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Review on 101 Blockchain Course by Joseph Bello

My Learning Experience With The 101 Blockchain Course

The blockchain network tends to be a very vast one that requires knowledge in it so as to enjoy it's services. This calls for a knowledge impacting site or platform which happens to be the 101 blockchain course's speciality. It is a crypto learning platform that leaves it's users or learners as it were with knowledge of how to freely and easily navigate the blockchain network. It also happens to be one of the best in it's field by featuring some advanced teahing or training methods like the use of videos to ease learning and many other ways.

The platform can be used or tried out by anybody that has something to do with the blockchain network or is preparing to have something to do with it as it would prepare the path of success for newbies and expand the horizon for experts or experienced people in the blockchain network. Learning on their platform tends to go a longer wat as they have quizzes available to learners with the sole purpose of reminding learners of what they have learnt. After the whole course, they have a certificate to offer their students. Presently, I'm taking their free courses and would be expanding to learning about mining in the nearest future (that would be immediately when I complete the one I'm offering now).

Pros & cons

  • They have been able to make learning lot more easier by making videos available to anyone interested
  • They also make quizzes available which would serve as a reminder of what one have been taught
  • A certificate is always issued at the end of the learning process
  • Their services can be useful to both the newbies an experienced
  • Their interface doesn't look too good to me, but I don really see it as a problem that much
Gabriel Medina
January 22, 2021
This course has really helped me to learn about blockchain and cryptocurrency technology. I hope to remain psyched and trained to test my knowledge. Do you think there is another course better than this one?