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Help Lightning's Remote Assistance Software provides video collaboration services that enable a company’s experts to work virtually side-by-side with anyone needing help, anywhere in the world. The company’s cloud-based solution applies augmented reality features, including the merging of two video streams and the use of 3D annotation to improve... See more

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By pointing the camera to the equipment, object recognition is enabled and the worker can access procedures that provide contextual information including 3D highlights, pictures, videos and documents. Procedures are easily created and assigned by means of an intuitive web-based interface See more

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MaestroAR provides procedure-specific learning in 3D augmented reality on both Trainer and FlexVR robotic surgery simulators. Based on recorded surgical procedures, MaestroAR allows trainees to immerse themselves in the surgery by using the simulator to control virtual robotic instruments to interact with anatomical regions within the augmented 3D video… See more

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NuSpace is an interactive and immersive environment that enables people to communicate with one another in a real world like virtual world, using the best of both Virtual & Augmented Reality. See more

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Proximie enables the effective transfer of clinical and surgical expertise in a simple, scalable and compliant fashion. See more

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Create step-by-step instructions and visualize product components as well as diagnostic data, without coding skills. By re-using 2D and 3D content, rich media and video, you can turn paper-based manuals into interactive guides for Android, iOS, Windows and Microsoft Hololens. See more

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SimX’s software replaces your physical simulation mannequins with a customizable, high-definition, 3D virtual patient that can be projected anywhere. See more

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With Skylight, hands-on workers get the job done faster and more accurately by connecting them to the people, information and equipment they need while remaining hands-free to focus on their tasks and their tools See more

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The Parallel is a symbiosis of technological expertise in architecture, virtual and augmented reality, IT and sales. See more

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Vuforia Expert Capture is the fastest, easiest way to create powerful step-by-step instructions that help front-line workers get their jobs done quickly and accurately. This out-of-the-box solution features effortless AR content creation for industrial enterprises looking to rapidly document expert knowledge and then easily scale that knowledge to new... See more