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Authory enables writers, journalists, bloggers and all thought leaders to take control of their articles, build their own audience and advance their career — regardless of where they publish. How it works: Authory automatically imports all of a writer's previous articles and backs them up, so they will never be lost. On top of that, Authory creates a... See more

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Bowker is the world’s leading provider of bibliographic information and management solutions designed to help publishers, booksellers, and libraries better serve their customers See more

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0 reviews enables a realtime market for media transactions. They create tools that power the business of media companies, brands, and professional freelancers. See more

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GraphicsMagick is a collection of tools and libraries to read, write, and manipulate an image in any of the more popular image formats. See more

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Relevance software products and services empower organizations of all sizes to build more profitable relationships by vastly improving the quality and effectiveness of virtually any corporate communications. See more

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With Symsys9, the all-in-one ERP system used by hundreds of advertising agencies, media agencies, studios, from large international to compact local, as well as in-hous agencies of large companies. And with SymsysWS which unites MRM, PPM, CRM, CMS and DAM in the single solution for organizations that deal with many (communication) projects whereby all... See more

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Telebreeze Video Platform Services is a software-defined platform, designed for the preparation, management and delivery of media content across multiple platforms. The solution provides a flexible, modular, open ecosystem that enables TV operators to offer competitive next-generation video services. The platform enables advanced technologies... See more

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The BowkerLink system provides publishers with an easy-to-use automated tool to update or add to their listings in Bowker’s databases. Publishers may also view and update their publisher contact information See more

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Caffeine is a new way for you and your friends to enjoy and create live gaming, entertainment, and creative arts broadcasts. See more

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Royalty accounting software for books, music, film, jewelry,.... You can now experience the best royalty management software at such a very low price with no monthly fees. See more