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Review on 101 Blockchain Course by Tosin Temitope


This is one of the good thing that has happened to crypto world. 101 Blockhains course is one of the best training platform. It really open my eyes to a lot of things about the blockchain with good presentation that can be understood by everyone all over the world.

Applying for the course is very easy and response is very fast on the platform. it has thousand of people all over the world that is applying for the course. It as many interesting courses that can be applied for.

I love how visual aids has been use to drive the point home. The platform has two category of training, which includes free course that has no charges, while paid course comes with a cost depend on the course you want to take. One good thing about it is that they equally issue the certificate after completing the it .

I also love the flexibility of the platform. You can choose time that is convenient for you depend on circumstances.

In my opinion the platform is really doin a great work. If the cost of the paid courses can be reduce, personally i will appreciate it because of some us that in developing country that are not financially buoyant that really want to lean. I recommend the platform to anyone the really want to learn about the blochain.

Pros & cons

  • It has thousands of students that doing the course all over the world
  • It has a free courses that newbies can lean from
  • It very easy to setup the account, or enroll for courses.
  • It allow people all over the world to lean and know about crypto world.
  • Paid course we get block chain certificate
  • The cost of each caurses and days required are stated on the platform
  • The platform is well design and simple
  • It has has a lot of professional
  • Free course will not have certificate of learning
Racheal Treasure
September 27, 2020
In my opinion for the blockchain to be more acceptable people need fundamental knowledge about the it. 101 blockchain courses rely helping many people in crypto world to understand how the blochain works. it has thousand of people around the world that keep on learning about the blochain.