to remain relevant and competitive for a longer period. Sapphire ventures over the yeaSee full review

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Paribu having a total volume of $51m with just a trading pair of 23 is no doubt the most popular and vibrant Bitcoin exchange platform in the whole of turkey.  Their priority is to make sure that they serve their customers adequately and this they demonstrated by accepting the Turkish currency LYRA Investments made on paribu is totally safe and secured with no chance of getting scammed or losing all investments. Based on transactions made i can say that theirs is the fastest with very lSee full review

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Formerly known as Bitcoin Indonesia,indodax exchange was founded by Oscar Darmawon in Indonesia. I found this platform really interesting when i discovered it's strong 2FA enabling security system thereby making me rest assured that my funds are safe and secure.their site is also well constructed making it possible even for newbies into crypto to navigate their way easily without stress I find it's support service ready and upto task as they are always available to respond and make amends wheSee full review

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HitBTC is definitely one of my favorite trading spot as an investor. This platform was founded in the year 2013 in the beautiful City of Hong Kong HitBTC being one of the oldest crypto exchange platform is very reliable based on feedbacks it's usage and popularity among crypto enthusiast Boasting of 856 trading pairs which is so so enormous and a huge volume of $927 million,HitBTC is a place to get a very low transaction fee which goes down to 0.01% for makers and as low as 0.02% for the takSee full review

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BHEX which is formerly known as HBTC exchange is a unique trading platform jointly owned by the like of HUOBI exchange,OKEx and a couple of other investors BHEX offers access to lots of trading products ranging from perpetual future contract,margin,spot and even staking which i personally noticed it's high level of liquidity and many more products but to mention a few. The platform is focused on customers satisfaction and this has prompted them to have an amazing trading volume of about $4.7See full review

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with a traring pair of 470 and a total volume amounting to $58.7million YoBit is a fast emerging cryptocurrency trading platform which offers wide varieties of cryptocurrencies for trade, giving traders real value for their money with amazing pairs offered on this amazing medium Not only can crypto be bought and sold,they also made it possible to earn free cryptocurrency YoBit has a very low transactions rate which when calculated amounts to about 0.02% total transactions made. The site hasSee full review

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ABCC exchange platform for cryptocurrencies was established in Singapore 2018, making it to give traders another option on where to get quality services and trade cryptocurrencies. At the moment ABCC currently have a trading volume which has amounted to $11 million with just a trading pair of four(4) which is significantly when compared to it's existence and good services being offered With the good services and strong security offered comes a high price in form of transaction fees and withdraSee full review

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DragonEx is a Crypto wallet which has over 200,000 users,a trading volume of about $169 million and trading pair of 110. It is opened for mostly coporation opportunities with crypto Blockchain related goals by giving them Technological support needed or funds for startups and they also help with userbase creation in Asia Pacific environ They are also World leading BTC,ETH USDT,XRP and Bitcoin cash trading platform DragonEx has a high security system as they place their customers fund and inSee full review

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Blockchain wallet is known as a hot type of cryptocurrency wallet which supports mobile and website operations With large amount of users blockchain wallet works on IOS,LINUX, WINDOWS, Android and supports about 6 cryptocurrencies currently. I find the platform user-friendly that someone new into cryptocurrency can easily navigate through without much stress. Their transactions are very fast and reliable with the addition of low transaction fees to help users enjoy making use of their platfoSee full review

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