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A software platform designed to integrate the energy industry, developed by energy experts. See more

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Datamine Discover Suite is designed especially for the Mining and Exploration industry. It provides a seamless suite of tools for compiling, visualizing, analysing, and mapping 2D and 3D spatial geoscience data. See more

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MESA offers a offshore 3D program leveraging geological knowledge from BasinSPAN programs to deliver high quality imaging. See more

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Petrosys provides a powerful connectivity of Petrosys mapping and surface modeling means that geoscientists and engineers can move easily between the wide range of technical and commercial challenges encountered across all stages of the petroleum exploration and development cycle. See more

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The GeoFit™ cloud collaborative platform is a secure, cloud-based solution designed to meet the needs of the E&P Industry. It provides access to data and applications while enabling visualization and analysis by team members through a single repository. With its ability to share data with anyone at anytime and anywhere throughout the world, GeoFit™... See more

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A software solution for estimating the output of construction site machinery in relation to the site and equipment parameters. See more

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CTEMP software predicts wellbore circulating temperature for drilling/circulating operations. CTEMP addresses the transient heat transfer between wellbore and sea water/rock formation. See more

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E&P Software Solutions Openflow suite provides solutions from exploration to reservoir management. It provides geoscience software for exploration and development of conventional and non-conventional O&G. See more

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Drilling Formula Sheets is a free drilling formula sheet app for calculating and recording standardised drilling formulas used routinely by drillers in the Exploration & Production sector. See more

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Event Velocity is a digital operations software platform that integrates information streams from machine data, video, instruments and sensors to automate the management and improve the safety of critical assets and infrastructure. See more