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Type Studio is a text-based video editor that allows you to edit your video by just editing the transcribed text. You don't need any video editing skills. It's as easy as editing a Google Docs. In addition, you can add subtitles to your video with only one click. See more

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BuildBubbles is a tool to help content creators and small businesses repurpose their content by converting them into high-quality podcasts. We go beyond text-to-speech. Our podcasts come with Sound Design to make them reach the audience. Sound Design is the foundation and key to creating high-quality podcasts. We have pre-designed templates that fit... See more

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Speechpad provides services for captioning video, including subtitles and closed captions. See more

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TranscribeMe delivers a suite of high accuracy human readable transcription products at the lowest cost. Using both the latest in AI speech recognition technology paired with expert human transcriptionists, we are able to consistently provide transcripts for any use case and at scale. Our enterprise solution also enables for team account functionality... See more

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Alugha is a German tech startup that specializes in making your videos accessible to a global audience. We provide you with a complete video translation and distribution solution that enables you to host, transcribe, translate, subtitle, voiceover, and publish your multilingual videos. A unified workspace keeps file management and processes transparent… See more

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Automated private and secure captioning, translation, note-taking and speech generation software. See more

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Advanced captioning solution for a fully accessible workplace to Deaf & hard-of-hearing employees. Ava can caption any meeting — both large and small, in-person and online. Ava uses artificial intelligence as well as a human element called "Scribe" to get transcriptions to 99% accuracy. Available on mobile, web, Mac & Windows. See more

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Automatic Sync Technologies (AST) has been providing closed captioning services for over 15 years, producing more than 5 million caption files for over 5,000 customers. In 2003, AST was awarded a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant from the United States Department of Education, providing the company’s initial funding. Founders Kevin Erler... See more

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CastingWords has been providing the highest quality transcription and captioning services, backed by awesome support , since 2005. Pricing starts from $1/minute with 99% accuracy. We are fast, accurate and easy to use. Our Transcription API lets you build human powered transcription right into your company's workflow. It supports our whole range... See more

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Daily Transcription is a professional transcription company located in Los Angeles, CA. Our professional transcribers and translators have experience in various industries dealing in various transcription & translation services, we are providing quality transcription and translation services for so many years. We provide services like corporate... See more