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Review on 101 Blockchain Course by Shalom Kolawole

The 101 Blockchain Course

Their courses are properly outlined and details are given about the courses which would help users with difficulty in learning grab every single thing that they should. They also offer certificates to every learner at the end of each course. They offer courses that would improve professional's knowledge and those that would guide learners or newbies into the blockchain network. They make weekly events available which would reward users for completion.

Unlike many other learning platforms, the 101 blockchain course doesn't offer bonuses for learning, they just give out the knowledge and does that in the best way they can. They tend to cover topics on mining, trading and introduction to cryptocurrencies. I actually love the simplicity of their courses but don't like the fact that they don't give bonuses for learning.

Pros & cons

  • They offer their teaching services in the best if ways possible, simplified and well detailed
  • They cover every single class of persons available (including the newbies and experts)
  • They have made videos available for people who have difficulty in kear
  • They have some of their courses free to users
  • I really don't like the fact that one can't earn from this learning platform, unlike many other platforms
Adejoh Samuel
December 27, 2020
The fact that they don't give rewards for learning with them doesn't mean it isn't a good learning platform. I actually love their way of teaching as they give well detailed information about the course being taught and even have videos to simplify learning.