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Revain Inside

In order to build a feedback platform that brings authenticity and transparency to the review industry, we use a set of emerging technologies.


Ethereum Blockchain

We use Ethereum blockchain for recording all REV token transactions, including conversion of RVN to REV token.


Bitcoin Blockchain

Bitcoin Blockchain guarantees that all reviews, comments, and other user actions can't be manipulated by anyone.


Elastic Search

Elastic Search is used to optimize search queries and make the information on the platform easy to access.


3rd party information

Integrations with other platforms provide Revain with the most up-to-date data for all our categories.


RVN token

RVN is Revain platform’s inner token. All transactions inside Revain are made in RVN. Review authors receive RVN as rewards for writing high-quality reviews and store them on their Revain accounts.
RVN is a stable token, its value is calculated using the following formula:
1 RVN = (1 USDT + 1 USDC + 1 TUSD)/3


REV token

REV token is Revain's main token. It's ERC-20 and traded on many popular exchanges like OKEx and KuCoin. With REV token companies can buy RVN tokens and use it as a reward for review authors.

REV tokens are also received by authors when they withdraw their RVN rewards.